The Strongest Warrior

Written By the Leonardo B. Castro, Lord of Shadows

People who are mistreated and used are usually miserable individuals. They devote their lives to helping other people and it usually those who mistreated them.

What about if those individuals are given the lives they wanted. We shall look into the life of one Ranma Saotome. We shall give him the warrior’s life he wanted.

Story - Prologue

“Hadoken” Ryu shot Genma Saotome with a blue electric fireball. Genma flew back and slammed into a nearby tree. The boy wrapped in fish sausages and smeared in cat food fell right beside Ryu.

Genma got up and tried to jump kick but Ryu ax kicked him. Genma fell into a pit of starving cats. Ryu quick pulled off the fish sausages off the boy and tossed it into the pit. It landed on Genma.

Ryu picked up the boy and carried him away. Ryu couldn’t believe someone was crazy enough to teach anyone the Neko-Ken. What did that man called the boy? Ranma?

After several kidnap attempts made by Genma, Ryu decided to take care of the boy. Ranma had great potential in the Art. Ryu did not consider him self a master yet, but he could use a training partner.

When Ranma was at the age of eight, Ryu took Ranma to great master of the Art. They approached a dome shaped house. There was a man in a orange gi about to leave the house.

“Hey Goku.” Ryu called out. Goku turned to look at Ryu and Ranma. “Hey Ryu.” Goku called back. “What’s up.”

While the men talk, Chichi took her young Gohan and Ranma for a nice walk. Chichi looked at the dirty gi Ranma was wearing. The poor boy, must be hard living on the road, Chichi realized.

“Excuse me Ranma why did you and father come here.” Chichi asked. She heard of this Ryu. He was one of the best Street Fighter in the world. Ryu is also a wandering vagabond so not much is know about his life. So it easily to believe that this Ryu had a son.

“Ryu-papa, is not my real papa. My real papa try to feed me to some cats and I can’t see him anymore.” Ranma said. Ranma noticed that his companions were no longer walking side by side with him.

Gohan and Chichi fault face as Ranma paused for them to catch up with him.

“So Ryu. You want me to take up Ranma’s training.” Goku said. Goku heard about rumors of this kid. As then go, he was the unofficial Street Fighter Champion of the World.

Ryu nodded. “Be careful. Genma is still search for him. And I don’t think Bison will forget his defeat at the hands of a eight-year-old.” Ryu said.

“Okay, I’ll train him.” Goku said. Goku wondered about Ranma power level. It was unusually high for someone his age. Ranma was already stronger then him when Goku was at Ranma’s age. But not as fast, but stronger then him.

“Good. Ranma has mastered techniques from me, Ken, Guile, Chun Li, Fe Long, Bison, and Sagat. There is nothing the world’s Street Fighter circuit can teach him. He one of the world greatest now.” Ryu said.

“So Ryu wants you to stay with us.” Chichi said. Oh, two children. Chichi always wanted another son. Now she was going to get one. And this one Goku can train too. Chichi knew Goku would love that.

“Yes Miss Chichi. Ryu-papa said it to dangerous for me on the open road now and also Mister Goku suppose to be a great master in the Art” Ranma said.

“So, you can be my big brother.” Gohan said. Gohan wanted a brother. A little brother, but a big brother would do.

“Okay, little brother.” Ranma said to Gohan. Ranma smiled. He had a little brother. Now what did big brothers do with little brothers? Ranma pondered.

“I’ll be your mother and Goku can be your father. We’ll adopted you, okay.” Chichi said. Ranma’s face seemed to brighten with those words. Finally, he had a real family, a real home.

He would miss Ryu-papa, but he knew he was going to love staying with his new family.

A year later…

Ranma got run over by a huge truck while pushing one Ryoga Hibiki out of danger’s way. Ranma was dragged for five mile before the police stopped the truck driver for hit and run. Ranma was sent to the hospital and was dying of blood loss.

Ryoga Hibiki sat in the waiting room, stun. Here this boy had save his life and he didn’t know him. Ryoga only knew Ranma’s name because the nurse had told him.

I’ll protect you from now on, Ranma. You can always count on me, Ryoga silently vowed.

“Excuse Mister Goku. Ranma has a rare blood type. It seems that you have the right blood type. Would you follow me.” Doctor Mizuno said. She led Goku into the room.

She closed the door behind her and then a few moments later everyone in the heard Goku screams of terror coming from the room.

