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Boy Meets World

1993 - 2000

The 112 Facts of Boy Meets World

This is the part where you get to read about facts, goofs, flukes, and just weird information. These things will make you pay a little more attention to detail in the show, the next time you see it.

1) The stove in the guys' apartment was the same stove in Shawn's trailer.

2) The fish tank in the guys' apartment was the same fish tank that was in Mr. Turner's apartment. The fish in the tank do not move at all. They're fake!

3) The sofa in the guys' apartment changes halfway through season 5. Matt and Will said that they really like the old red couch, and not to get rid of it, because it is very comfortable. The same red couch was used in the fourth season finale, "Learning to Fly", Eric and Julie sit on it.

4) The stools at the kitchen table in the guys' apartment were the same stools that used to be at the Chubbies Counter.

5) The intro theme for season 4 shows Cory running down the stairs, opens the door (it is left wide open) and runs out to the car. In the next clip when Cory is jumping into the car, the front door is closed.

6) In "Rave On", Cory is on the stage talking, there is a tall man dressed in orange at the front of the crowd. Later on, when Frankie says "Everybody in," the orange guy is just one of the many people who run inside, even through he had been inside just moments before.

7) Cory and Eric both have flat feet. Cory mentioned his in "The Last Temptation of Cory" and Eric said it in "No guts, no Cory"

8) Marcus Toji, the movie surfer on Disney, appeared in "Quiz Show" and "Janitor Dad".

9) The expression when the guys gasp and say "Topanga" is used twice in the series.

10) Both Cory and Eric have said Taco and pointed their finger in their mouth, both in different seasons.

11) After season 1, Cory never mentions of wanting to become a baseball player again.

12) There is a line that Shawn said to Topanga "Use a mirror Babe" in season 1 and then 6.

13) The Junior High Hall was just a reversed version of the hall at John Adams High. They just rotated it.

14) The old guy from the mailroom in "How to Succeed in Business" was also the announcer on "Quiz Show" and the guy who was 3 hours from home on "You Can Go Home Again".

15) Asst. manager Leonard Spinelli from season 1 was also the minister who married Cory and Topanga.

16) In the "Married Couples Dorms" episode, you can't forget the presence of Daniel Jacobs, son of creator Michael Jacobs. Daniel is also the one who played Joshua Matthews on the final episode, and his brothers and sister have been in numerous other episodes ("It's About Time", "Eric Hollywood").

17) In the episode "Brother-Brother" Mr. Feeny was talking to Eric about taking a ride in the dryer in 5th grade and Eric said "If I didn't take that ride my hair would still look like Cory's."

18) Cory, Shawn, and Eric all had a favorite shirt? Eric's was worn a lot in season one and it was a gray shirt with blue sleeves and the number 23 in the upper right hand corner. Cory's shirt was worn a lot in season 3 that was light blue and said Hitching Post on the back, and Shawn's was a brown shirt with a symbol in the middle and he wore it in seasons 5 and 6. Did they just like those shirts or something?

19) The refrigerator in the guys' apartment smells like mothballs!

20) The freezer in the guys apartment has all kinds of stuff in it. Will Friedle admits that they store the cereal in the freezer with the ice cream containers. The ice cream containers don't really contain ice cream, but instead, extra magnets for the fridge!

21) There is a mirror right in front of the stairs in the apartment building. The set designers had to take it down because, Will was always stopping to check himself out. He later had them put it back up because it fit his character so well.

22) The plates Jack and Rachel eat off of are the same plates Will has at home. Will was shocked to see them, and claims that it's a total coincidence!

23) There's a long wooden sign along the window to the balcony that reads "Headquarters". Along the stairs on the right hangs a sign that reads "Props Dept."

24) Cory's middle initial is A.

25) Coffee in the teachers' lounge at John Adams High costs $0.75.

26) Nobody has on seat belts in the intro to the 4th season.

27) Alan used to be in a band called the "Tongues".

28) When Joshua Matthews was born he weighed 5 lbs.

29) All through the 1st , 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons, Cory and Eric kept switching beds. (in the first and second seasons Cory is on the left. In the third and fourth seasons, Cory is on the right.)

