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"The Truth About Honesty"

Episode #133
Originally aired: ABC, Friday, April 30, 1999
Directed by: Jeff McCracken
Guest Star: Chad Morgan

Summary - (Credits)
Cory and Topanga agree to be honest with each other about everything, because they think that this will help their relationship, and make it long-lasting. Rachel throws a dinner party at the apartment where they all play an honesty game. That's when Cory says that he gets upset that Topanga tries to be perfect all the time and that starts an arguement between them. Meanwhile, Shawn is asked: "If there was anyone you could have sex with, no strings attached, who would it be?" Shawn replies that it would be Angela. Angela then agrees to have sex with him, but they don't because Shawn says he loves her. This complicates the story line a bit! Meanwhile Eric tries to get a girl throughout the episode by telling her ridiculous lies.

"Prom-ises, Prom-ises"

Episode #111
Originally aired: ABC, Friday, May 1, 1998
Directed by: Alan Myerson
Guest Stars: Jarrett Lennon, John Balma, Trina McGee-Davis

Summary - (Credits)
Promises-Promises takes place on prom night. At the beginning, Cory and Shawn talk about whether or not they are going to have sex with they're girlfriends. Cory and Topanga have decided that they will if everything goes (in Topanga's words) 'exactly perfectly right.' Shawn says he and Angela didn't really talk about it, but we find out from Angela that he was too shy to talk about it. She decides they're not ready if he can't discuss it. Cory gets a room in the hotel where [the] prom takes place for him and Topanga. Unbeknownst to him, his parents have checked into the same hotel (and the room just next door) to celebrate the fact that Amy is pregnant. Add the fact that Eric sees his dad, but not Amy, at the check-in desk and assumes he's having an affair, and you get a farce style ending where people end up in the wrong rooms with shocked expressions. In the end, Cory and Topanga make the responsible decision to not have sex and return to the prom.

Clerk - I'm sorry, we don't give out hotel room numbers.
Eric - Well... [produces $1]
Eric - Perhaps my friend Mr. Washington will change your mind!

"If You Can't Be With The One You Love..."
Episode #107
Originally aired: ABC, Friday, March 20, 1998
Directed by: Alan Myerson
Guest Stars: Vanessa Erigan, Mike Batay, Max Miller, Trina McGee-Davis

Summary - (Credits)
The episode starts out with Cory and Shawn at school and Cory whining as usual about him being broken up with Topanga. Shawn says that that's the reason he wasn't invited to Kimberly's party that night. He says it's because nobody wants to be around him since he's such a downer all the time now that he's broken up with Topanga. Shawn says that he's on the way to being tired of hanging around Cory too...pretty harsh words. Shawn walks away and Cory says that he's tired of being around himself too; he sits down on the couch in the hallway and says "I'm done with me". That night, Angela and Shawn are at the party and the doorbell rings. It's Cory, and after some smooth talking, he gets himself into the party. He isn't acting like himself, but everyone seems to like him and thinks he's funny. He makes a couple jokes about how Shawn got kidnapped by his ex-girlfriends and everyone has a good laugh (including Shawn). Shawn says he's glad to see that Cory is getting over Topanga. A few minutes later, Topanga shows up and sees Cory dancing like an idiot. She says she isn't staying long. Kimberly (the girl who threw the party) comments to Topanga about how cute Cory is. Topanga says that Cory is free to do what he wants.

Cory goes into the bathroom of the house and is looking at himself in the mirror and is talking to himself. He proposes a toast to himself, takes out a pint of whiskey, and takes a shot. Shawn knocks on the door and says that Cory has been in there for a long time, so Cory lets him in. Shawn sees the bottle and asks if it's Cory's. Cory says that he stole it from his father's liquor cabinet. Shawn says that he always thought it would be him to do something like this. Cory offers his friend the bottle and Shawn takes it.