Anyone can visibly tell that Chichi and Gohan had tensed up. Then Dr. Mizuno left the room. “What happened in there.” Chichi asked. “I just hook your husband up to the machine. But I never saw anyone react to a needle like that before.” Dr. Mizuno said.

“Oh father.” Gohan said as he shook his in shame.

Five hours later, a nurse who was checking up on Ranma, had cursed loudly and screamed for Doctor Mizuno. Chichi, Goku, and Gohan had rushed in.

“Mister Goku. There seem to be a slight mutation in your son. He some how grew a tail.” Dr. Mizuno said in a confused toned. Chichi turned paled at the statement.

“Is that all. That’s no problem. I used to have a tail and Gohan has one.” Goku explained. Dr. Mizuno let out a sigh of relief. It was a family birth disorder.

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKIING ABOUT? RANMA IS ADOPTED.” Chichi screamed. Oh how could this be happening, how could this happen to her little Ranma, Chichi wondered. Chichi looked like she was going to explode.

“Excuse me. Did you say that Ranma is adopted.” Dr. Mizuno asked. Dr. Mizuno wasn’t sure, but the blood could be the cause.

“Yes, Ranma’s adopted.” Chichi answered. What does Ranma being adopted have to do with his recent problem, Chichi pondered as she tried to calm down.

“But your husband and son both have or had tails.” Dr. Mizuno asked Chichi. If I right, then this will be interesting research material.

“Yes they had tails since they were born.” Chichi replied. Wait, the doctor is not saying that…, Chichi left the thought wander. She started to glare at Goku.

“Then I think it is Mister Goku’s blood that caused the mutation.” Doctor Mizuno said. Then the good doctor and Gohan sweatdropped as they saw Chichi chasing Goku for giving their little Ranma a tail.

Before Ranma got out of the hospital, Ranma and Gohan had become good friends with Ryoga. Somehow Genma found Ranma in the hospital and dressed up as a nurse to snatch Ranma.

“Hey, you’re man in a female nurse uniform.” Ranma said. “Oh good. I thought that your nurse was the ugliest woman on earth.” Ryoga said. Genma grabbed Ranma and leapt out a nearby window.

Genma had almost touched the ground when something kept him floating in the air. Genma looked around to see what was holding him. There was nothing holding him other than the boy.

Genma looked at Ranma. Ranma was giving him the glare of death. Then Genma realized that Ranma was the one floating. He then realized that he was only a foot off the ground now. Then he heard knuckles cracking.

Genma looked behind him and saw Goku, Chichi, and little Ryoga glare at him. They cracked their knuckles and lunged at him. Genma was beaten like a piñata.

A year and eight months later…

Ranma led a small rebellion against an organization named Shadowlaw in the country of Shadowloo on the boarder of Thailand.

Each rebel, all two hundred of them, were armed with Ak-47 and some with grenade launchers. But the ones doing massive damage to Bison’s Twenty thousand men army was two ten-year-old boys.

Between Ryoga’s Hadoken attacks and Ranma’s Kamehameha Waves and Masenko blasts, Bison’s helicopters, jets, tanks, jeeps, few ships, and men were beaten mercilessly.

Guile, Ken, and Sakura were keeping the rebels alive. “Hey, have you seen Ryu and Chun Li.” Guile asked as he backhanded a soldier.

“No. I didn’t see where that bastard is holding Ryu and Chun Li.” Ken answered. Ken performed a hurricane kick that knock out several soldiers and he landed. A girl in a green bathing suit charged him from the side.

“Ken, enemy at four o’clock.” Sakura warned as she uppercut one of Bison’s troops. “Cannon Drill.” Cammy screamed as she when spinning kick towards Ken. Ken jumped back as the others lunged at Cammy.

He through a hurricane kick that connected three times and then continued with a knee to the gut and jump spinning reverse hook kick.

Then he threw a turning kick aimed at her face, but she block and dropped down and swept him off his feet. He rolled back and leapt to his feet in time to receive a back hand to the face.

Cammy was about to attack again but Sakura grabbed her from behind and tossed her head first into a wall. Sakura walked over to check if Cammy was conscious when the blond rolled up a delivered a hit solid punch into Sakura’s gut and knocked her out with a uppercut. She grabbed the unconscious girl intending to snap her neck when she was hit by Guile Razor Kick. Cammy when flying towards Ken.

