The most important is the Deshaswamedh Ghat. Constructed by Peshwa Balaji Rao, it is one of the most holy bathing ghats of Ganges. The name signifies ten(dash) horses(ashrams) by the kings.

The southern end has the Assi Ghat which leads to many Ghats, ending in the Adikashva Ghat in the north. Nearby is the Tulsi Ghat where Goswami Tulsidas lived till his death. The cremation (burning) ghat is the Harishchandra Ghat where dead bodies are built day and night. Another cremation ghat is the Mani Karnika Ghat which is very old. It is a belief that only lucky people die in Varanasi.

Scenes of Burning Pyres, singing of bhajans, giving of alms and giving rice to cows is a sight seen on the ghats.