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Season 7 Outline
The very last season of everbody's favorite show. The big day talked about since season one is finally here. Life-long lovers, Cory and Topanga, are getting married! Illegally! Why not? As they decide to move into an apartment together, they run into several problems. Amy and Alan aren't giving in and Cory's not getting any money or help. Finally he learns a valuable lesson as he and Topanga learn to make their own way. Shawn and Angela's world comes crashing down after their relationship reaches it's peak, when they are forced to be apart for an entire year so Angela can be with her father in Europe. Shawn makes the right decision and lets her go. Eric, Jack, and the lovable Rachel are graduating and are nervous about entering into the real world. The series ends in a two-part clip filled finale where we get the chance to relive the show's fabulous run.
Fun Facts
! - Inside joke alert: Many episodes in this season talk about a shoe obsession that Topanga has. We know from Danielle Fishel's many interviews with Seventeen Magazine that she has a shoe obsession in real life also.
! - In the episode "Show Me the Love", Shawn made a claim that Virna left when he was nine years old. We know from early seasons that Virna left when he was in Middle School. He had to be at least eleven years old when that happened, not nine. ! - Just questioning the "Brave New World" episode. Why exactly did Chet Hunter have a beard? ! - In "Seven the Hard Way" the banner for Mr. Feeny said Beloved Teacher 1964-2006. We know from the episode "City Slackers" that Feeny taught school in 1961. Just wondering...

Most Memorable Moments
1) Honey-Mooooo-oooooon!
2) The illegal wedding hall
3) Boy Meets "Cork World"
4) Guys dressed as girls... again
5) Angela and Shawn apart... again

Awards For This Season
"Boy Meets World" was nominated for no awards this season

Regular Cast
Ben Savage
Danielle Fishel
William Russ
Betsy Randle
Will Friedle
Rider Strong
Lindsay Ridgeway
William Daniels
Matthew Lawrence
Trina McGee-Davis
Maitland Ward
Cory A. Matthews
Topanga Lawrence
Alan Matthews
Amy Matthews
Eric Randall Matthews
Shawn Patrick Hunter
Morgan Matthews
Mr. George Feeny
Jack Newman
Angela Moore
Rachael McGuire

Seventh Season Episode Guide
September 29th, 1999 -- Episode #136: "Show Me The Love"
Continues where last season's finale left off. Topanga finds out her parents are getting a divorce. She decides that she doesn't want that to happen to her and Cory, so she calls the wedding off, and their relationship too. Eric cut his hair, VERY short!! Angela and Shawn aren't on the best of terms. Cory convinces Shawn to go to Pittsburgh with him to get Topanga's parents back together. They find out that her father left her mother for another woman. They come back to Topanga with the news that her parents aren't getting back together, and that Cory failed. She sticks by her decision to terminate the engagement.

October 1st, 1999 -- Episode #137: "For Love and Apartments"
The girls decide that since Angela and Shawn aren't together, and neither are Cory and Topanga (and Rachel and Jack aren't certain what's up with their own relationship), that they should all move into an apartment together. This apartment they decide on happens to be Eric and Jack's. The girls challenge the two to a wrestling match for the apartment. "Mankind" shows up and helps the girls out. Topanga beats Eric up. The girls, of course, win. Topanga is still cold to Cory's pleas of love.

October 8th, 1999 -- Episode #138: "Angela's Men"
Angela's father arrives to visit. Her father meets Shawn, and they get off to a rocky start. Later, Shawn thinks that he should join the army, because he doesn't have Angela and that would be the best thing for him. Shawn has a heart to heart with Angela's dad (while doing push-ups) and her father sympathizes with him. Angela's dad talks with Angela, and he helps her realize that she doesn't have to be like her mother, who left her father. She can love Shawn. Eric uses camouflage to stalk Topanga, who beat him up in the previous episode. Shawn and Angela get back together. Rachel suggests to Topanga that since love is in the air, Cory and her may get back together.