Ken, not wasting time, sent Cammy to the land of dreams with a flaming Shoryuken.

Ryoga was looking for Ranma because they were separated after a battle with a mech. He entered a chamber and saw Chun Li. She was under Bison’s control. She charged up to Ryoga and unleashed a spinning bird kick. Ryoga small size helped him duck and roll away from Chun Li’s attack.

Ryoga returned with sweep but Chun Li leaped over it and returned with kick towards Ryoga’s head. Ryoga blocked and then return with the attack that Ranma just taught him.

“Shoryuken.” Ryoga screamed out as he preformed a perfect Rising Dragon Fist that connect with her chin. Chun Li stagger back then shook her head to clear it. Then she darted forward as Ryoga landed. She hit him with a hundred lightning kicks that landed all over Ryoga’s torso and head.

Ryoga slammed into the wall. His vision became blurry. He felt tire and wobbly. He wanted to lay down and sleep. Then he saw Chun Li going in for the kill.

Ryoga duck under Chun Li attack, threw a combo that that landed hits on her right knee cap, gut, chest, and head, and then he preformed hurricane kick that slammed into Chun Li’s head five times. Chun Li hit the floor hard.

Then Ryoga charged up his aura. He calmed and moved his arms in clock-wise motion, forming a large circle. Electricity started to gather around him. He cupped his bands together at his side and electric sphere formed between his hand.

Chun Li got up again stared at Ryoga. The world vanished from his eyes. The only thing in Ryoga’s world was the darkness, Chun Li, himself, and some multi – colored lines that streaking all over the place.

Then Ranma’s words came to him. Focus the mind, cleanse the spirit. Focus your intentions on your target. The lines will help you. When you understand, you’ll be able to do the Shinkuu Hadoken.

Great, the lines are a distraction. How am I going to hit her with if I can’t concentrate? Ryoga thought to himself.

Then he saw Chin Li running up to him. Everything was in slow motion. Then he saw something. Red lines were streaking from Chun Li and showing where she was going to move.

Those red lines were her intentions. Were his own intentions were the multi – colored lines. That was it. He focused and willed the lines at Chun Li. They were all shooting into her.

“Shinkuu Hadoken” Ryoga screamed as he brought his hands forward. A huge blue beam of light shot forward and slammed her into a wall and she was knocked unconscious.

Ryoga fell to his knees panting. He was tire. “Ranma, I am sorry I can’t protect you.” Ryoga mumbled before passing out.

Ranma was looking for Ryoga. Where can that Baka be? Ranma wondered. “Hadoken.” Someone screamed as an electrical fireball flew towards him. Ranma batted it away like if it was nothing. Then he saw his attacker. Ryu under Bison’s psycho power control. “Shinkuu Hadoken” Ryu shout. The blue beam of light flew towards Ranma. Ranma dodged out of the way and went into offensive stance.

“Sorry Ryu-papa.” Ranma said as he dashed forward and hit few of Ryu’s pressure points. Ryu struggle to stay awake. Ryu stumbled forward and threw a punch at Ranma. Ranma ducked under Ryu’s attack and Ranma counterattack. “Shoryuken.” Ranma cried as the rising dragon fist caught Ryu on the chin. Ryu slammed back first into the ground.

As Ranma started to land when Ryu rolled up from the ground leapt into the air and threw a kick aimed at Ranma’s head. Ranma caught Ryu’s foot and ax kick him. Ryu block and twisted to delivered a knee towards Ranma’s head. Ranma used his remain hand block.

Ranma let go of Ryu and scissors kick Ryu. Ryu flew into the wall. Ryu got up and went into fighting stance. Ranma shook his head. He should have known that Bison psycho control would make him resistance to sleeping pressure points. Ryu started to perform the Shinkuu Hadoken.

“KA” Ranma while in a sideward stance stuck his arms out with his wrist together and his fingers slightly curled make his hand look like a crescent. “ME” A blue orb of light shined between them. “HA” Ranma pulled back his cupped hands to his side. “ME” Ranma’s cupped hands now station behind him facing down. “HA” Ranma thrust his arms forward and palms facing Ryu.

The blue ball of light shot out as a beam towards Ryu. “Shinkuu Hadoken” Ryu shouted as he released his attack. Both beams hit, and now struggled for superiority. Ryu couldn’t strengthen the Shinkuu Hadoken, but Ranma could throw a little bit of more power into his Kamehameha.

