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Boy Meets World

1993 - 2000

On Location With...
The Cast of Boy Meets World

The On Location Staff caught up with the cast. Here's what they had to say:

Ben, what is your favorite thing about being on such a popular show?

Well you really can't choose just one moment. I love everything about it.

Will, what is your favorite episode, so far?

Probably the one where 'Jack' falls in love with a witch. I think It's called, "The Witches of Pennbrook".

Danielle, just out of curiosity, what character from the show would you go out with in real life?

I'd go out with Will's character, Eric. I always end up with goofy guys.

Rider, in reality, are you more like your own character on the show, or would you use someone else to describe yourself?

Actually, I'm more like 'Cory' than 'Shawn'. Most of the stuff 'Shawn' does, I'd never even try.