The scene shifts to the two boys walking home, obviously completely hammered. They are stumbling down the sidewalk laughing about how they just took a piss on Police Squad Car 72. They get to the front of a convienience store and ask a guy standing out front to buy them some beer. The man is hesitant at first, but agrees to do it in the end. The two boys are standing outside the store, popping open a couple beers when Police Squad Car 72 pulls up next to them. The whole time this is going on the two keep making comments that make absolutely no sense at all, but are funny. The scene shifts again to Cory's house where Alan and Amy are walking the boys into the kitchen. Alan goes completely insane on the two (seriously, I thought he was going hit Cory in the face), he gets in Shawn's face and says what a bad influence he is on his son (he says some pretty bad stuff to Shawn, since he doesn't know that it was Cory who got Shawn to drink). Cory immediately sticks up for his friend, and Alan slowly begins to realize that it was his son who influenced Shawn. He apologizes and the two boys agree to no drink any more.

The next day at school, Feeny's history class is starting and Feeny says something about feudalism and Shawn stands up and says how stupid the class is and how he hates being there. Topanga asks what is wrong with him, and Angela tried to get him to shut up, but Feeny kicks him out of the class. Cory asks if he can go with him to see what's wrong, and Feeny agrees to let him go. They go back to Shawn and Jack's apartment, and Shawn walks to the fridge and pops open a brewsky. Cory can't believe that Shawn is drunk again, and Jack walks in. Jacks takes the bottle from Shawn. Cory explains that they got drunk at a party and that Shawn liked it a little too much. Jack asks Shawn if he knows why his mother left his father. Shawn says he doesn't and Jack says it was because "he was an ugly, abusive, raging drunk". Shawn throws Jack on the couch and they start fighting. Cory breaks it up and the two start yelling at each other. Topanga and Angela walk in (school just let out), and hear the tail end of the arguement between Jack and Shawn. Angela can't believe that Shawn was drinking, and Cory says that "after the party, I could never drink again". Topanga can't believe that Cory was drinking. Shawn insults Cory for always crying about how he isn't with Topanga anymore. Cory tells Shawn to shut up, and Angela tries to calm Shawn down by trying to pull him into the hallway. Shawn slams Angela into the door and Angela says she doesn't like that he drinks, and to call her when he doesn't. Shawn has a shocked expression on his face and says "how did that just happen?".

Later that night, Shawn goes to the Matthews' house. Alan is washing the dishes in the kitchen so he answers the door. Shawn apologizes about being an idiot and drinking, and swears he'll never drink again. Cory comes downstairs, and Alan leaves them alone. Shawn says that he realizes that alchoholism is in his family and that he doesn't like himself when he drinks. At school the next day, he apologizes to Feeny, Angela, and Topanga. The episode ends here with Angela and Shawn sitting together smiling in Feeny's class.

Amy - Cory, what if Kimberly's party hadn't been within walking distance? Would you have driven home?
Cory - What? Drink and drive? Mom, I'm not a moron.
Amy - You peed on a cop car.

Cory - This will forever be remembered as the night we peed on some police car, and what's amazing is, I can't ever go with a guy standing right next to me.
Shawn - Yeah, who would have thought they made us a target on the car... that big 72?
Cory - Well, here is to squad car 72, wherever you are... [takes a shot]
[Shawn takes the bottle from Cory, finishes it off, throws the bottle, and the two watch it as it sails up into the air, and down into the ground]
Shawn - Wow... gravity!
Cory - Hey! I was gonna put flowers in that and give them to Armanga as a symbol of my afflacktion.
[Shawn giggles]
Cory - What's so funny?
Shawn - You just said 'Armanga'.
Cory - No, I didn't. I said 'My Manga.'
[Shawn and Cory laugh; they spot a guy tearing up lottery tickets]
Cory - Lose?
Bum - Like always.
Cory - Then, why do you bother playing?
Bum - I like to lose.
[Cory offers the bum $10.00]
Cory - How would you like to lose five more times?
Bum - That's a ten. Five tickets is five dollars.
Cory - I know. How about you buy yourself five lottery tickets and buy us a six-pack with the change?

Shawn - I drink because I like it; it makes me feel good.
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