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Welcome to QT's Place, Mina Jayne's Home on the net.  I hope you enjoy your visit and will drop in again.

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I've taken down most of the pages within my site as I just don't have time to update the many different pages. I decided to just keep the George Strait pages as I have been a fan for three decades and over the years I'm collected a lot of pictures, videos, cassettes, CD's, just whatever I find about him. I'm sure I'll never get everything on these pages but I have added some of my collections to share with other George Strait Fans. I hope you enjoy your visit and will drop by again.

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My special My Tribute to the King of Country Music, George Strait.

Always Under Construction

My Tribute to George Strait on My Space

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My Collection of Special Pages sent to me by some of my Family and Friends through e-mail, just click here to see them.

This part of my Site contains pages of some of the special things people have sent to me over the years. I had saved most of them and decided to make a special place for them within my Homepage. Just click on the Site Title Button and it will take you there.

Below is a link to special pages created to show my pride in the American people, please take a few minutes to look at them.

God Bless America

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