Ranma glow a blue as he forced more energy into his attacks. Ryu was over powered and sent flying threw the wall. He failed to get up again. Ranma dropped to his knees. Was this how Papa felt when he took on the whole red ribbon army.

He took on a whole army. He used most of his energy on protecting the rebels and fighting off Bison army. He was spent. He could release amazing and destructive attacks, but he was not used to throwing them over the period of five hours non-stop.

Sweat pour from his brow. His muscles were tense and his legs were weak. He fought against blacking out. His breath came in short gasp with the occasion cough. Then he started to calm down and relaxed when he sensed a dark presence.

Ranma leapt and performed a razor kick. Bison dodged to his left and counter with a stomp. Ranma leapt up and kicked him in the chin. Bison head snapped back.

Bison looked down at Ranma from his position in the air and threw black energy bolts at him. Ranma managed to dodge and release a Hadoken. It hit Bison before he could teleport.

This stunned Bison for a moment, but it was enough for Ranma. Ranma leapt into the air hit Bison with a ten-hit-combo. He would have continued if Bison hadn’t block his eleventh attack and elbow Ranma in the gut and then the head, and then kick Ranma to the ground. Bison landed a few yards away with a smirk on his face.

“Good boy. Now prepare to serve me.” Bison said as he teleported in front of Ranma. “Never. I’ll sooner die than serve you psycho.” Ranma shouted his defiance “So be it.” Bison said and unleashed a black ball of electrical ki at Ranma. Ranma screamed as the ball hit him dead on. He flew into the wall. Ranma stood up as if nothing happened.

“Bison. Just Die. SUPER KAMEHAMEHA WAVE.” Ranma shout as he launched an upgraded Kamehameha at Bison. Bison performed the Psycho Crusher as tried to push his way through, but failed.

He was developed in the huge beam attack and melted away.

Ranma allowed himself to past out as he had just won the biggest

battle of his young fight. The indestructible Shadow Law toppled by two ten-year-old boys and Bison met destruct at the hands someone less than one-fourth his age.

The other Street Fighters found Ryoga and Ranma lying

unconscious in Bison’s Base. No trace of Bison was found.

A few months later…

Somewhere in the wilderness, Ranma managed to find Gohan. “So bookworm, how’s green fang man treating you.” Ranma asked. Green better been a nice kidnapper or his life ends now, Ranma grimly thought.

“Ranma,” Gohan screamed out, “how did you find me. How’s

mom.” Gohan looked around see if his mother was somewhere nearby.

“She just find squirt. Mom is okay and at home. I’m here to take you home bookworm.” Ranma said. Ranma flew closer to grab the boy.

“I can’t. Ranma, I’m training with Mr. Piccolo.” Gohan told

Ranma. Ranma rolled up his eyes and sigh in irritation.

“Piccolo? He’s not that tough.” Ranma said. Hell, Ranma fought Piccolo to a standstill twice. It was uncanny how he improved to catch up with Piccolo.

“Care to back those words.” An irritated voice said behind Ranma. To Piccolo, Ranma just seemed like another up start punk that gets lucky.

Ranma put his index and middle finger on his forehead. Sparks of energy flared to life at their tips. “Of course Piccolo.” Ranma said as he turned around to face Piccolo. Piccolo had sense the familiar ki build up.

Piccolo eyes widen when he saw the attack Ranma was using. “I only used that attack in front of you once.” Piccolo was dumbfounded. He knew Ranma had an uncanny way to learn attacks, but at this level.

“Once was enough.” Ranma smirked. Piccolo was slightly paled. Ranma’s face became serious again. “Special Beam Cannon.” Ranma screamed as he pointed his sparking fingers at Piccolo. A glow beam of light with a spiraling beam of light around it flew towards Piccolo.

Piccolo dodged out of the way last second and charged Ranma. The beam hit a mountain and the mountain exploded. Piccolo tried to kick Ranma but he phased out of the way.

He reappeared behind Piccolo. Piccolo sensed Ranma and tried to turn around but Ranma stomped on his back and sent him falling

towards earth. Ranma sped towards Piccolo. Piccolo spun around just in time to see Ranma’s fist connect with his face. Piccolo flew down even quicker as he looked at Ranma. Ranma was coming in for the kill.

Piccolo stopped in mid air and did a high front snap kick at connected with Ranma’s chin. Ranma’s advance was halted and his head snapped back. He lowered his head and face Piccolo whom was on the offensive.

