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Kailash Nishad
Tabla Player and Teacher
...... Kailash Nishad: If you are really serious about Tabla, contact Kailash in this North Indian City of Benares(Varanasi). As a player, his career highlights include concerts and recordings in Germany, a special invitation performance(1996) for the Indian Consulate General in the United Arab Emirates and the 1998 World Music Festival in Vienna. His recordings have been done both in Audio Cassettes ("Ganga and Friends") and Cd's ("Flying East" & "Air is Spirit"). He holds Diploma of Music (1989) from Benares Hindu University and Masters in Tabla(1990) from Allahabad University. A very experienced teacher, he has taught several Indian and Western Tabla students who had deep interest for Indian Classical Music. Knows English well and so its easier to communicate while you learn. Address in Varanasi: b.30/ 250 A Nagwa. Phone: 315532. For information on Kailash, you may also contact : Karin Augustin (manager) in Germany Ph: 0049-171-673-9676 or Paul Watt(Tabla Student) in Melbourne Ph: 039598488. Email: Or, Jon Sterckx in England. Email:
Our Location:D-24/38,PANDEY GHAT, DASHASHWAMEDH ROAD.Next to the Main Ghat, near Kumiko Guest House. Phone:328074.This is mentioned in:Lonely Planet,Rough Guide,Japanese Guide. We give concerts twice a week every Mon.&Tues.(at 7p.m.) by well-known artists. You can also buy instrument of your choice from us. TRIVENI
Music Center
The Music School
...... We are on the Manikanika Ghat,the famous burning ghat of Varanasi. Situated on the ghat itself,we provide teaching facility for all kinds of classical instruments like Tabla,Bamboo,Santur etc.Every evening at 7.30p.m. live music concert is held.We also manufacture & repair instruments.CD's available.
Our Location: It is next to the Assi Ghat. Though started new, has picked up very well. You can buy all kinds of instruments. Besides teaching, concerts are held for you to enjoy the music. Ph: 314747. So you can start practicing, next to the Ganga water. MUSIC MELODY
...... Location: Near Shivala. Landmarks: Kinaram Baba Asthal, Agrawal Radio. Has teaching facility in all kinds of musical instruments including Tabla, Sitar, Flute. Headed by a very experienced man, its a nice place to learn music. Nearby places include Bread of Life Bakery, Matronix: Internet Available.
Location is at Shivala, in front of Ratnekar Park. The place is recommended ,specially if you would like to learn Tabla. All kinds of Musical Instruments like Sarangi, Sitar, Flute can also be learnt. Everyday musical concert is held at 7 P.M. Ph: 314749. Manufacturing and repair facility is available. MUMTAZ MUSICAL
Tabla Specialist
The School of Music
...... Location: Its on the Meerghat in the Ganpati Guest House Building. Therefore, if you are staying at the Ganpati Guest House, this will be next to your room. And the view! Wow, it is at a good height facing the Ganges. So, as you learn to play your instrument, you get the feeling of being one with nature. As if you are on an island of peace. CD's ar available. The good thing about it is they have excellent teachers that have their own music CD's made. Like Deodarh Mishra. Manufacturing and repair facility is also available. Music Concert Thrice in a week.
They specialise in the manufacturing and export of Quality Indian Musical Instruments like Sitar, Tabla , Tanpura and Dholak. They are the best if you need to purchase "Veena".Radhey Shyam or Ramlakhan can be directly contacted on phone no .358427. Their address is D52/73, Luxmi Kund, Luxa Road. Radhey Shyam Sharma
& Bros.