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Season 2 Outline
It's Cory, Shawn, and Topanga's first year of high school. The second season is host to several new storylines and characters. Mr. Feeny is the new principle of John Adams High. Cory is constantly in the shadow of his older brother Eric who can seemingly get any girl he wants at the new school. Topanga is no longer the class wierdo, but now a hot focus for high school guys wanting a date, though still a bit old fashioned. And to make matters worse Cory and Shawn have themselves a problem, when three school bullies start to center their attention on them. Season two is full of new characters. Mr. Turner is introduced as the gang's new homeroom and english teacher, who seems to be pretty much the exact opposite of Mr. Feeny. Cool. The three high school bullies are introduced as Harvey "Harley" Keiner, Joey "The Rat" Epstein, and Frankie "The Enforcer" Stecchino. Cory's freshman year of high school isn't looking to be a good one.
Fun Facts
! - Frankie's full name is actually Francis Albert 'Frankie the Enforcer' Stecchino Jr.
! - At the end of the episode "I am Not a Crook," Topanga runs for class president. Everyone is chanting, Topanga! Topanga! Topanga! Because of this a credit is listed, "Executive Producer: Topanga."
! - As an inside joke to the film "1776", the high school is named John Adams High. William Daniels (Mr. Feeny) played John Adams in the film, and plays the principal here.
! - In the episode "Me and Mr. Joad", Jason compliments Amy Matthews by asking her if she just did a guest spot on "Baywatch", fans will note this as an inside joke since Betsy Randle (Amy) actually did have a guest spot on "Baywatch".
! - In the seventh grade hallway, the boys bathroom was also shown as Mr. Feeny's office in one episode and as a guidance counselors office in another episode.

Most Memorable Moments
1) Cory with Topanga in the "make-out closet"
2) Cory and Shawn's band performing the "Name Game"
3) Feeny and Cory on the most dangerous roller-coaster ride
4) Cory and Shawn's radio show "Lunchtime Lust"
5) Cory thinking he's turned into a werewolf after showing early signs of puberty

Awards For This Season
Nom: Youth in Film Awards: Best Performance by a Young Actress- Guest Starring Role in a Television Series (Erin J. Dean)
Nom: Youth in Film Awards: Best Performance by a Young Actor- Guest Starring Role in a Television Series (Justin Thomson)
Nom: Youth in Film Awards: Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Comedy Series (Danielle Fishel)

Regular Cast
Ben Savage
Danielle Fishel
William Russ
Betsy Randle
Lily Nicksay
Will Friedle
Rider Strong
William Daniels
Anthony Tyler Quinn
Cory A. Matthews
Topanga Lawrence
Alan Matthews
Amy Matthews
Morgan Matthews
Eric Randall Matthews
Shawn Patrick Hunter
Mr. George Feeny
Mr. Johnathan Turner

Reoccurring Cast
Danny McNalty
Blake Soper
Ethan Suplee
Jason Marsden
Adam Scott
Harvey "Harley" Keiner
Joey "The Rat" Epstein
Frankie "The Enforcer" Sticchino
Jason Marsden
Griffin Hawkins

Second Season Episode Guide
September 23, 1994 -- Episode #23: "Back 2 School"
Feeny, the school bully and unorthodox new teacher Mr. Turner ruin Cory's first day of high school.

September 30, 1994 -- Episode #24: "Pairing Off"
A frustrated Cory consults Eric in his quest to find a date.

October 7, 1994 -- Episode #25: "Notorious"
Cory and Shawn find Eric schmoozing with his new girlfriend Molly, editor of the school paper, while she finalizes the cover story, "New Principal is Feeny, and Shawn can't resist the temptation to change the headline to "Weeny." He basks in the uproar created, then realizes he can never tell anyone he was responsible especially when school thug Harley announces his willingness to replace one of his henchmen with the unknown prankster. Feeny's wrath leaves Cory in a dilemma: rat on Shawn, or face suspension. Meanwhile, after he is dumped by Molly, it's love at first sight for Eric when a new Southern senior student casts a spell on him, to the disgust of his friend Jason.

