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Season 3 Outline
Cory, Shawn, and Topanga struggle to get through another year at John Adams High School. Cory and Topanga are now "officially" boyfriend and girlfriend. Which means that Cory has started to fit in and has started to find his place. On another positive note, Harley Keiner has been sent oof to a reform school, so Joey and Frankie have a new, more passive leader. Because of the situation with Shawn Hunter and his father Chet Hunter, Shawn is more or less forced to live with his homeroom teacher, Mr. Turner. This causes many more stories and introduces another new character, Mr. Eli Williams, who becomes the media arts teacher at John Adams High. Another important person introduced is the highly anticipated character of Shawn's father, Chet Hunter. Eric meanwhile has moved on from high school and is struggling to get into a college with his average grades.
Fun Facts
! - Harley Keiner returns this season after being sent off to a reform school.
! - In the episode "Rave On", Topanga calls Frankie a mallrat. This is just another inside joke, Ethan Suplee (Frankie) had a role in Mallrats.
! - In the episode "The Last Temptation of Cory", when talking to Missy Robinson, Cory says "Missy Robinson, you're trying to seduce me". This is a direct reference to the line in The Graduate, "Miss Robinson, you're trying to seduce me."
! - Morgan Matthews had suspiciously been missing since last season because the actress playing her was changed. In the episode "A Kiss is More Than a Kiss", she suddenly appears again saying that she was in her room on a very long time-out.
! - In the episode "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter", Larisa Oleynik has a guest role. Seven years prior to this filming, Larisa and Rider Strong appeared together in the San Fransisco stage production of Les Miserables.
! - The episode "The Grass is Always Greener" was the first time since the first couple of episodes that the credits involved a song ("All I Know") playing over a set of screen captures.
! - Taking advantage of their situation, the episode "The Happiest Show On Earth" was set and filmed in Disney World, since ABC was just bought by Disney that year.
! - The song ending to "The Grass is Always Greener" was sang by Art Garfunkel.

Most Memorable Moments
1) The Disney World episode
2) Little Cory the pet pig
3) The illegal rave/anniversary party
4) Cory and Shawn dressed as cheerleaders
5) Eric going off to Pennbrooke College

Awards For This Season
Nom: Youth in Film Awards: Best Performance in a t.v. Comedy- Leading Young Actor (Ben Savage)
Nom: Youth in Film Awards: Best Performance in a t.v. Comedy- Supporting Young Actress (Danielle Fishel)
Nom: Youth in Film Awards: Best Performance in a t.v. Comedy- Supporting Young Actor (Rider Strong)

Regular Cast
Ben Savage
Danielle Fishel
William Russ
Betsy Randle
Will Friedle
Rider Strong
William Daniels
Anthony Tyler Quinn
Alex Desert
Cory A. Matthews
Topanga Lawrence
Alan Matthews
Amy Matthews
Eric Randall Matthews
Shawn Patrick Hunter
Mr. George Feeny
Mr. Johnathan Turner
Mr. Eli Williams

Reoccurring Cast
Lindsay Ridgeway
Danny McNulty
Adam Scott
Blake Soper
Ethan Suplee
Blake Clark
Morgan Matthews
Harvey "Harley" Keiner
Griffin Hawkins
Joey "The Rat" Epstein
Frankie "The Enforcer" Sticchino
Chet Hunter

Third Season Episode Guide
September 22, 1995 -- Episode #46: "My Best Friend's Girl"
It's a new year at John Adams High, and Cory has misgivings about asking Topanga to the dance, since she is so much more beautiful now, after the summer. Shawn urges him to ask her out, yet he chickens out all the time. He tells him if he doesn't, some other guy will. Eventually Cory asks her and she says she has a date -- it's with Shawn.

September 29, 1995 -- Episode #47: "The Double Lie"
Shawn has a date with a popular girl, when Jonathon tells him that he has to go out of town for a wedding. This means Shawn has to stay with Cory's family, who have a curfew of 10 P.M. He begs Jonathon to stay, but he says he can't. Shawn breaks out of the Matthew's house late at night and takes his date to Jonathon's supposedly empty house: to find him there with a date of his own.

October 13, 1995 -- Episode #48: "What I Meant to Say"
While playing darts, pool, etc. at Chubbies, Cory feels that feeling, and tells Topanga he loves her. She gives him the cold shoulder for awhile after, and he doesn't know why. Cory comes over late one night to get his jean jacket. It finally comes out that she is afraid of that word, since they are so young and she doesn't know if she knows what love is yet. Cory explains his feelings of what love is, and she agrees that she loves him too. As he leaves, he tosses her his jean jacket.

October 20, 1995 -- Episode #49: "He Said, She Said"
Shawn takes a new guidance counselor's advice literally and decides to run away to Paris; one-time school bully Harley Kiner returns from reform school to face off with the new head bully.

October 27, 1995 -- Episode #50: "Hometown Hero"
The dynamic duo don't have their papers done! They know that F's are bad for them, so they sneak in late that night to turn in their papers. While lighting a match to read something, Cory gets burned and throws it in the garbage. That goes up in flames, and they run out, pulling the fire alarm. Cory later gets praise from Janitor Bud for saving his life by pulling the alarm. The whole town thinks of him as a hero. Except Mr. Feeny. He seems to know the truth, and through sly tactics and pains to Cory's conscience, eventually gets Cory to reveal the truth, right as he is about to do an interview on the news.

