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Season 5 Outline
It's Cory, Shawn, and Topanga's all-important senior year at John Adams High School, and it's full of plot twists, new characters, and memorable moments. Cory and Topanga's relationship struggles to stay alive, going through a rough break up. As senior year draws to a close it is quite unsure as to whether or not Cory and all of his friends will be going to the same college, with Shawn not even sure he'll be attending college. Shawn has finally found a steady girlfriend in the form of Angela Moore, but it is still unclear if Shawn can really settle down once and for all. Mr. Feeny will be retiring at terms end to pursue other interests and get a well deserved break, bringing the newly reformed college student Eric to a state of despair. And on top of it all, Alan and Amy anounce that they are going to have a fourth child, going to celebrate at the same hotel, in the room next door to Cory and Topanga on prom night, who are deciding if they are ready to have sex or not. Season five is considered to be the best of the seven seasons by both critics and fans alike.
Fun Facts
! - In the episode "Boy Meets Real World", Mr. Feeny comments that he thought The Graduate was a very good film. This would be yet another inside joke, since William Daniels (Mr. Feeny) appeared in that movie, sometime back.
! - One of the less obvious inside jokes lies in the episode "It's Not You... It's Me". Shawn is enraged to think that Cory would consider going to Stanford, a college that Shawn could never get into. Stanford is in fact the school Ben Savage (Cory) has planned on going to since he was in the eighth grade. Ben had to turn down his acceptance into Stanford twice to continue filming on "Boy Meets World".
! - In the episode "Fraternity Row", Shawn sits in on a philosophy class and really enjoys it. He probably would, since Rider Strong (Shawn) really did go to college to study philosophy that year.
! - Melissa Joan Hart guest stars as Sabrina, a teenage witch that Eric falls in love with in the episode "The Witches of Pennbrook". Melissa portrayed this character in her own series, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", which aired on ABC right before "Boy Meets World" every Friday night as part of the T.G.I.F. line-up.
! - The episode "No Guts, No Cory" aired as part of a special T.G.I.F. line-up where Salem the Cat, from "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", invaded all of the shows and sent all of the characters on a blast from the past through the space time continueum and transports them all to different decades of life.
! - A very blatant joke comes up in the episode "How to Succeed in Business", when Shawn shows Cory his plans for a new Got Toothpaste? ad campaign, which everyone realizes in obviously a direct reference to the then quite popular Got Milk? ads.
! - Another inside joke is in the episode "Last Tango in Philly". The full-cast dance number at the end is a spoof on The Full Monty.
! - The episode "A Very Topanga Christmas" pokes fun at Matt Lawrence and Danielle Fishel's private love life. This episode depicts a dream sequence ("A Christmas Carol" spoof) in which Topanga and Jack are married. Danielle Fishel (Topanga) and Matt Lawrence (Jack) interestingly enough really were dating during this time.
! - Shawn's pet pig Little Cory makes a cameo appearence in the episode "Raging Cory". But he's a black pig. The first time we seen him, he was a pink pig!
! - In the episode "And Then... There Was Shawn", Eric is quite taken with a new girl he meets, Jennifer Love Feffermen. Will Friedle (Eric) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (Feffermen) were dating in real life during the filming of this episode.
! - The episode "Eric Hollywood" is filled to the brim with inside jokes. First of all, "Kid Gets Acquainted With Universe" was obviously a spoof on "Boy Meets World". All of the actors in "Kid Gets Acquaintes With Universe" have names suspiciously similiar to those in "Boy Meets World", such as Ben Sandwich (Ben Savage) playing Rory (Cory) and Schneider Strong (Rider Strong) playing Shane (Shawn). Three very funny inside jokes also occurred in this episode. There was a joke saying that "changing costumes" for Rory and Shane just meant changing shirts, refrence to the simplicity and similarity of Cory and Shawn's "costumes". There was also a quite funny inside joke as Mr. Feeny gets confused at the set for "Kid Gets Acquainted With Universe" exclaiming that there aren't enough desks in the classroom, refrence to the shortage of desks on "Boy Meets World"'s own set. Finally, fans should notice that the "young writers" for "Kid Gets Acquainted With Universe" were the sons and daughters of the actual "Boy Meets World" crew.
! - The episode "Graduation" contains the most sudden and story line essential inside joke in the whole series. It's Cory and Shawn's senior year and who should they run into, but season one's Stuart Minkus himself. He explains that both he and Mr. Turner have been hanging out in the other part of the school, as he points off camera. Cory and Shawn looked horrified and explain that they could never go there for fear they might never come back. This little joke is used to explain the one year absence of Mr. Turner and the four year absence of Stuart Minkus. Also, an inside joke that brings back memories from season four, when Eric dives out the window, his "Good Lookin Guy" theme song plays in the background.

Most Memorable Moments
1) Prom night and graduation; Topanga asking Cory to marry her
2) Lauren kissing Cory, and Cory lying to Topanga
3) Shawn finding his lost brother, Jack
4) The return of Stuart Minkus, Joey the Rat, and Frankie the Enforcer
5) Chickens in the hall!!!!!

