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Leonardo: Welcome to my Anime Fanfiction website. It will be filled with all kinds of stories, but for now, it mainly Slayer romance. Come on people. Send in some guest fanfiction. I could use the help. Now Mika here to tell you more while I go to work.

(Leonardo leaves to work and very frisk girl enters.) Mika: Hi. um, er, What the hell I was suppose to say. (A boy enters the scene) Alex: God, you patheic sis. This suppose to be how we tell them about er... I forget. (Mika shakes her head and lets out a depressing sigh.) Mika: Forget this and let go write a lemon. (Mika walks away.) Alex: Whatever you say. (Alex leaves) BIG SIGN IN THE BACK: PLEASE SEND GUEST FANFIC THROUGH VIA E-MAIL. THANK YOU FOR YOU TIME.(LEONARDO B. CASTRO)
Disclaimer: All character in the stories and on this page belong to their creators'. Well, I do own Leonardo and Alex and Mika are living people. If you count a She-male and an hentai as people.

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