30) Almost every single one of the girls Eric and Jack meet live in apartment - 3B.

31) Eli Williams used to work on the local show - "Philadelphia Tonight".

32) Cory came up with his band's name - "The Exits" by looking at three signs in the hallway the first two were "Blood Drive" and "Sex Ed". Then he saw an "Exit" sign.

33) The majority of Shawn's outfits include: boots, baggy pants, and a tee-shirt worn under a long sleeved shirt. A necklace was worn a small amount of times.

34) The actors who portrayed the character Jedidiah, were changed 3 different times. He appeared in "Rave On" and was changed in "State of the Unions" and changed again for "Show me the Love" and all of the following episodes. Topanga's Mother, however was portrayed by the same actress in the whole series.

35) The actress who portrayed Morgan Matthews, Lily Nicksay, in the first two seasons was changed to Lindsay Ridgeway, because the wrighters wanted a more mature looking Morgan Matthews. But, Lily Nicksay didn't need "Boy Meets World" any longer anyway, the show jump-started her little career and since then she has starred in such films as The Negotiator and Up Close and Personnel.

36) Jack, Eric and Shawn had a nice apartment. Especially considering that they weren't making all that much money. Jack claims that the three of them pay fully for the apartment in numerous episodes, ("And Then There was Shawn") but in fact, Alan, Amy, Jack & Shawn's mom, and Jack's rich step-dad help pay the rent!

37) Will Estes has had a few quick guest starring roles on "Boy Meets World". One of them being on "Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow".

38) In the intro to season four Eric is driving his car with all of Cory's friends in it. They go and pick up Cory. My point, however, is that that's not Eric's car. Eric actually has a very crappy car. Who's car is it? It is actually Topanga's parent's car! Now where did Eric Matthews get a hold of it.

39) When Eric dreams, according to a study done at his school, his brain is not active! No dreams, nightmares, thoughts, goals, wishes, nothing! But in a later episode, Eric dreams he is a crime fighting agent on t.v. named the "Good Looking Guy". He dreamt what the show would be like and even thought up a theme song: Titled, "The Good Looking Guy". Now that is a pretty active brain if you ask me.

40) The words to the song Eric dreams are as follows: "When a crime breaks out , all the cute girls shout, "get the good looking guy", When there's a crime out there he's gonna, come his hair, 'cause he is the, good looking Guy" with a guitar riff at the end. This is repeated twice!

41) The hall at John Adams High has a sofa and a coffee pot.

42) The episode, "And Then There was Shawn" is the host for a lot of mistakes concerning the placement of things. In the Senior hall there is usually a turquoise sofa along the wall next to the lockers. In the beginning of this episode it is visible through Feeny's window on the door. After Kenny is killed and everyone runs out into the hallway the sofa is replaced by a trophy case. After everyone but Shawn runs through the halls the trophy case was replaced with vending machines. It is very obvious that the gang is just running through the same hall, but with different props. When everyone first escapes from Feeny's room, look at the end of the hall- there is a window with shades drawn over it. After the gang is done running there is a trophy case in front of it. When everyone is first in the hall, there is nothing next to Feeny's door. But watch when Shawn stands over Feeny's lifeless body and says "I was wrong". Now the statue of John Adams from the old school is next to his door.

43) Amy is a very good singer.

44) In the episode, "On the Fence", in the beginning Cory is at lunch with Shawn and Ellis. Shawn shows Cory and Ellis his water gun, the 2000XZ, and then Ellis shows Cory and Shawn his water gun, the 3000XZ, and Cory says that that gun isn't even supposed to come out until Christmas. Well, when Cory gets the $58.00 from Feeny for painting the shudders, he buys a 3000XZ water gun. Now the goof is that the water gun Cory calls the 3000XZ, is the same water gun Shawn had, which was the 2000XZ. NOT the 3000XZ.

45) At lunch in John Adams High, available beverages are: 2% Milk, Chocolate Skim Milk, Coffee, Grape Juice, Orange Juice, Blueberry Splash, and Fruit Punch! The coffee of course was for the teachers.

