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catherine's prayer poetry

The Day Prayer Found Me

What can it be, where can I turn?
When I find there is no place to run?
To whom can I ask for assistance?
While everyone is keeping his or her distance?

Afraid and alone, staring straight ahead at fear,
I can find no comfort; I shed tear after tear.
Feeling so wretched everything so black,
How am I ever going to find my way back?

A small whisper that comes from deep within
And forces its way into my mind unbidden.
It becomes a thought, and then an intention,
A plea for assistance from a higher Dimension.

How do I start, where do I begin?
What words will I use to talk to Him?
Perhaps He will tell me, I already made a choice,
When years ago, I started ignoring His voice.

But now the feeling is getting stronger,
I must get back in touch; I can wait no longer.
I am out of practice, but feel I'm being led,
Words tumble from my mouth, many things said.

Feelings of love flow over me from every direction,
I have found a way out of my abject isolation.
Tough times may still be in my future to face,
But I know I will make it, with God's great grace.
I know I will never forget that precious day,
When I was lovingly taught again how to pray.

Catherine Seiler 2nd of December,1999

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