Love You Forever Written By: Leonardo B. Castro Zelgadis looked at Amelia. She was tired. So were Lina and Gourry, who was ahead of him. They didn't want to talk because they knew how important it was that Zelgadis found a cure. It was midnight and they were going to Beecansin City. Once we get there, I let them rest, thought Zelgadis. Amelia fell down, to tired and hungry to walk. Thank to Lina and Gourry finishing the food before she got there, she had nothing to eat. Zelgadis pick her up and carried her in his arms. She was so tire. She was sleeping. Dreaming about her beloved Zelgadis. She looked stunning in the moonlight, thought Zelgadis. He continue to gaze at down at her face. A face of an angel and heart of one as well, thought Zelgadis. He carried her to Beecansin City. She stirred in his arms and she woke up. "Mr. Zelgadis, I am sorry to trouble you," said Amelia. They went to the nearest inn. Lina and Gourry went to check them in, while he took Amelia to the kitchen in search of something to feed her. Zelgadis saw the cook was cooking herself a snack. Zelgadis asked the woman to give Amelia some food. The cook, seeing Amelia in her weaken, agreed to give them both food. When the stew was done, she gave Zelgadis two bowl of it. Zelgadis took Amelia to his room. There he feed her. When she was strong enough to feed herself, Zelgadis started on his bowl of soup. She look so beautiful thought Zelgadis. Amelia noticed that Zelgadis was staring at her. She blushed. Zelgadis realize that he was staring at her and looked away. "Amelia, are you okay," asked Zelgadis. "Yes Mr. Zelgadis," replied Amelia. "Then I go and do some research at the library. You can stay here if you want," said Zelgadis. Then he left her alone. Why could I tell him that I weak thought Amelia? He walked through the city by himself. He wished he stayed with Amelia. All he wanted to do was make sure she was okay, and do things that was not exactly pure. Maybe after I am human again, I will tell her that I love her, thought Zelgadis. He wanted to tell her that he loved her now, but he knew that he might hurt. Zelgadis heard footsteps behind him. He quickly turned, he saw three people following him. One was a man in a cloak. The other was a man in blue robes. The last one was a man in full plate mail. "I am Mike. The man in the armor is Leech. And the man in the robes is Luther. Are you Zelgadis, grandson/great-grandson of Rezo, the red priest," said the man in the cloak. "Yes I am. What is your business with me," said Zelgadis. Then Leech charged Zelgadis. He pulled out his sword and struck Zelgadis. The sword broke. Zelgadis hit the man with a fireball and Leech burnt up like one. "He a chimera, our client never mention that," said Luther. "Luther, since I don't know magic, you take him on," said Mike. "Okay, Mike," said Luther. Zelgadis threw a fireball at him. Luther threw icicle lance at the fireball. They both cancel out each other. Luther than threw a fireball of his own at Zelgadis. He ducked under it and he charged at Luther. Zelgadis pulled out his sword and cut him in ran him through the heart. Luther slumped and fell down. He died before he hit the ground. "How dare you kill my friends, you die here Zelgadis," said Mike. "No villain," said Amelia. Zelgadis look up at a nearby roof, and saw Amelia striking a pose. Mike was looking at her too. "I, Amelia, Ally of Justice, demand you surrender. Repent your evil ways and turn away from your life of crime or I will smash you with the Hammer of Justice," said Amelia. "Shut up little girl," said Mike. "How dare you tell me to shut up," said Amelia. Amelia leapt off the roof and straight towards Mike. Mike try to strike her, but the attack came to fast. Amelia hit Mike on the head...with her head. Both were knocked out cold. Well I can go to the library tomorrow, thought Zelgadis. He picked her up and went back to her room in the inn. He stop in front of her door. "Amelia I love, but you have to stop be reckless," said Zelgadis to the knocked out Amelia. She opened her eyes. " You love me, Mr. Zelgadis," said Amelia. "What. You were out cold," said Zelgadis. "No, I was to embarrassed to look you in the face," said Amelia. "Well Amelia, now that you know how I feel about you, what are you going to do," asked Zelgadis. She leapt on to the floor. "I going to sleep," said Amelia. Zelgadis was shocked. She opened the door to her room and step in. Then she grab him and yanked him in. "Three hours from now and not alone," Amelia said. She kissed him and closed the door. Xellos phased in and pressed his ear against the door. "Amelia, I will love you forever," he heard Zelgadis say. Oh my, this is interesting, thought Xellos. I wonder how I going to use this relationship to annoy Zel, pondered Xellos. He heard kissing and clothes hit the floor. The End? Tell me your thought. E-mail me at