“Damn you, that hurt.” Ranma said. They flew at each other again. Exchanging blow after blow at speed that caused them to vanished for a moment.

They tried to weave around each other’s attacks but they were hitting each other when they slowed down to attack. Gohan looked in awe when he watched his big brother Ranma exchange blow after blow with Piccolo.

After an hour of non-stop combat, Piccolo was sent hurling into a mountain. Ranma then powered up and unleashed of his own attacks. A tiny orange pea size orb appeared in his hand.

He causally tossed it at Piccolo. Piccolo in his part managed to look up to see a small ki-ball. His eyes widen when realize Ranma’s attack and try to fly away.

But instead, the orb hit the ground and unleashed an explosion that caught Piccolo. The explosion caused a huge crater, and in the crater, Piccolo lain defeated. Piccolo was barely conscious when he saw a slightly winded Ranma land in front of him. Ranma was about to finish him off when Ranma remember something.

“I win. You’re luckily that we need the Dragonballs to wish Papa back or I’ve killed you a long time ago.” Ranma said.


Ranma flew to the battlefield where his so call uncle Raditzs was in time to see Piccolo finish both his uncle and his father off. Ranma unleashed a howl of rage. One day, he’ll make Piccolo pay.

End Flashback

Ranma stomped on Piccolo’s gut as he pulled out a Sentsu bean from his belt pouch. Piccolo screamed in pain. Ranma shove the bean in Piccolo’s mouth.

Piccolo chewed the bean into a paste and swallowed it. Instantly, Piccolo was healed and fully recovered. Ranma got off Piccolo and sat on some near by tree stump.

Piccolo then got up and dusted his ruin clothes. “I’m taking Gohan back. He wasn’t,” Ranma said, as he looked towards Gohan, “ready for this training.”

“No, Ranma. It has to be done. He is one of the strongest on earth.” Piccolo told Ranma as he slowly walked up to Ranma. Ranma’s power level grew as his anger did.

“You lie.” Ranma accused. Piccolo must be lying. Ranma couldn’t believe that his little brother had to suffer like all the Z – Senshi had. Gohan could still have a normal life.

“He hurt Raditz badly,” Piccolo started to walk up to the former Saotome, “when your father and I could not. Within him, there is a power that no one can fathom.”

“He’s a child.” Ranma snapped. Ranma balled his fists. He was losing his temper already. “He’s a warrior. He is needed for the coming conflict,” Piccolo screamed back. “And if he dies, so be it. Better one death than a trillion.”

Ranma’s fist flew into Piccolo’s face. Ranma’s fist was lodged into Piccolo’s cheek. Ranma drew back his hand and turned away while Piccolo absently rubbed his cheek. Piccolo was about to strike back when he noticed Ranma blue aura turned green.

“I hate it when you’re right, green man. Okay, train him.” Ranma hovered off the ground. “But if he is hurt, I’ll hand you your head on a platter.”

Ranma took off at full speed to his home with tears in his eyes. Gohan saw this and curled up. He hoped his big brother with get better.

“Gohan. Training. Now.” Piccolo ordered Gohan. Gohan faced his sensei once more and went into defensive stance.

Ranma was home in an hour or so. He landed quietly in front of his home and tried to sneak inside. How was he going to tell mom that he failed to bring Gohan back.

“Hey Ranma. What are you doing in the Tendo’s Dojo.” Ryoga asked when Ranma entered the house. “Baka. This is Stone Town. In my home as well.” Ranma shook his head as he thought of Ryoga’s bad direction sense.

“So that why I can’t smell Mrs. Tendo’s cooking.” Ryoga said as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“Ranma, there you are. Have you found Gohan yet.” Chichi said as she entered the room. She was disappointed to only see Ranma and

Ryoga. Ranma let out a depressing sigh. How was he going to explain him leaving Gohan with the green monster?

That night, the house rocked with as an angry woman shouted and then was followed by the said woman crying about her lost child.


Ranma was coming into the battle late. He was in time to see Tien shoot everything he had in Nappa, but the evil monster was not affected at all.

“TEIN!” Ranma screamed. Tein was one of his best friends. This filthy creature was going to die. In his whole life, he always was late to the battle. Yamcha, Charsu, and now Tein were the price of his tardiness from battle.