46) Jason, Eric's best friend was also a regular on the show, "Step by Step"

47) Stuart, in the episode, "Everybody Loves Stuart", is played by Ben Savage's real life brother Fred.

48) If you have ever seen Fred's show, "The Wonder Years", you know that it has a creepy similarity to "Boy Meets World.

49) Ben Savage was a guest star in an episode of "The Wonder Years", playing a kid fittingly called Cupid, who mistakenly stuffs a letter into Winny Cooper's ( Danica McKellar ) locker. The note being from Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage)

50) Cory and Topanga's Wedding Vows Went Like This:

Topanga: I wasn't sure this day would ever come, but you were. I wasn't sure love could survive everything we put it through, but you were. You were always strong and always sure. And now I know I want you to stand beside me for the rest of my life. That's what I'm sure of.

Cory:(to Shawn) I have to talk to her now, ok.

Shawn:(smiling) Go ahead.

Cory:(to Topanga) Ever since I was young I never understood anything about the world, and I never understood anything that happened in my life. The only thing that ever made sense to me was you, and how I felt about you. That's all I've ever known and that's enough, that's enough for me, for the rest of my life. Topanga, we gonna get married?
Topanga: Yea, we are.

Cory: Good, cause, umm I have these rings.... I love you Topanga.

Topanga: I love you too, Cory.

51) [NOT FINISHED] George Feeny and Lila Bolander's Wedding Vows Went Like This:

Minister:(to the audience) George and Lila have decided to express their love, here today.

Lila:(to George)

George: I have quietly searched for love, my entire life. Now I have found you! My only regret is that it took me so long!

52) In the episode "Fraternity Row", Shawn pretends to go to college, over at Pennbrook. The teacher of his only class is portrayed by the actor, Julius Carry, who is also the actor who stars as Angela's father. In later episodes.

53) Cory is taken back in time 3 distinct times in the series.

54) In the end of the series Dean Bolander and Mr. Feeny are a married couple. They are in real life too!

55) In the begginning of the series Jedidiah and Rhiannon are a married couple. They are in real life too!

56) Alan's best friend Gordy on the show has a pretty cool job in real life. He's Mickey Dolenz of the Monkeys!

57) As a matter of fact, three out of the four Monkeys Band Members are in the episode, "Rave On" : Mickey Dolenz, starring as Gordy. Davy Jones, starring as Reginald of Fairfield, and Peter Tork, starring as Topanga's father, Jedidiah. Now, where is the fourth Monkey you ask? Well, his mother invented liquid paper (seriously!) and now that she is gone, he's inheriting all of the money for it. So, "Boy Meets World" didn't really have the option of getting him.

58) At Pennbrook University, in the Student Union, a bisscotti has a cost of $0.75.

59) Larisa Oleynik and Andrew Keegan of "10 Things I Hate About You" were both guests on BMW.

60) Most of the cast from another Andrew Keegan movie, "Camp Nowhere", made appearances on BMW as well.

61) Marne Patterson played Allison in the turnaround dance episode.

62) Jonathan Jackson played Ricky Ferris in "Starry Night". Keegan was Ronnie Waterman in "The Happiest Show On Earth".

63) Other now-famous faces who appeared on bmw include Mena Suvari, Marla Sokoloff (from "The Practice", a show on which Rider guest starred), Keri Russell, Lindsay McKeon, Shane West, and Lindsay Price of 90210.

64) For example: Larisa O., Will Friedle, and the guy who played Joey all guest starred on 3rd Rock From the Sun and they were all on BMW.

65) Ok, in "The Little Piggy" Cory has a full sized locker and in other episodes, he has like a half-sized locker.

66) Do you know how the kitchen and the living room are connected in the Matthew's house? Well, in "Rave On" when Reginald Fairfield first comes in, Amy walks through the swinging door and there is a gray wall behind her.

67) And the door next to the phone in the school hallway was once Feeny's office, the counselor's office in "He said, She said", and was once the Boys' bathroom.

68) Danielle Fishel and Jason Marsden (played Eric's friend in Season 2) guest starred on Full House

69) Candace Cameron (was D.J.) guest starred on BMW in "The Witches of Pennbrook".