October 15th, 1999 -- Episode #139: "No Such Thing as a Sure Thing"
Angela and Shawn make out constantly, I guess professing their love for each other. Eric and Jack bet against Pennbrook because the star football player can't play -- he has to pass Feeny's test first. Topanga finds out about her dad leaving her mom for another woman. Her mother makes her understand that it has nothing to do with Cory and Topanga, and that she should enjoy and cherish what they have, while they have it. Topanga realizes she wants to marry Cory. She hugs a penguin. :)Topanga and Cory get back together (she falls on top of him and kisses him, after she practically spells out her love for him -- he, of course, is oblivious). Jack and Eric lose the bet -- for $5000 each -- because Feeny helps the player pass. Topanga and Cory, Angela and Shawn, are all left making out in the commons in the show's final scene.

October 22nd, 1999 -- Episode #140: "You Light Up My Union"
After a recommendation by Mr. Feeny, Jack gets hired as manager of the student union, and Eric gets hired as assistant manager. Rachel doesn't like it that Topanga gave the boys the key to the girls' apartment because they drop in unannounced. She eventually dresses provocatively and the guys' mouths drop. Topanga and Angela don't like that, so Topanga takes their key. Eric gives the store's money away to a stranger in need, and Jack gets mad. He tells Eric to grow up, so Eric gets very serious and cold. Later, when Jack also helps a person in need of money, he sees that kindness is better than being uptight.

October 29th, 1999 -- Episode #141: "They're Killing Us"
Topanga and Cory look back as they talk to someone offscreen about planning their wedding. The girls hate the bridesmaids dresses and tell Topanga so, but she insists on a "southern belle" wedding. Cory pretty much goes along with everything. He does, however, choose a best man. At first, he picks Shawn because Eric is, well, Eric. Later he talks with his family, and they convince him to choose Eric. Then Eric sets fire to the house. Alan yells that Shawn is the best man. Feeny is hired as the music for the wedding. The hall is way too small for the amount of people they invited. At the end of the show, they reveal that they decided that instead of planning a wedding for eight months, they want a small intimite ceremony with close relatives and friends, planned in just a week. Cory and Topanga talk to us at the end and invite us to their wedding -- humorously, Cory says "Next week at 8 o'clock (7 Central)."

November 5, 1999 -- Episode #142: "It's About Time"
Finally, the day arrived! The wedding we all had been waiting for happened. Shawn was mad that Cory wasn't realizing they would not be best friends anymore (Topanga would be Coryís new best friend), so he screwed up as best man. Eric energetically takes over, and moves the wedding from their house to a fancy hotel ballroom. No one knows how he did it, but they donít care. The wedding starts, and Shawn arrives with the rings. He and Cory get into a fight (over Cory not facing that they wouldnít be best friends anymore). Topanga is frustrated with Shawn. EVENTUALLY, they get married. Very sweet wedding. Shawn and Cory talk and Shawn toasts the two, and itís all better. Eric gives Cory a key to a hotel room, and before he can finish his sentence, Cory drags Topanga with him. Everyone finds out that Eric is using someone elseís name to get the ballroom, and that they have to get out fast. Very good episode.

November 12, 1999 -- Episode #143: "The Honeymooners"
Cory and Topanga have a lot of fun together on their honeymoon, including consumating their marriage -- a LOT. Eric tags along, unnoticed by anyone. He follows them around, and documents what the couple does. The two meet an old couple who live on the island, and they decide that they want to stay and live there. Eventually, the old couple returns to their old home in the states, to be closer to their family. Later on, Cory and Topanga realize that they miss home. Paradise is a nice place to visit, but they don't want to live there. So, they go home. Morgan persistantly asks what they brought her.

November 19, 1999 -- Episode #144: "The Honeymoon is Over"
So they are finally back home from their wonderful paradise. Home life isn't the fantasy they envisioned. Shawn moves in with the girls and Jack and Eric take Cory's dorm room because they need a room and married couples can't live in those dorms. Cory asks his dad for help and he gives none -- his mom is the same way. The two end up finding a married couples' dorm -- which is falling apart and bug-infested. Real life isn't a dream, they found out. The two realize that their love will pull them through this rough time, but they must really use initiative. In the end the couple sits at their one small table and splits a tuna sandwich that Topanga made. Cory tells Topanga he loves her.....she assures him that she knows.

