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Leonardo: Hello people. Thank you for coming here. This Fic about Ranma getting a second chance to be with Akane in an alternate reality where the violent otemba is actually nice to him, and mean to Ryoga. Also Akane that violent tomboy tha-Urk (Gets smashed by Mika's mallet.)

Mika:You shall insult Akane no more. Alex: Ha. I knew you were a wannabe Tomboy Templar. Prepare to die, for I am a follower((not a member. A fan if you will)) of the Church of Ranko and Ryoga oh dark abusive one. Mika: Then it you who dies. (Heft mallets to attack.) Leonardo: (Gets of the ground)Quiet both of you. They're both abusive and dumb. One trying to kill Ranma, the other bashing Ranma. (Noticed that Mika and Alex are getting pissed off at him now for insulting their favorite couples.)Oh look at the time. I have a meeting with Kami-sama and LON. Bye. (Takes off.) Alex and Mika: WE'LL MAKE SURE YOU GET A ONE-WAY TICKET THERE. (Alex and Mika gives chase. The sounds of violence is heard from a distance.)

A New Start on Life

Chapter One

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