The Best ShopS

Ravi Studio: You want photos. You want at the most reasonalbe rates with the highest quality standards. You are the right place.... Ravi Studio offers 12 Coloured Photos for Rs. 15!! The Shop is more than 50 years old, so you can imagine its market reuptation in Varanasi.
Located on Lanka, its on your left hand side if you going towards Banares Hindu University. They have Beautiful Marriage Albums and Photo Frames too! One minute Passport Photo is available. They are also Dealers in Cameras for Konica, Kodak, Fuji, Canon, Pentax, Samsung and even Click. They also sell Photo Films for Konica, Kodak and Canon. Person to contact: Chandresh / Ravi Shankar Khandelwal. Tel: 366189 Email: Besides, the shop has Modi Xerox for PhotoCopies.

Globe Studio:We deal in all kinds of Job Work concerned with Photo Deveopment- like Oil Printing, Black and White Photo, Color Photo, Color Film Printing on Kodak, Konica and Fuji Paper. Also we SELL Colour and Slide Films.
Recently we have established Digital Computer Lab! Here Computer Effects are used in Photograph with Graphic Designing and Laser Printing.
Location is In the heart of Varanasi, 10 mts. on the road from Gowdalia to Chowk, next to Hotel Seema behind Baradeo Mandir. Exact Postal address: D-37/ 110, Baradeo Mandir. Phone: 352983, 359421. 50 mts. from Globe Studio are Golden Temple and the Main Ghat.