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Leonardo: This is My fanfiction. This is what I have written.

Mika: They are masterpieces. Leonardo: No your not getting a raise so stop sucking up. (Mika sulks away) Alex:Please Send In Some Guest Work So We Can Open The Guest Work Section.

My work

Second Chance at True Love-Years has past since the death of King Patrick of Seyruun, Amelia's husband. Now, her son contracted the fatal illness that took her husband away. Will she find a cure. What this, only person who has a cure is some Hermit on the Seyruun Mountains. All is not what it seems.

Slayers' Vacation- It breaktime, and Lina has a plan.
Must I Say Good Bye- No, it not a songfic. The Shrine Maiden has return for Gourry's heart. Lina is force to endure for Gourry's sake. He looks happy with Sylphiel. Will Lina Inverse win Gourry's heart, or will she leave her friends and the man she loves forever.

Amelia's Wish- Amelia wish for Zelgadis's love. Will she get it.?
Love You Forever- Teaser Later
Amelia and The Chimera- Teaser Later
What If- The Slayer take a look at an alternate universe
Pluto's Son- A Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon Crossover with Ranma's as Pluto's reborn son.
Dragon Angel- My First Ranma/Many Crossover - Ranma has return home after traveling though different world and realities. How will his life turn out when he meets the Tendo for the first time.
Kumiko Ranma _ Ranma's Curse Form looks like the late Mrs Tendo.
To Love A Cabbit Girl - Ryoko is now dead. Ryo-oh-ki, with a new humanoid body, has left to make a new life in Nerima.
A New Start on Life - Ranma Masaki is about to met his father, Tenchi Masaki, side of the family.
Star Ocean : The Saotome Story - Ranma is sent to Expel to save it. When she comes back, she not the person she once was. Her choice of company is proof of that.
Ranma and Mishika - Teaser Later
Two of a Kind - Koga Saotome and Tenko Hibiki enter the town know at Nerima
Honor Restored - Ranma's get to save everyone's honor.
Skuld's Nightmare End - No matter who you are or what your station is, it means nothing in the end. The ones you love is what matters in the end young dreamer. To lose a love one is a nightmare come reality. To find a lost love one is happiness in one of it's truest forms.
Violation - A rapist is about. .
A New Love, A New Life - Ranma and Ryoga were married thought the violent actions of one Akane Tendo. Nothing will be the same again. (This is a Tenchi and Ranma Crossover.)
Why Me? - I, Leonardo B. Castro, Lord of Shadows, am cast into the Ranma 1/2 world as Ranma's twin brother.
The Strongest Warrior - Ranma raised by Goku.
Bell-chan Reborn - Belldandy and Keiichi are reborned.
Furry Family - Ranma and his wife adopt Were-cheetahs. Look out Nerima, the Saotomes are coming for a visit.
Knights of Hellsing - My new fic to debute my return to fanfiction(Jan. 2005). Hellsing Organization gets two more Knights. God save the Queen... and everyone else for that matter. Self Insert alert.

My First Guest Fanfiction Author's Works

Secret Unveiled By Amelia6- Xelloss tells why he follows Lina.

Midnight Blue By Amelia6- Never trust the Mazoku. Very Dark.
Secret Love-An Amelia and Zelgadis songfic by The great Amelia6. Thank you Ame-chan.
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