Awards For This Season
"Boy Meets World" was nominated for no awards this season

Regular Cast
Ben Savage
Danielle Fishel
William Russ
Betsy Randle
Will Friedle
Rider Strong
Lindsay Ridgeway
William Daniels
Matthew Lawrence
Cory A. Matthews
Topanga Lawrence
Alan Matthews
Amy Matthews
Eric Randall Matthews
Shawn Patrick Hunter
Morgan Matthews
Mr. George Feeny
Jack Newman

Reoccurring Cast
Trina McGee-Davis
Blake Clark
Angela Moore
Chet Hunter

Fifth Season Episode Guide
October 3, 1997 -- Episode #90: "Brothers"
Cory is so upset when Eric moves back home that he vows to find him a place to stay. But the perfect roommate he picks out is Shawn's long-lost half-brother, and there's no love lost as far as Shawn is concerned.

October 10, 1997 -- Episode #91: "Boy Meets Real World"
New roommates Eric, Shawn and Jack are the focus of Cory's student film, and it isn't long before the trio's plot thickens: Shawn and Jack can't get along as brothers. Meanwhile, Topanga thinks Cory should prove himself more of a friend than a filmmaker.

October 17, 1997 -- Episode #92: "It's Not You...It's Me"
After Shawn and Cory agree to attend the same college, Shawn learns Cory's made interview plans on his own - and the two decide it's time to go their separate ways. Meanwhile, Eric thinks befriending the dean will ease his and Jack's college experience.

October 24, 1997 -- Episode #93: "Fraternity Row"
After attending a college class and engaging in a winning debate with a professor, an empowered Shawn neglects high-school tasks in favor of collegiate ones - and gets suspended. Meanwhile, Eric forms his own fraternity (Magnum PI), and aroses the Dean's suspicions.

October 31, 1997 -- Episode #94: "The Witches of Pennbrook"
Witches seem to be invading Pennbrook College when Jack's new spooky girlfriend Millie causes a serious rift between the roommates after Eric tells Jack that he caught her practicing witchcraft; and an unsuspecting Eric goes on a date with a teenaged witch named Sabrina. Guest Hart crosses over in her role from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Meanwhile, Cory takes Topanga on her first airplane ride, flown by a not-so-bright pilot.

November 7, 1997 -- Episode #95: "No Guts, No Cory"
The time ball swallowed by Salem the Cat from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch takes everyone back to the 1940s: Cory becomes a soldier fighting on the dangerous front lines in Europe, who wants his best buddy Shawn to marry his girl Topanga if he doesn't return.

November 14, 1997 -- Episode #96: "I Love You, Donna Karan (part 1)"
Shawn's steadfast rule of dating girls only for a fixed two-week period leads him to break up with Angela; then he finds himself falling in love with the owner of a purse he finds, since the contents indicate that she is the girl of his dreams. Meanwhile, Eric studies for a test with the help of an invisible Mr. Feeny, while Jack wonders about Eric's sanity.

November 21, 1997 -- Episode #97: "Chasing Angela (part 2)"
An eager Cory encourages Shawn to consider the same type of long-term relationship he has with Topanga - except that the two of them start not to get along so well. Meanwhile, Jack and Eric are nervous about hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the Matthews family at their new apartment.

November 28, 1997 -- Episode #98: "How To Succeed in Business"
Confident Cory is amazed when Shawn is more successful at their work-study jobs: Shawn proves to be a whiz at public relations, while Cory gets stuck in the mail room. Meanwhile, Amy goes back to college, but her participation in Eric's creative writing class embarrasses him with her extremely frank self-revelations.

December 7, 1997 -- Episode #99: "Last Tango in Philly"
Cory and Shawn are loco with jealousy when the girls get jobs at a Mexican restaurant and start dancing the night away with two handsome, suave co-workers.

December 19, 1997 -- Episode #100: "A Very Topanga Christmas"
Cory wonders if he's being henpecked when Topanga spends the holidays with the Matthews family and takes charge of the festivities. Cory (Ben Savage) plans to surprise Topanga (Danielle Fishel), who's spending Christmas at his house, with a promise ring that means they'll be together forever. But he's unnerved by moments of doubt after learning that he and Topanga - who have so much in common---have very different holiday traditions: she drinks cider rather than eggnog; she prefers a fresh-cut tree to an aluminum one; and she opens gifts on Christmas Eve, not in the morning. When it seems Topanga's unwilling to compromise, Cory has serious misgivings about the ring - and their future.

January 9, 1998 -- Episode #101: "Raging Cory"
Cory gets so upset that Alan engages only in conversation with him, but plays sports with Eric, that he knocks Alan down. So Alan and Eric kidnap Cory and take him sky diving. Afterward, Cory feels better, but now Eric's miffed that he and his dad rarely have meaningful chats.

