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Internet Friends
Wool Sweater Street

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Internet Friends

Dragon Magic Dragon

For all my internet friends
Thank You How can it be real?

We meet day after day,
Night after night.

We have played, joked, teased and
Sometimes even gotten angry
With each other.

We have laughed and
Even cried with each other,
Shared our joys and our dreams.

We support one another
In bad times and
Rejoice with one another
In good times.

When we do not see someone
For a few days
We worry.

If they take a trip
We miss them.

There are even times
We give and take advice
From one another.

We share a bond
That many can not understand.

They wonder how
This close friendship
Could form between people
Who have never met,
Never talked on the phone
and in most cases never will.

How can this be real,
A true friendship,
A true caring one for the other?

It is real because...

Words have no right or wrong color.
Words have no right or wrong religion.
Words have no right or wrong age.
Words have no right or wrong country.
Words do not live
In the right or wrong part of town.

Words do not have the right or wrong job.
Words do not have the right or wrong
Amount of material things.

What words do have
Is a part of ourselves,
Part of our heart,
Part of our soul.

The good and the bad,
The honesty and the lies.
The real and the fake.

But no one can hide
Behind the words they type for long,
Because the truth does come out.

We do see inside another after awhile.
So you see it is real
Because we judge on what is inside,
What is unseen.

What makes a person who they are,
We judge not with our eyes...
But with our hearts.

Written by my internet friend,Janie,2001.
Used with her permission.
Gently Edited by Bear
(Big Bear,Beary Bipolar)
November 21,2003.
Page Updated December 03,2009.

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