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Where Are They Now?

Ben Savage - Soon to be appearing in a new feature film, "Swimming Up Stream", to be released Spring 2002.

Rider Strong - A new movie coming out soon, "Cabin Fever", coming to theaters later in the year. He'll also become a regualr on "Kim Possible" as the voice of Brick. And he's appearing in the new independant film, "Buck Naked Arson", Summer 2002.
Danielle Fishel - Fishel guest starred in the tv series, "The Nightmare Room". Betsy Randle also guest starred in this tv series. She's now managing her fan club and appearing in the movie, "Longshots", now available on Video and DVD.

Will Friedle - After his new show, "Go Fish!" was pulled off NBC, Will got a part on a new tv series called "The Random Years". He's now starring in the new Disney cartoon, "Kim Possible", as the voice of Ron Stoppable, and can always be seen on "Batman Beyond" as the voice of the title character.

Matt Lawrence - Matt has two films coming out, "The Hot Chick", mid-2003, and "Cheaters" later this year. Matt starred alongside his two brothers, Joey and Andy, in Disney's "Jumping Ship".

Maitland Ward - Currently an out of work actress, after "Boy Meets World", Maitland had a guest appearence as Rachel Newman on "Boston Public". Newman?

Trina McGee-Davis - Trina guest starred in the Olsen Twins' tv series, "So Little Time", as a waitress. After working on her own CD and spending time with her children, she has taken small guest appearences on television.

William Daniels - William most recently had a guest appearence on NBC's hit tv show, "Scrubs", playing Dr. Douglas. Daneils will be starring in the feature-film "Super Knight Rider 3000", as K.I.T.T., in theaters mid-2003.