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>> The "Boy Meets World" Cast Profiles: Meet the Actors!

Ben Savage
Full Name: Bennett Joseph Savage
Nick Name: Ben
Birthdate: September 13, 1980
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Star Sign: Virgo
Height: 5' 7"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Parents: Lew and Joanne Savage
Siblings: Fred Savage and Kayla Savage
Fears: Haunted houses and people jumping out at him
Favorite BMW Episode: "Chick Like Me"
Favorite Candy: Butterfingers and Baby Ruths
Favorite Bands: Bill Withers, Smashing Pumpkins, Van Morrison, Sarah McCachlan, and Bruce Springsteen
Car: BMW Convertable (how ironic!)
Hobbies: Reading and writing short stories and poems

Rider Strong
Full Name: Rider King Strong
Nick Name: Tavock
Birthdate: December 11, 1979
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5' 7"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Parents: King and Lin Strong
Siblings: Shiloh Strong
Pets: Two cats named Memphis and December
Fears: Spiders and answering the phone
Favorite Candy: Smarties
Favorite BMW Episode: "Cory's Alternative Friends"
Favorite Actor: Ethan Hawke
Cars: Black BMW Z3 and a charcoal-gray Nissan Pathfinder
Hobbies: backpacking, swimming, playing soccer, roller-blading, reading, writing, working on the computer, driving, playing the drums, listening to music, whitewater rafting, and poetry

Danielle Fishel
Full Name: Danielle Christine Fishel
Birthdate: May 5, 1981
Birthplace: Mesa, Arizona
Star Sign: Taurus
Height: 5' 5"
Birthstone: Emerald
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Parents: Rick and Jennifer Fishel
Siblings: Christopher Ryan Fishel
Fears: People jumping out at her
Best Friend: Her mom
Favorite BMW Episode: "Cory's Alternative Friends"
Favorite Candy: Starbursts and Skittles
Favorite Food: Cold pizza
Favorite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite Movie: The Full Monty
Favorite Stores: Bebe, Planet Funk, Nordstrom, and Contempo Casuals
Favorite Clothing: Shoes (she has hundreds of them)
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Teams: Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys
Pets: Chihuahua named Tyson, husky-Lab mix named Cassidy, and a rat named Dexter Doolittle
Hobbies: Shopping, reading, chatting online with her fans, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, and playing football with the boys

Will Friedle
Full Name: William Alan Xavier Friedle
Nick Name: Will
Birthdate: August 11, 1976
Birthplace: Hartford, Connecticut
Height: 5' 8"
Hair: Auburn Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Siblings: Gary and Greg Friedle
Best Friend: Jason Marsden
Fears: Republicans, the color purple, heights, narrow rooms, and dentists
Favorite Candy: Lion Bars
Favorite Book: Catcher in the Rye
Favorite Actor: Robert DeNiro
Favorite Actress: Sally Field
Favorite Shows: M*A*S*H, South Park, Boy Meets World
Favorite BMW Episode: "The Witches of Pennbrook"
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Clothing Brand: Armani Exchange
Favorite City: Amsterdam, Holland
Favorite Bands: Fleetwood Mac, Sugar, Husker Du
Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Trumpet
Pets: Cat named Cleopatra
Hobbies: Reading, writing, sleeping, golf, and air hockey

William Daniels
Full Name: William Daniels
Nick Name: Will
Birthdate: March 31, 1927
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Height: 5' 8"
Hair: Gray (formerly brown)
Eyes: Blue
Wife: Bonnie Bartlett
Sons: Robert and Michael Daniels
High School: The New York High School of Music and Art
College: Northwestern New York University
Mentor: Actor Howard Lindsay
Hobbies: Classical guitar, chess, tennis, reading, and cooking

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