November 21, 1999 -- Episode #145: "Picket Fences"
Cory and Topanga don't want to live in their "new" apartment. So they look for a house. They find a nice little $80,000 house, and want Cory's parents to cosign for the loan. When they decline, the two are mad at them. Shawn tells them to fix up their apartment that they are stuck with. They decide to try to fix the apartment because it's their only option. Eric and Jack get a new boss. She's a controlling daddy's girl. Eric is ga-ga over her, and Jack knows that she is trying to get her way. Jack gets fired, but at least he stood up for himself. Shawn and Angela decide that it is better for them not to live together, since they aren't married. So, the guys move in together in the big apartment, and Angela moves in with Rachel, who had moved out already. Cory fixes a faucet all by himself. The couple go back to the Matthews' and tell them about their accomplishment. Only then do they realize what Cory's parents were doing for them -- making them grow by learning to take care of themselves and deal with their life.

December 3, 1999 -- Episode #146: "What A Drag!"
Eric and Jack catch the perpetraders of an illegal "floating" rave, but since they called the police on them before they had done anything wrong, the bad guys are released. The criminals vow revenge on the two imbicils, so Jack and Eric go into hiding -- as women. Cory tries to fix up the apartment to please Topanga. Little does he know that he actually making it grotesque, with yellow walls. He shops around for all sorts of "bargains," as he calls them. Topanga keeps telling herself that he is trying to help. Eric is convinced that he is ugly as a woman. Jack and Eric accidentally are seen by the bad guys, and the leader is attracted to Jack. Eventually the two get a picture of Jack with the leader, to use as blackmail. So, they are safe. Topanga checks out the overhaul Cory has done on the apartment and loves it. It is very nice -- completely different from how Cory started. It's an apartment they can live in now.

December 17, 1999 -- Episode #147: "Family Trees"
Shawn gets a letter in the mail from his mother Virna. Cory tells him to rip it up -- that everything is going good for him and the letter can only bring trouble. Shawn opens it anyway. He finds out that Virna is not his real mother. Shawn then goes on a search for his real mom, online. Meanwhile, the Matthews' clan are planning a birthday party for Alan. He tries to figure out what they are doing. Eric makes up an idiodic surprise party plan, to poison Morgan as part of it. Shawn can't find any info on his real mother. He says he'll be OK though. He eventually comes to Alan's party, drunk. He gets in an argument with Alan, who tells him he needs to talk to him, and then Shawn says that he is not his father. Alan and Amy offer to adopt him, since he is already a part of their family, and he leaves. Cory follows him. Shawn wants to go to the graveyard to see his family. Cory doesn't want to go. Shawn goes, and he "speaks" to his father, Chet. He tells Shawn about his mom, and how she was a stripper. She just wasn't cut out to be a mom. He tells Shawn that he loves him, and Shawn tells him that he is proud of him, for trying to rebuild the family. Chet then leaves, and Cory shows up and takes him to the Matthews' house. Shawn apologizes to Alan, and Alan tells him that the offer is always open. Shawn wants him to yell at him, like he is his son. He does, and he is good at it. He tells him to not do things like that (getting drunk) anymore, because it scares the people that love him. It seemed pretty effective. Shawn seems to have found his family.

January 7, 2000 -- Episode #148: "The Provider"
Cory finally gets a job. Just not before Topanga does. Topanga gets a job as a fashion consultant, which is much better than Cory's job of tele-salesman (he sells magazines). He is not happy. Eric finds a penny in the commons, and it brings him luck. He gets a football player to come out of the "closet." Cory can't sell one magazine, and Topanga comes home after a great day at work, and sells 8 magazines for him. This sets him off. There is a huge fight in the student union, and Topanga leaves crying. Shawn tries to help, but says that he can't do anything for him -- Cory has to fix it himself. Eric gives Cory his lucky penny, to help him out. He then gets struck by lighting (we are led to believe that it's because he gave away the penny). Cory goes back to the apartment to talk to Topanga. They have a huge talk, and Cory says how he feels like Topanga is out-doing him in every aspect of life. She feels bad, and tells him that she isn't trying to do that. They talk more, and realize that they need to talk everything out, all the time. They should never keep things bottled up. It's a good lesson they learned. Marriage is about communication. In the end, Eric takes the penny back. Hope it helped.

