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Slow dancing to a fast song

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Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman From Awaken Visions


Slow dancing to a fast song

Slow dancing to a fast song.
Can't get my feet
In tune with the beat.

My mind dances to a different drummer.
A clarion call i heard long ago.
Definately *not* a bummer.:)
I know the flow,you know?

Leaving Carlos enchanting
Reptar and Wally Wu.
In Notepad i'm decanting
The words coming thru
This cluttered mind
Latin beats left behind.

Can't ignore a good first line
Chilling like a fine white wine.
Have a glass with me,my friends.
See which ways this road bends.

Is it time to make amends?
Pay the Muse.
Unravel the ends
Of threads unread and unwritten.

Thank you,Snowkitten!
For the pillow.
Wren, for the pen.

Bob,who's mother is in Heaven.
Jimmi,Martin,Lone Eagle Eye.
Friends for a reasonable season.:)

Snow on the ground.
Skunks under my arms.
Not Eliot,Plath,or Pound.
Fallow fields in funny farms.

"Played by Carlos Santana."
"Maria! Maria!"

The hook is in my mind.
Chocolate Promises play their tune.
Memories left behind.
Feeling like a loon.

Hearing the cry of the wolf.
And the dragon's roar.
The horse is on the hoof.
This boat has reached the shore.

Copyright 2000,Richard K. Stimson
a.k.a. Big Bear

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bearybipolar:diary of a mental health consumer/survivor
Artwork courtesy of and copyright by
Daniel B. Holeman,
who invites you to visit
his Visionary Art Gallery web site - Awaken Visions.

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