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>> bmwCentral's FAQ about the show

So many fans have so many questions about Boy Meets World. Finally we have an answer. BMWC has composed a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. After reading this, if you still have questions please send them to me by clicking here!

Is "Boy Meets World" out on video or dvd? When will this happen?
Buena Vista Home Entertainment released the complete first season of Boy Meets World on August 24, 2004. The complete second season was released on November 23, 2004. The complete third season was released on August 23, 2005. The fourth season was secheduled to be released toward the end of November 2005, however it was pushed back. The projected date was changed to January 10, 2006. The set was then pushed back even further, but no new date has been officialy announced. You can probably expect Disney to make a press release concerning the matter in the coming weeks.

Will there ever be a reunion episode? When?
Reunions happen more often than people notice. But as far as "Boy Meets World" is concerned I wouldn't hold my breath. As good of a show as it was, it just didn't have the popularity it needed to have a reunion. However this is possible and if it indeed did take place it would most likely be on a significant anniversary, say the 10th or 15th.

I love that character, wait, where did they go?
As with any sitcom or anything else on television, characters come and go, even important ones. The most common example is with Mr. Turner. Johnathan Turner was last seen in "Cult Fiction" - Episode 88, Season 4 - he was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident which landed him in the hospital. It was left up to us to decide if he survived or not, but we think he might have since there was an inside joke in the episode "Graduation" - Episode 113, Season 5 - that suggests Turner lives. In that same episode we see a cameo from Stuart Minkus, who Cory and Shawn wished away with psychic powers in the episode "I Dream of Feeny" - Episode 22, Season 1 - Minkus states that he's been in the other part of the school. Eric's first best friend Jason dissapeared during Season 2 with reasons unknown. Several other characters such as Harley Kinner, Frankie, and Joey all fade out around Season 4, with Frankie staying the extra 5th Season for comedic cameo appearences. Other characters are mentioned such as Nebula Lawrence, Topanga's sister, and Stacy Hunter, Shawn's sister. They are there for a couple of episodes, some only mentioned, and then dissapear. There are a number of reasons. Actors wanting to leave the show to pursue other things or just to take time off. They could have left because their character was no longer needed or were just temporarily used. We don't know so we'll leave it as writer's license.

Where have all the updates gone?
I am very sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I can assure you that there will be a lot more updates soon. I am hard at work on this site a lot more often than before. If I don't update it for a while it could be because I am busy, don't have anything to put down, am having problems, or am just plain lazy. If you suspect me of being lazy, just e-mail me and tell me so, that might get me back to work.

Rider Strong is so talented, but where can I get more of his poetry?
There is a Rider's Poetry section eventually coming to this very site, but until then try the great fan site Words of Wisdom which contains several of Rider's writings.

Are any of the characters or actors gay?
No. Most people will notice very quickly that in some episodes the characters are given feminine traits, but this is only for entertainment purposes, I assure you that none of the characters are gay. Awhile back there were some rumors about this, but you should know that rumors are rumors, nothing more.

I love Rider's "Top of the World" poem, where can I get it?
Right here:

"Top of the World"

You don't know it, but
Sometimes, I go to a hill that overlooks
the landscape's mask of city lights
For a sip of momentary grace.
On this brink of everything I know, I can gain
An eyeful of the lost Atlantis in the human soul,
And a breath that fills my lungs with the air between two stars.

If right now, you
Were to capture this elation
In the framework of your mind,
Or find transcendance through these words,
Then at most you would know nothing
Of the beauty your existence throws to me.
For mine is a love no experience,
No thought, no measure, no words
Could ever degrade into reality by virtue of degree."

Your site is awesome, but can I contribute?
Yes, of course. I encourage anyone and everyone to e-mail me with any corrections, comments, or with anything you want to contribute. Please feel free to do so.

Why does Disney make cut-outs, and which episodes are banned?
Disney censores "Boy Meets World" quite heavily because unlike Disney's other kiddie shows, "Boy Meets World" deals with mature issues and down to earth stuff. Disney feels that some of the material isn't suitable for their target age audience - 5 yrs thru 15 yrs - also the company probably experiences complaints from different people, parents in particular. As for the banning of episodes, they are as follows. Episodes 107 and 111, Season 5; and Episode 133, Season 6. They do not appear on the Disney Channel because of mature content. Check the episode guide for the particulars. When the show is aired on ABC Family, it is our hopes that they will not cut out anything or ban any episodes.

Where and when does "Boy Meets World" air?
On June 19, 2004, "Boy Meets World" began airing on the ABC Family Channel. Check your local listings for the schedule.

Why does Disney show the Season 4 intro for Seasons 1-3? What was the original intro?
For whatever reason Disney does not use the original introduction for the show's first, second, and third seasons. The fourth season's intro is used instead. I do not know why they do this but it could be a number of reasons. Disney may not want to, they may not have access, they might not have the clip or even the rights to it, the clip could have been lost, I don't know. But, for those of you that don't remember, the original introduction showed a video clip from the first few episodes, while listing the cast. It showed a cartoon Cory in sunglasses make different movements around the screen, had a cartoon globe spinning in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It featured a blue and yellow squiggly border on the left and bottom sides, and had cartoons of various school supplies, such as rulers, about on the screen. It was changed a bit for season 2 and again for season 3.

How do I contact Disney for something other than a video request?
Use this:

Rich Ross or Gary Marsh
Disney Channel
3800 W. Alameda Ave. #B
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 569-7500

Disney is constantly growing, what does this mean for "Boy Meets World"?
"Boy Meets World" has a contract to air on Disney through June 18, 2004. Starting June 19, 2004, the show will be handed over to the ABC Family Channel.

I love the closing song played at the end of "The Grass is Always Greener", what is it's name and where can I get it?
"All I Know" by Art Garfunkel. It was originally released in September of 1973 and is available for purchase on the 1990 album "Garfunkel: Best Of" available by clicking here!

What about the Sweet Sixteen song played on Topanga's birthday?
Sorry, that song was done by the on-hand music crew and as far as we know is not available for purchase, but could be available on a file sharing server like KaZaA or LimeWire.