But no longer. He was going to make an example of this pathetic bald jackass that no one will ever forget. Ranma was furious. Power poured into his being. He raised his power levels to max and launched himself at the evil giant.

“Nappa, behind you.” Vegeta screamed at Nappa. Nappa barely turned around before Ranma slammed him into the ground. Then Ranma hurled hundreds of small ki blast into Nappa.

Nappa was able to dodge and block them. Nappa shrouded by smoke, waited for it too clear to show Ranma that his attacks weren’t working. The smoke cleared, and Ranma was no longer in front of him. Nappa looked around and then saw Vegeta looking behind him.

Nappa turn around the see Ranma’s foot collided with his face. Then Nappa felt hundreds of blows rain down his body. Nappa’s whole body hurt.

Then he open his eyes and notice an orange pea size light coming at him. Somehow, Nappa knew this was bad, and he tried to dodge it, but his hand touched it and then he felt unbelievable pain before blacking out.

The other Z fighters watch in awe while Ranma was glowed red and beat on Nappa unconscious form. Nappa woke up and batted at Ranma. Ranma, consumed with rage continued his assault and took the blow.

Nappa had managed to get up and exchanged blows with Ranma. Nappa realized two things. One, one of his hands and the forearm that was connected with it was gone.

It was ironic because that what Nappa done to Tein. The second thing Nappa realized was that no matter how much damage he inflicted on Ranma, he didn’t let up.

Nappa was then hit into the ground hard. As he got up, He notice Ranma was flying away while two orange pea size ki ball flew at him.

Nappa could only scream as one impacted his head while the other hit his body.

Vegeta jumped back as the explosion occurred. He shielded his eyes from the brightness of the blast with his hands. When it was over, he looked at the crater. There was nothing but a crater to mark Nappa’s passing.

Piccolo gulped as Ranma and Vegeta faced each other. It seemed that Vegeta noticed Ranma was, or at least he believed he was, half-Saiyajin. Vegeta offered Ranma a partnership, but Ranma answer him with a ki-blast.

They flew at each other at speeds the other Z – Senshi couldn’t believe. They traded blow after blow. Ki blast matched each other and no one had the upper hand.

Vegeta tried a dirty trick and attack Gohan with an energy blast,

but Piccolo took the blast before Ranma could get there. Ranma angered by the lost of the Dragon Balls and the permanent death of his friends, and went ballistic.

For three minutes, Ranma tossed Vegeta around like a rag doll. Eventually, Ranma blow off all his extra power and the match degraded into what it had been before Piccolo’s passing.

Then, after a while, it seemed Ranma’s earlier battle with Nappa took it toll. Ranma started to weaken. Right before Vegeta knocked him out, he saw his adoptive father, Goku, landed right by Gohan.

Ranma woke up in the hospital. His adoptive father screams of terror as Doctor Mizuno and Doctor Liu walked nearer with a needle in one of their hands.

“Oh father…” Ranma muttered, embarrass of Goku's antics.


Ranma was training with Goku in the Capsule Corps. Space Ship. Ranma learnt the Keyoken and the basics of the Spirit Ball. Soon, Ranma was reaching his father’s level.

Due to the fact that Ranma was with him, Goku was able to make it to Hundred times earth normal Gravity sooner. While Goku still beat Ranma, Ranma could once again be consisted his adoptive father equal.

They always fought each other into the point where a single push, would sent them crashing, but somehow, Goku always manage to win every fight.

Goku was proud that Ranma was always at the same level as him. When they had landed on Namek, Ranma and Goku left the ship filled with confidence.

Unlike Goku, Ranma didn’t hide his power level. He flaunted it front of the battered Vegeta. Ranma took down one member of the Ginu Force with a simple backhand as his father tended to the injured. Then the two other members attacked him.

He paralyzed one with a sharp kick in the back and sent Chase flying back to Freeza’s ship by foot in the face. Ranma turned around to see Vegeta killing his down opponents.

Ranma really didn’t care as much as Goku did. He saw it as putting them out of their misery.

Ranma stood in front of the Eldest Namek. The Eldest Namek put his hand on Ranma’s head and declared him with a pure heart. Then a surge of power coursed through Ranma.

His hidden potential awaken, Ranma was at least one fourth

stronger than before.


Ranma stood in front of second form of Freeza. He could sense Piccolo coming, but right now, he would have to face this hideous monster.