November 3, 1995 -- Episode #51: "This Little Piggy"
Shawn adopts a baby pig, which he calls Little Cory; and feuds with Topanga when she insists an apartment is not a proper porker environment.

November 10, 1995 -- Episode #52: "Truth and Consequences"
Cory and Shawn do a mediocre news report on the cafeteria, so their teacher forces them to do another. So they find their pitch, and tape Janitor Bud clocking out late while leaving early, with the help of a thug. This forces Feeny to have to fire the janitor. After much protest, Feeny secretly hires Bud back as his secretary.

November 17, 1995 -- Episode #53: "Rave On"
Eric plans a rave to go out with a bang at John Adams High, and be remembered. Cory promises to keep quiet if he can help and attend. Accidentally, Amy finds out about it by overhearing a conversation, and thinks it's an anniversary party for them. The boys find out that she thinks that, and have to change it into an anniversary party. After inviting both sets of guests, things go awry.

December 1, 1995 -- Episode #54: "The Last Temptation of Cory"
Topanga is sick, and Cory is at her beckoned call. A couple girls ask Cory and Shawn to a party, and they agree to go. Eric buys an expensive autographed picture of a baseball player who is three beanballs away from the world record. They watch a game on TV, and after two beanballs, he makes a retirement announcement, to the disappointment of Eric. When the two boys get to the "party," the four of them are the only ones there. One girl had taken a liking to Cory, and after he realizes this, he tries to escape. While calling up Topanga, she kisses him. Topanga eventually finds out, and makes him pay by getting on his conscience. In the end, she makes him realize that she is the only one for him (the monster kiss doesn't hurt either).

December 15, 1995 -- Episode #55: "Train of Fools"
Due to circumstances they would prefer to forget, Eric, Cory, Shawn and Topanga celebrate the New Year in a stranded subway car.

January 5, 1996 -- Episode #56: "City Slackers"
Cory and Shawn sneak off to Mr. Feeny's mountain cabin for a weekend of fun; Eric and Frankie engage in a marathon billiards match.

January 12, 1996 -- Episode #57: "The Grass is Always Greener"
Feeling uncomfortably domesticated, Cory forsakes a date with Topanga for a boys' night out at another school's party, and is mistaken for Shawn - an error he fails to correct when he sees how popular it makes him. Then he discovers that the "French girl" everyone is interested in is a disguised Topanga.

January 19, 1996 -- Episode #58: "New Friends and Old"
Mr. Feeny asks Cory and Shawn to take school tough guy Frankie under their wing, and they discover his reputation makes the younger students their willing slaves; Jonathan's rich former girlfriend wants to see him again.

January 26, 1996 -- Episode #59: "A Kiss is More Than a Kiss"
At Shawn's urging, Cory reenters the dating world, but he can't bring himself to kiss his date Melissa because he's still pining for Topanga - who's busy locking lips with another guy.

February 2, 1996 -- Episode #60: "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"
After Shawn's bad-boy image costs him a second date with a "nice girl" - who then sets her sights on Cory - he tries to impress her, but is informed that he's not "boyfriend material."

February 9, 1996 -- Episode #61: "Stormy Weather"
Eric's devotion to the TV station could mean a demotion at school when his internship affects his grades and jeopardizes his chance of graduating; things start to heat up between John and Dana's mom Susan.

February 16, 1996 -- Episode #62: "The Pink Flamingo Kid"
While filming a video for Shawn, Cory catches some criminals red-handed and wants to enter a TV-news contest, but Shawn objects and destroys the tape because the miscreants are his relatives; a money-hungry Eric searches for valuables amongst his old junk.

February 23, 1996 -- Episode #63: "Life Lessons"
When Mr. Feeny posts a particularly demanding final exam schedule, a group of delinquents vow to get "the old dinosaur," while Cory and Shawn determine to study intensively over the next two weeks -- but watch television instead. Mr. Taylor persuades Feeny to allow Cory's argument on behalf of the class for a revised schedule, but when the teacher refuses, the malcontents retaliate by vandalizing his home -- and a wounded Feeny announces his decision to retire. It takes a standoff between Cory, Shawn and Topanga versus the gang bent on vandalizing the school to restore Feeny's faith in his work. Meanwhile, Eric dates an older woman whom his mother was hoping to fix up with Mr. Taylor.

April 26, 1996 -- Episode #64: "I Was a Teenage Spy"
Cory gets a shock when a microwave mishap transports him back to the 1950s, where his uncanny knowledge of Russian space experiments gets him mistaken for a spy.

May 3, 1996 -- Episode #65: "I Never Sang For My Legal Guardian"
Jonathan decides he's finally ready to assume responsibility as Shawn's legal guardian, but Shawn longs only to be with his father Chet. Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny strong-arms Eric into tutoring class athlete Jeff.

May 10, 1996 -- Episode #66: "The Happiest Show on Earth"
Cory finds himself in a predicament when he follows Topanga to Walt Disney World hoping to woo her, and she thinks his affections are directed toward another girl (Tuck). Meanwhile, Eric covers for his lovelorn brother while he's away. An unabashed plug for the corporation that bought the ABC network.

May 17, 1996 -- Episode #67: "Brother-Brother"
Cory dreads his upcoming summer vacation when he realizes that Topanga's going to camp, Shawn's travelling with his father, and Eric's leaving for college - and not coming home again.

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