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asdfghrrtedgggtgfdfvfvfafffgf Dreams come true in this fascinating,exotic and colourful wonder that is Varanasi.The city with its myriad faces and paradoxes has the power to mystify and charm at every turn. Varanasi is a land blessed by the sun,painted golden with its rays,shimmering Ganga water and a warm glowing welcome from its simple people.

Hotel Temple On Ganges- Finest River Views

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This Web Page on Varanasi is made for you,the visitor and for you, the business person.This is database/ business portal of the city of Varanasi on the net to help you know where and how you can find the best while you are in VARANASI. Best way to make full use of the information on the site is to think for the product you are looking for ie. say Restaurants, then jump to alphabet R in the links. All links are categorised by the products alphabetically in this robust Varanasi Site.
Weather information/ Latest events regarding Varanasi is available by e-mail. Varanasi has been described as older than history. There are more than 2000 temples having their own myths surrounding their origin.All the 52 ghats along the holy river Ganges, spread in length of 4 Kilometers.

Personalised Feature: "Divya Jyoti in Varanasi.."
........................ Divya Jyoti Disabled Development Society:
"An Organization Dedicated"
Divya Jyoti was founded in July 1997 in the city of Varanasi by a group of committed volunteers in order to impart Special Education cum Vocational Training to the Medically Handicapped - with the following objectives:
1. To provide an opportunity for the Mentally Handicapped for their full participation in all the aspects of daily life.
2. To implement the appropriate Rehabilitation as well as tap Developmental Activities of Preparing them for a Vocation and Career.
3. To restore back the self respect and dignity to the Mentally Handicapped by enhancing their self care.
How can you help?:
We need your helping hands to reach out services to the Mentally Handicapped who are deprived of Social and Economical Status in the Society. "Kindly Extend your support by way of financial and material assistance." Please contact the Programme Director: Divya Jyoti Disabled Development Society, B-31/ 53-2, Sankat Mochan, Bhogabri Colony, Lanka, Varanasi- 221005, Uttar Pradesh, India. E-mail Nathan at: nathan_36@hotmail.com, nathan@varanasivisit.com
This VaranasiVisit.com site is mantained by:Rohit Sachdeva; MATRONIX- Software Development VARANASI/USA. If you are from Varanasi and want to include your Business in this Site, please email: rohit_sachdev@hotmail.com
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This site is regularly updated. You will see new additions gradually. So keep visiting until you are set to Visit Varanasi. Last Updated: Aug 29, 2001 . Latest Addition: Attraction in Gifts & Baby Items, Sheru and Ravi in Dhol-Wedding Drum Link,Mohammad Ali and Company in Embroidery Link,GNS Bearings, Bharat Auto Bearing Co., Neutral Bearings in Taper, Ball Roller Bearings.VaranasiVisit.com Site is proud to include more than 500 prestigious names in the Database. Please send us an email with name of the company in subject for further details. You can now actually buy using credit card from VaranasiVisit.com. To start with we have put a book on Spirituality in VaranasiVisit.com Online Store.


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