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Question of the Moment?

Could "Boy Meets World" have lasted another season?

e-mail me and explain your response

Last time's question was: Would you want Angela to come back for a reunion episode?
Here is what some of you had to say:

"I think if there was a reunion episode , that angela should make a visit back because it would make the episode more entertaining to watch." ... Charles

"I would want her to come back it just wouldn't be the same with out all of them." ... Amber

"I wouldn't want her to come back. It just wouldn't be true to the show!" ... Cody

"I Think If There Was A Reunion Episode That Angela Should Come Back Because It Would Be Better For The Show To Have Everyone There. Hopefully There Will Be A Reunion Episode." ... Anoymous

"I think Angela should totally come back!" ...Lou

"I'd want Angela to stay because Shawn needs a girlfriend." ...Camille

"I would want Angela to come back. She was important to Shawn and that would be a terrible way to tie all the ends between the two of them. They should at least see each other again!" ... Jerry