October 14, 1994 -- Episode #26: "Me and Mr. Joad"
When Mr. Turner reneges on a promise not to test on The Grapes of Wrath, Cory and Shawn lead the class in a strike.

October 21, 1994 -- Episode #27: "The Uninvited"
Cory thinks he's cool when he's invited to his first high-school party by the exclusive-minded Melissa; but surprisingly his popular friend Shawn isn't on the guest list.

October 28, 1994 -- Episode #28: "Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?"
Cory experiences puberty, but a mysterious fortuneteller convinces him that he's really turning into a werewolf and therefore fated to kill the one person who truly loves him: Topanga.

November 4, 1994 -- Episode #29: "Wake Up, Little Cory"
Rumors fly when Cory and Topanga team to make a video about sex for a school project - and spend the night editing it together.

November 11, 1994 -- Episode #30: "Band on the Run"
Cory and Shawn impress some girls by forming a bogus rock band, but they're quickly tuned out when Mr. Feeny books them to play the school dance.

November 18, 1994 -- Episode #31: "Fear Strikes Out"
When Cory can't muster the nerve to kiss Topanga at a party, he takes a lot of heat at school and vows never to date again.

November 25, 1994 -- Episode #32: "Sister Theresa"
Cory wins a girl's heart with a little politeness - and he better stay respectful because she's Harley's kid sister, who never takes no for an answer.

December 9, 1994 -- Episode #33: "The Beard"
When Shawn can't decide between two girls, he asks Cory to date one of them while he gets to know the other.

December 16, 1994 -- Episode #34: "Turnaround"
A "turnaround" dance gives girls a chance to ask guys out, but that doesn't take any pressure off Cory, who now worries about who'll ask him - if anyone.

January 6, 1995 -- Episode #35: "Cyrano"
Cory and Shawn help Frankie express his feelings to a schoolmate - who turns out to be Harley's girlfriend.

January 13, 1995 -- Episode #36: "I Am Not a Crook"
Shawn nominates Cory for class president and manages the campaign - until Cory bows to political pressure and fires him.

January 27, 1995 -- Episode #37: "Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do"
Cory's new girlfriend is planning their future somewhat relentlessly; Jason introduces Eric to an erotic hairstylist.

February 3, 1995 -- Episode #38: "Danger Boy"
When his girlfriend's younger cousin comes to town, Eric asks Shawn - instead of Cory - out on a double date; Cory and Feeny ride on a wild new roller coaster.

February 10, 1995 -- Episode #39: "On the Air"
Mr. Feeny pulls the plug on Cory and Shawn's high-school radio show after the boys switch to a less than scholarly format.

February 17, 1995 -- Episode #40: "By Hook or By Crook"
An attractive history tutor helps Eric prepare for a test that might raise his grade average enough to allow him to go on a school trip to Europe, then offers to help him cheat because she finds him attractive; Cory tells Topanga he contracted mono by kissing someone.

February 24, 1995 -- Episode #41: "Wrong Side of the Tracks"
A demoralized Shawn hangs out with the wrong crowd; Eric gets a dream skating lesson from Nancy Kerrigan.

March 10, 1995 -- Episode #42: "Pop Quiz"
Shawn and Cory accidentally discover the answers to a forthcoming test.

May 5, 1995 -- Episode #43: "The Thrilla' in Phila"
Cory may finally have an extracurricular activity to list in the yearbook after he's bullied into joining the high school's wrestling team.

May 12, 1995 -- Episode #44: "Career Day"
Shawn is left feeling like a fifth wheel in Cory's house when his mother drives off with the family's mobile home and his father leaves to track her down.

May 19, 1995 -- Episode #45: "Home Sweet Home"
Homeless Shawn moves in temporarily with the Matthews.

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