January 16, 1998 -- Episode #102: "The Eskimo"
Upset that the seniors are slacking off, Mr. Feeny threatens to issue F's and assigns personal goals to Shawn, Topanga and Cory: Shawn is to find two tickets to the Superbowl, Cory is to help him, and Topanga is to refrain from interfering. Meanwhile, Eric and Jack search for soul mates.

February 6, 1998 -- Episode #103: "Heartbreak Cory"
When Cory sprains his ankle during the Senior Class ski trip, he can't let on to Topanga that he feels attracted to the young lady who's been assigned to take care of him (The "Lauren Episode")

February 13, 1999 -- Episode #104: "The First Girlfriends Club"
It's Valentine's Day, and Shawn's jilted exes are so sure he'll ruin his date with Angela that they kidnap him to keep him from hurting her. Meanwhile, Cory's in trouble after Topanga reads a letter to him from another girl.

February 27, 1998 -- Episode #105: "Torn Between Two Lovers (Feeling Like a Fool)"
Cory is torn between making up with Topanga, or allowing himself to see how it would be to go out with the girl he met during the Senior Class ski trip. Meanwhile, Feeny entrusts Eric to be a substitute teacher for Feeny's Citizenship class.

February 27, 1998 -- Episode #106: "And Then There Was Shawn"
A fun and frenzied spoof of the movie Scream finds a shrouded killer terrorizing the teens. The mystery begins when the gang is locked inside the school during detention. Before too long they receive an ominous message written in blood and a classmate is fatally punctured with a pencil. Panic sets in for all but Shawn, a horror-film buff whose predictions of how events will unfold are dead on until his No. 1 suspect - Mr. Feeny -is killed. Suspicions first turn to a creepy janitor, and then to mysterious new student Jennifer. But the newcomer claims she was locked in a classroom while the carnage was taking place.

March 6, 1998 -- Episode #107: "If You Can't Be With the One You Love..."
Cory tries to get over his estrangement from Topanga by drinking alcohol at a party, but there's more trouble in store after Shawn joins in his friend's indulgence.

March 20, 1998 -- Episode #108: "Eric Hollywood"
After a surprisingly superb Shakespearean acting debut, Eric is invited to study at two prestigious theatrical institutions - but instead he opts to join the hit TV sitcom Kid Gets Acquainted with the Universe. Accompanied by Mr. Feeny, he heads for the studio, where he is appalled to discover that the shallow, egotistical and neurotic actors are not at all like their roles, and quickly gets fired for standing up for himself. Meanwhile, Topanga tries to salvage her relationship with Shawn, who's not sure he can remain friends with both her and Cory in the wake of their breakup.

April 3, 1998 -- Episode #109: "Starry Night"
A once in a lifetime Van Gogh retrospective makes Cory blue: he stood in line all night to get tickets for himself and Topanga, but she has gone with Angela instead - and met a terrific, intelligent and sensitive guy, Ricky, who claims she has already changed his life once (by beaning him in softball and convincing him to give up sports for art), spends all day with her looking at Van Gogh's "Starry Night," and demands a dinner date with her. Cory remains adamant that he will love Topanga forever and that kissing Lauren meant nothing to him. Topanga can't bring herself to believe him until Ricky kisses her - and she rushes to tell Cory that it meant nothing to her and that she still loves him.

April 24, 1998 -- Episode #110: "Honesty Night"
A reconciled Cory and Topanga pretend to be estranged so Shawn can be the one to "reunite" them, despite Mr. Feeny's warning that they are "boarding the train of terrible mistakes". Shawn's mediation tactics lead to more turmoil for the duo: when he encourages them to be open about their hurt feelings, they insult each other and break up again. It's finally up to Shawn (with an assist from Cory's parents) to set things straight once and for all.

May 1, 1998 -- Episode #111: "Prom-ises, Prom-ises"
Mature issues are raised as prom night sets the stage for a possible consummation of Cory and Topanga's relationship. It's a big night for the high schoolers, and Shawn and Cory plan to "leave as boys and come back men." Angela quickly decides she and Shawn aren't ready for sex, but Topanga feels that she and Cory are ready, as long as the night goes "exactly, perfectly right." Despite a lecture on responsibility from his dad, Cory rents a hotel room; then things get complicated when Cory's parents arrive at the same hotel. Seems they have their own event to celebrate: Amy is expecting.

May 8, 1998 -- Episode #112: "Things Change"
The anxiously awaited college acceptance letters have finally arrived. But Cory, who expects his longtime friends will want to continue as classmates, finds that everything can't always go according to his plan. Cory's upset when Shawn is put on a waiting list for college. And he's downright distraught when Shawn gets accepted but plans to work as a photographer's assistant instead.

May 15, 1998 -- Episode #113: "Graduation"
Cory tries to hide his lying eyes and convince Topanga that he wants her to go away to Yale; and Shawn surprises everyone with his indifference toward graduation. Meanwhile, Eric tries to keep Mr. Feeny from retiring; and Topanga slyly secures the valedictorian position.

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