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Wool Sweater Street
BB's diary page twenty-two

october 09,2001 11:01pm(EDT)
el barrio/dah hood,connecticute :)

"My wife doesn't sing.
Doesn't dance.
Doesn't play her guitar anymore.

But she cooks.
And she cleans.
And is on the cyberscene."

Karen's singing voice is like an angel.
And she played the guitar like a harp.
She was an accomplished harpist as a child. . .

When we vogued together in the '80's
We were hottt!!!

Just thinking of Madonna's song "Vogue"
Almost brings tears to my eyes.

But we were young and bold.
Fashion forward.
Dressed to the nines.

There's a photograph on the corner table.
I can see it from this 'puter chair.
Me in a tux.
Karen wearing a silver lame jacket
Over her black strapless bustier dress.
We're posing in the hallway of a Marriott Hotel.

But my long-term memory is still good.
Even if i have trouble sometimes
Remembering what i did two minutes ago.

Wondering what to write next. . .

Attack On Afghanistan.
The American news media refuses to call it that.

And i used to like politics.
And i used to enjoy watching the news.
For hours and hours.
"World without end. Amen."

Read the news feeds on "My Yahoo!"
As a patriotic duty.
Not because i want to.

The neighbors across the alley way
Were being noisy for a minute.
But it's stopped for now.

If it gets bad again
I can boot up Igor(our hp notebook 'puter)
And play tunes on my LAUNCHcast station,moodswings.

There's a link to it on my home page.
Too grumpy to put a text link here.

It's 85 degrees F here at dah 'puter.
Have to make it too hot here to be comfortable
In other parts of the house.

"He certainly complains a lot.
Doesn't he?!?!" LOL

The *itch of it is that i *enjoy* complaining.*S*

"The complain in Spain
Is mostly for the insane." hee heehee



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