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Deepika Sachdeva:
Piano Player. Deepika excels in playing Hindi Music Songs (including Film Songs). With her talent, she has been able to give successful performances in USA. Originally from Varanasi, Deepika can be contacted in USA through email: deepikarohit@yahoo.com. She can help you to understand basic Piano questions in USA and learn about Hindi Music/ Culture for FREE!!! Children of NRI can contact for help.

Ajit Singh:
The eminent Sitarist from Varanasi can be seen, the performaces by him read at the Artist's Web Page at: www.angelfire.com/va/visitvaranasi/ajitsitar.html
Besides giving several concerts, Teaching Facility is available at his "Music Bhawan". Address: House No. 24 L-3, Ravindrapuri Extension, Varanasi-5 (U.P.), India. Phone: 310971. Fax: 312788. E-mail: ajitsitar@hotmail.com

Kailash Prasad :
Specialisation in Mughal Painting. This is quite natural for him as he belongs to the family of Mughal Painters. Address: Raj Mandir, Sheetla Ghat, Home No. K 20/ 266