Ranma charged the hideous beast. Freeza wasn’t expecting Ranma and was easily smashed into the floor. When the evil monster tried to get up, Ranma stomped him into the ground.

Freeza got up and tried to impale Ranma on his horns, but the pigtailed hero kick him in the face and then axe kick him on the shoulder blades. Then he punched Freeza in the face and side kick him in the gut.

He chopped Freeza on the neck and dropped him. Then he booted Freeza into the air and woke up the unconscious giant with a ki-blast.

“You filthy monkey. You think you are my equal. I’ll be dancing on your grave.” Freeza said as he transformed. The others cowered in fear, but Ranma looked unconcerned.

After Freeza was done, the others started to fall back. Freeza stood tall, knowing that his foes feared him. “Well monkey, now you well pay.” Freeza said in a demonic voice.

“Ha. I am not impressed.” Ranma said. He appeared in front of Freeza and punched him in the gut. Then a swift kick into face on the evil tyrant, and Freeza was air borne.


Ranma was over the fallen body of Dende. He didn’t know the little Namek well, but he was angered at the little Namek unjust murder. He saw that Vegeta started to battling Freeza, but Vegeta was losing badly.

Ranma wondered why Vegeta did something that stupid when he was clearly beating Freeza early only because he was stronger. Vegeta didn’t seem to understand that Ranma was more powerful.

Ranma saved Vegeta by slamming Freeza into the ground.


Goku needed time to gather enough energy for the Spirit Ball. Ranma and Piccolo were giving him that chance. Freeza couldn’t attack or counter without leaving himself to the other.

Freeza smashed Piccolo in the face and sent the Namek into the

ground. Then an orange pea-size ki-ball hit Freeza in the back. Freeza was sent hurling into the ground.

“Damn you, you stupid monkey.” Freeza said and then flew at Ranma only to be hit by Piccolo ki- blast. Freeza manage to deflect it, but suddenly, he saw Ranma’s fist in his face.

Freeza was once again hit into the ground.


Ranma was flying back to where he last sensed SSJ Goku and Freeza was battling. Freeza was waiting there, taunting him. Ranma lost it, and he charged Freeza. They exchanged blows. Surprisingly enough,

Ranma was winning in the beginning. Unfortunate, he eventually ran out of power. He was at the mercy of the power hungry Freeza. Then he saw SSJ Goku burst from the ground. He allowed himself to faint.

Ranma woke up to find Dende healing him. He was shock to be on earth again. Then he saw Vegeta and Gohan behind him. Ranma slammed Vegeta into the ground and made his orange ki ball in front of Vegeta’s face. Vegeta got the point and calm down.


Ranma was on Kami's Look Out. He felt that Freeza landing on Earth. Ranma flew towards the battle site. He had a plan and a new technique.

Ranma saw some purple hair boy speaking to Freeza. Ranma didn’t care. He trained hard and now he will teach Freeza a lesson.

Trunk was about to reveal that he was a SSJ, but then Ranma

came flying in. He just sat back and watched the show.

“KI BURN” Ranma shouted as he flew at Freeza. Ranma was

instantly covered in blue flame. He rained thousand of blows on Freeza before the evil monster realized that Ranma was there.

Freeza flew into the ship. “FREEZA, PREPARE TO DIE YOU

ASSHOLE.” Ranma said as he open the palm of his hand. Twenty or so orange pea-size spheres appeared, hovering over his hand. He thrust his palm towards Freeza and they flew at Freeza.

Freeza open his eyes just in time to be blasted into pieces. After the resulting blast, only a few metal pieces were the remains of Freeza. Ranma used the last of his energy to Super Kamehameha the pieces to dust.

Then Ranma notice King Cold walking up to him. The purple hair kid got in his way. That when Ranma passed out.


“I can’t believe I missed it.” Ranma growled to himself. He slept through the whole Future Boy Incident and his father landing on Earth.

Now he had three years to train so he could take on the androids. Ranma need to relive some stress. Also Chichi-mama was also complaining about not having enough money to buy a car, so that why Ranma was going to the World Strongest Competition.


Ranma just booted his last opponent out of the ring. Ranma thought that Mr. Satan was a complete loser and was amazed that the idiot made it to the Finals.

“You have it folks. Like his adoptive father before him, Ranma has just won title as the World Strongest.” The blond announcer said.

The crowd cheered. Chant his name loudly.