70) Ben Savage, Betsy Randle, and Anthony Tyler Quinn all lived in Illinois at some point in their lives.

71) Anthony Tyler Quinn, Ben Savage, and Rider Strong all guest starred on "Party of Five."

72) Rider Strong, Maitland Ward, Betsy Randle, and Blake Clark guest starred on "Home Improvement"

73) Richard Karn (Al from Home Improvement) was in the episode "The Little Piggy."

74) William Daniels is the President of SAG (Screen Actors Guild).

75) There's that other weird connection with will friedle and the people he's dated. will dated jenna von oy from "blossom", which also starred joey lawrence, who dated jennifer love hewitt. jennifer then dated will, who co-starred on BMW with matthew lawrence, brother of her ex, joey. it makes a lot more sense when you can put it all on a chart, but still it's an eerie connection.

76) Topanga was the first one in the series to see Jack.

77) Cory was the first one in the series to talk to Jack.

78) Both Eric and Jack's favorite color is blue.

79) Eric and Jack have a lot of other things in common too. Favorite movie: Godfather part II. Feelings on pets: Don't like 'em.

80) In the 3rd and 4th seasons. Shawn is 5 feet, 5 inches in height.

81) Eric loves opera.

82) In the episode "And then there was Shawn", the character Kenny only has 8 lines.

83) The actor that played Loui in the episode "And in Case I Don't See Ya" is the same same actor who plays the goalie in Disney's "The Big Green".

84) Ben presented the award for Best Drama Series in 2001 on an awards show.

85) When they first met, actors Ben Savage and Rider Strong didn't like each other that well. Rider says over the years Ben just kinda' grew on to him. They hang out a lot now.

86) Female fans of the show find Rider the most atractive.

87) Male fans of the show found Fishell to be the most attractive.

88) Boy Meets World is actually the second show, where Bonnie Bartlet (William Danniel's real-life wife) has also played his wife in a show.

89) Boy Meets World was not part of T.G.I.F.'s original line up, contrary to popular belief.

90) Boy Meets World has been showed on 3 different t.v. stations: ABC, the Disney Channel, and the Fox Family Channel. It was the 1st teen-comedy to do so.

91) William Daniel's was first attracted to the script for Boy Meets World, because of it's good writing and because of Mr. Feeny's unique relationship with Cory.

92) As a seventh grader, Cory sang along to his little sister Morgan's 'Barney' records.

93) All through Topanga's Middle school years, she believed in telepathy, palm-reading, peace, and uniqueness. She also believed in calling her parents by their first name. She said otherwise, she couldn't tell them apart from the rest of the dads out there.

94) Both Cory and Eric have called their mom by her first name. Eric's reason: "Well, that's your god-given name." Cory's reason: "Topanga said to!"

95) Before Boy Meets World, Matt Lawrence made a name for himself in sitcoms with his brothers on "Brotherly Love". He also worked with both of his brothers in "Disney's Jumping Ship".

96) Shawn had an older sister named Stacy in the show.

97) Topanga also had an older sister. Her name: Nebula Stop-The-War Lawrence.

99) Angela Moore was Shawn's only girlfriend to last over 2 weeks.

98) Shawn Hunter was a C student all through school.

100) Shawn has 8 uncles.

101) Shawn's favorite band is the Counting Crows.

102) The actress that plays Angela actually has 3 kids in real life.

103) The last line in the series is given to Mr. Feeny; "Class Dissmissed."

104) The show first aired September 23rd, 1993.

105) The show first came to the Disney Channel September 23rd, 2000.

106) The show ran 7 seasons.

107) The longest season was the fifth. With 24 episodes.

108) The 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th seasons all had 22 episodes.

109) According to Cory, when he gets a hair cut, it looks bad for a month, then it looks good for a day! Then he gets it cut again.

110) Five WWF superstars have appeared on Boy Meets World; Mankind, Vader, Jake Roberts, Brother Love, and referee Earl Hebner.

111) In Jack and Eric's apartment, the railing to the stairs have been painted twice. Green and white.

112) Both Eric and Shawn changed their appearence dramatically as a college student.