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Reptar,May 1999

Reptar,May 1999

This is ~ R E P T A R ' S ~ P A G E Watch Out!!! created february 03,1999.
updated january 11,2002.
by Reptar with bearybipolar. Greetings!
I'm Reptar, a calico activist/spiritguideangel who speaks her mind-Hiss!-This space is mine,mine,mine! But you can rub my head,you know the right spot.More! I was stray kitty who got pregnant and it was very bad. But the gods and goddesses brought me to bearybipolar and his wife,Frau Wilhemina's front porch. Soon, I was living in their front hallway. Doctor Greybeard took care of my problem,the kittens would have done me in, I'd rather not talk about it. Now, I keep that thing,Wally,an orange and white tiger who is twice my size,in his place. We are still negotiating territory,Daddy still puts food out for the porch kitties,Grimilkin and Binky are regulars. It's a pretty good life, I tell everyone what to do and now I have my OWN web page. Tell the world,Reptar rules!

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