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Beary's banners and text links page one


Tra! La!

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You may right click on any banner above(NOT the header)and save to your directory. The backrounds for the animated banner and the tulip banner are from Becky and Bo's Backround Bizarre and have been tweaked slightly.I used their backrounds on:
Joey's Outta Site!
Beary's family gallery page one
If you need help with the HTML, write me with your questions.
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My home page header and the banners were birthday presents from my wife,Karen w Stimson.Please do NOT resize them!
Thank you,sweetie!
Banner gifts cheerfully accepted!
(btw,my DOB is may 03,1956)-just a greedy Taurus*G* Thanks for spreading the word!

Laughing Aliens!

Largesse:The Network for Size Esteem

Baklava Schwartz,Undiscovered Diva!

More Than Just A Pretty Face!

More Than Meets the Eye!

Becky and Bo's Backround Bizarre

Project Worm-Hole

Sobriety List

Dr. Bob's House

Wonderful Miracles


Goddess 2000 Project

Graphics by Ceylon

Lime Design

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Beary's banners and text links page two(MORE kewl links!)

bearybipolar's internet web rings page one
bearybipolar's mental health web rings page one
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bearybipolar's spirit web rings page one
NEW!Mozart takes the midnight train,Beary Bipolar's diary page twelve
Joey's Outta Site!(a memorial/celebration of Joseph Louis Prevost,created with help from the other side of The Veil,april 08,1999,five years after Joey's death)
bearybipolar and Reptar's guestbook

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