January 28, 2000 -- Episode #149: "I'm Gonna Be Like You, Dad"
Topanga has the gang take a "quiz" in one of those girly magazines. It says that she, Shawn, and Angela will live for a long time. But it says that Cory should have already been dead. So he goes to the doctor to see about his sickness. Alan hires Eric at the store, because he doesn't think Eric will make it in the real world. Eric surprises him by doing great at the store. Amy isn't happy with Alan, because she thinks he has no faith in his son. Cory is diagnosed with hypochodria (a person who thinks they are sick when they really aren't). He goes home and tells the gang. They humor him. Later, Cory's uncle, who is from a mental institution and thinks he is Sammy Sosa, stops by. The nurses take him away, and take Cory with them. A weird, funny ending to a pretty good episode.

February 11, 2000 -- Episodes #150 & #151: "The War/Seven the Hard Way"
This was a one-hour episode, and it was awesome! The gang gets into a fight. Shawn parked in Rachel's parking spot, so she kicks him out of their room, since he is there after hours. Cory goes with him, and they vow revenge. Topanga sides with the guys, because she has seen them get revenge before, and thinks that they'll win. Angela goes with Rachel, because they are roommates. Jack decides to go with Rachel after she pretty much seduces him. No one wants Eric on their side, so he says he is a "spy" for both sides. Eric, however, knows nothing good can come of this, and tries to get them to stop. He is finally starting to use his head. The first thing Cory and Shawn do is take apart Rachel's car and put it in her room, setting the alarm off to wake her up. Then, Rachel, Jack, and Angela superglue the other trio to their seats in Feeny's classroom, pour honey on them, and let loose a bear. After this happens, Shawn and Cory blow up a provacative picture of Rachel that she gave Jack when they were going out, and place it in the student union. This does not go over well. They have gone too far. The group disbands, everyone getting angry at everyone else. Eric gets them all into Feeny's classroom to talk, but they won't. Rachel says that she just doesn't belong in the group, because she has no ties to anyone. She gets up and leaves, and they don't stop her. They all say it is stupid to try to talk, and then leave themselves, saying that it's just a little argument, and they won't remember it in a week. Fade to black. Cory and Topanga enter the student union, for Feeny's retirement party, the year 2006. Words are exchanged by all of the group, but they are not friends anymore. Long story short, they realize that their lives lost some meaning by losing their friends. Fade back. Enters where they left off in Feeny's classroom. Eric stops Rachel from leaving, and gets the group to talk. There is a huge group hug, and they all hug Feeny in the end. Their lives would not have been complete without each other...

March 3, 2000 -- Episode #152: "She's Having My Baby Back Ribs"
Topanga and Eric decide that they are too fat. But they need each others' support to diet. They promise not to tell anyone about the diet. Shawn gets the idea that Topanga is pregnant, because she thinks she is looking fat, and tells Cory so. Cory then decides to plan a baby shower for Topanga, and invites everyone. She is completely surprised by it. She is bombarded with presents, and almost tries to keep them. She then explains to everyone that she isn't pregnant, and gives the presents back, sadly. Eric says that he doesn't think she's fat, that he thinks she's hot, and that he only agreed to go on the diet so she would give him her food!

