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Spirit 5.0

Wouldn't it be neat if we could download Spirit.....
I guess we do in a way,
but I am referring to a computer type thing
where you put in a disk
(the middle of the forehead?)
And, shazam....!

Spirit 5.0 would include:
A deep calm:
The kind of calm that means that you are not impatient.
Things that used to annoy you
just don't have that impact anymore.
You have a higher vision.
You have a new strength.
You are not buffeted about by minor things
or by the big things either.
You know deep within that you are One with Spirit.
You know that no matter what,
you, as Spirit, continues.

Love Space:
You would act from and react from the Love Space.
You would be unshakably in that space.
No matter what emotions might come from other sources
you remain in Love.
That includes everything, everybody, every situation.
Love would emanate from you at all times.
Being around you would be heaven on earth.
To bask in your love.
You do not with hold your love.

Living Life as A Prayer:
Your entire life would become a prayer.
Your love for everything,
animal, vegetable and mineral
that resides on this planet
would create in you
a constant state of prayer
by your thoughts.
You would be blessing and loving
everyone and everything you see.
You would want deeply for them
the same things
that you want for yourself and your loved ones.
You have the ability
to see into others and
you recognize that without exception
they are the same Life/Spirit that you are.
You know exactly what to say to others
to lift them
when they are in need.
You are aware when others need healing thoughts.

Higher Vision:
You would have the ability
to see beyond the surface circumstances.
You understand that things
are almost never what they seem to be.
You know that
there are higher meanings
behind what might seem to be an everyday happenstance.
There are lessons in everything.
You know that the sooner
we learn to ferret out
the kernels of Truth
the sooner we slip some of the earthly bonds.
You know that we will continue
to face the same circumstances
over and over
until we finally get the 'aha'!
You help others understand this
when you are able.

Higher Thought:
You understand the importance of Thoughts.
It is said that we think
over 40,000 thoughts a day.
What we think, we are.
What we think about the most
reflects in our lives.
It is what we find in the external.
You know that you
must keep your thoughts
focused on Spirit.
You know that when you see something
that seems to lack Spirit
(this truly is not possible)
that you must visualize Spirit/Light there.
You know that you must turn
from what the physical eyes
see to what is Real.
If you must close your eyes
to practice this
then do so.
You help where you can
on the physical level and
in the mental/spiritual levels as well.

You know that we are all teachers and
we are all the students.
There is no ego
involved in your growth.
You rejoice for yourself
when understanding comes to you
as you rejoice for others
when it happens for them.
You are filled with joy
when others experience good fortune.
You feel that soul connection
with all living things.
Your heart expands and
your breath takes you to places
that only angels have been as yet.

As I write this there are angels gathered
to touch those who might read it.
This started out to be something light and humorous
and yet.....
perhaps the angels meant it to be more.
I see a bank of clouds and angels are there.
I see and feel their love and their smiles.
I hope that all of you realize
that they are with us all the time.
They wait their chances to whisper to us
of the wondrous things
that await those who would listen and respond.

And do you know what?
Spirit 5.0 has already been installed in all of us!
Click on that program and let us network together!


Angel Walk

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