After a night of celebrating, which Goku and Ranma reduced the prize money by half, they return home. Waiting at the house was a


It was just sitting there at the front of their door, hold a sign which had Ranma’s name on it and a jug of water. Ranma separated from his new family walked to the panda.

Genma-panda let Ranma walk close to him. “Yeah, what do you want from me Mr. Panda.” Ranma asked. The panda seem too intelligent for his species.

Genma-panda splash water on Ranma. Now that the Boy’s a Girl, she’ll be too weak to escape from me, Genma-panda thought.

Ranma, thinking that this was an attack, punted the panda over the mountain. Ranma looked back his family and noticed that they were staring at him funny. Ranma looked down and saw that his wet shirt was clinging to his breasts.

Ranma shortly fainted afterwards.

Ranma woke to the face of his adoptive mother. “Mom I had a strange dream. That a panda turned me into a girl.”

Ranma noticed the frown on Chichi’s face and look down at himself to find out that he was a she.

Goku and Piccolo was sparring while Gohan was recovering. To Piccolo it was a normal day. Until he saw a female Ranma run out of Goku’s house while being chased by Chichi holding a pink frilly dress.

“What was that?” Piccolo asked. “You don’t want to know.” Goku said. This has to be the fifth time Chichi tried to get Ranma into that dress.


“BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” Vegeta laughed at Ranma’s problem. Ranma was getting angrier and angrier.

“You want to die Vegeta. Kept laughing it up and Bulma’s going to be widow.” Ranma said. Then she did what any man turn woman would do to Vegeta. A swift kick to the groin, and Vegeta was out of the rest of the conversation.

“Hey, watch it. I still use that.” Bulma said. Ranma wanted to vomit when she realized what Bulma meant. “That’s very sick Bulma.”

“Well, he knows how to use it well.” Bulma said. Ranma really didn’t want to hear this.

“Not listening. Just nod your head if there is a cure other than hot water.” Ranma said as she covered her ears. Bulma shook her head.

Ranma’s shoulder slump.


Ranma crackled madly as he watched Piccolo and Goku learning how to drive a hover car. He especially liked the part when they raced each other. The resulting crash had Ranma rolling on the ground.

Then Ranma stood up and stuck out his hand and Ryoga, who wasn’t finding this amusing, stuck some money into Ranma’s hand. Ranma pocketed it away.

“Told you that Piccolo would fail his test.” Ranma snickered.


“This is boring.” Ranma said as she sat, waiting for the killer androids to show up. The he remembered that Chichi-mama wanted to see him about his, 'How to be a Female' lessons.

Once again, Ranma hoped the androids would never show up, so he can miss his female lessons for his girl half. Ranma shuddered lightly as he thought of that damn dress that Chichi-mama put him in.

Ranma looked towards Ryoga, who was talking with Gohan. Ranma tried his best to train his friend to be stronger. Unfortunately, Ryoga was only at Krillin’s level.

He even taught him a stronger revised Destructo Disc. The multiple Disc one. But alas, Ryoga was still way below him in terms of power.

What Ryoga lack in power he made up in skill. Ryoga was one of the only person he knew that was one skilled in the art like him. Ryoga lasted a whole five minutes with Vegeta. Ryoga also like a tank, that even Yamcha lost to him.

Right now, Krillin and Ryoga were the strongest humans on earth. Ranma was brought out of thought as South City was rocked with explosions.

The Z Senshi flew into the South City. Ranma was only fifty yards from Yamcha went he felt Yamcha’s Ki level falling. Ranma immediate flew there to see what had happened. He saw Goku and the others facing an old man and a fat man, with the still form of Yamcha between them.

Ranma was about to attack when the old man unleashed his own attack. A good portion of South City was destroyed.

Ranma watched as Yamcha carried Goku away to take the heart medicine. Vegeta was gloating about his new powers. Well he was gloating until Ranma suddenly appeared beside him and punched his jaw.

“How dare you hit me. A SSJ.” Vegeta bellowed. “Who cares. I fought all out against my Papa in his SSJ form all the time. You think gold hair and crystal blue eyes will impress me.” Ranma snorted.

That when Android 19 attack. Of course, both Vegeta and Ranma were gone. Much to the amazement to everyone, Ranma and Vegeta started to fight each other. All of their miss hits landed on 19.

Eventually, a missed kick from Vegeta took off 19’s head. And then a stray energy blast from Ranma destroyed 19’s body.