March 18, 2000 -- Episode #153: "How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back"
Cory and Topanga are informed about a party by Shawn and the gang, but then they are told that they wouldn't like it, because it's not their "scene." They take offense to that, and plan a party of their own. Their party is pretty lame, however, with quiche, streamers, and bad music. No one comes.... they are sad. Eric discovers that he can predict the near future when he sneezes. Jack doesn't believe it, until he finally proves it by predicting something that is said on TV. Then, he sees three numbers, and Jack thinks that they are lottery numbers and wants him to give him the other three. He keeps making Eric sneeze, but Eric has a vision of someone in trouble, and doesn't think that the numbers are important. He just wants to help that person. Shawn, Angela, and Rachel all go to Cory and Topanga's party, just for a bit, to be nice. But when they get there, the two are sitting on the floor, alone. They leave. Later, they come back, with some more people, whom Shawn will pay to be there. But they open the door and Cory and Topanga are making out on the floor. Guess it was a good party for them, after all. :) Eric eventually gives the last three numbers, but Jack watches the wrong lottery first, and the numbers aren't right, of course. He shoves the ticket in Eric's mouth and tells him to eat it. He does. Then the right lottery comes on. Poor Jack.

March 31, 2000 -- Episode #154: "Brotherly Shove"
Cory asks Topanga and Shawn to come over and help clean out the garage. Eric comes out and sees them cleaning. Apparently Alan said that they should do it together, and Eric gets upset that Cory didn't ask him to help. Shawn and Jack try to do "brotherly" things together, and they totally bore each other to death. They have nothing in common. At all. Eric ends up pulling almost everything out of the garage and having a garage sale. He obviously was upset, and he puts outrageously low prices on things that had sentimental value. Cory was upset that he was selling things for so little, and he was arguing with him. A lady came up and pestered him about a price on something. She kept at it, and Cory finally yelled at her. Her husband got mad and yelled at him. Cory then said that she was annoying. The guy punched him. Eric then punched the man for hitting his little bro. There was a gigantic brawl, and the two brothers ended up at the hospital -- Cory had a hurt arm. The two eventually patched things up, and hopefully they are stronger now because of it. The girls had no big roles in this episode. Nice little family values show.

April 7, 2000 -- Episode #155: "As Time Goes By"
Topanga and Cory get into an argument about taking initiative in life. Topanga goes back into their closet to clean it, and gets sucked into a vortex type thing. She is transported to the past, and has a neat adventure. All of the cast is represented by some form of their character. Eric is a detective who is trying to solve a murder case. Very funny stuff! Not much I can describe about this one, you have to have seen it for yourself. In the end, their argument gets snuffed out, and Topanga chills. They watch TV.

April 28, 2000 -- Episode #156: "Angela's Ashes"
Eric, Rachel, and Jack get their graduation gowns. Eric shows everyone his underwear, asking if he is supposed to wear pants underneath it. Angela's father visits her and tells her that he is being relocated to Europe. She is upset, because he said the next relocation was going to be a place closer to her. He then invites her along with him: for a year. She doesn't know what to do. She tells Shawn, and he knows that she needs to go be with her father. But Cory talks to him and makes him realize that he wants to fight for her. While all this is going on, Topanga is going through a series of interviews for a internship to be a lawyer in New York. Cory is oblivious to it. Jack wants to start his own internet business, called - ImJack.com. He calls his stepfather and his stepfather tells him it's a stupid idea, and that if he wants to go with it, he is cutting him off. He did. So, now Jack is poor. Shawn has a discussion with Angela's dad, and tells him that he wants her to stay. He even suggests that he would ask her to marry him if that would make her stay. Her father says that if Shawn did that, he would step aside. Angela comes in and thanks Shawn for letting her have this chance to be with her dad. He realizes he can't ask her to stay. In the end, she leaves with her dad. Topanga got the internship, and they have to move to New York. Cory goes crazy, because he had no idea about anything!

May 5, 2000 -- Episodes #157 & #158: "A Brave, New World"
*Series Finale* In an old clip-filled finale, Cory and Topanga prepare for a new life in New York. It turns out that Eric and Shawn are going with them, and Rachel and Jack are joining the peace corp, to see the world. An excellent episode to end this great series. Boy Meets World will be missed, and I hope that everyone enjoyed the show in the seven year run.

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