Dhol-Drum from Varanasi/India, this clay drum is sometimes called a wedding drum,
and is used to put the Charasmatic Effect of Punjabi Music in Functions and Parties. It is specially enjoyed on Wedding Parties.Its like attending a Live Performance. The Recorded Music cannot match the Quality. People Dance to the Beat and the Drummer is a Highly skilled Player who can make changes in speed and loudness of the Beats continuously for 4-5 hours. Such skilled players who have Made a Name for themselves in the field of Dhol are SHERU and RAVI from PUNJAB, now settled in Varanasi. They charge humbly from 300 to 1500 Rs. depending on the Function Requirements and Length of time. To contact them for any of your functions, you have to visit them at their Shop in Varanasi located at Fatman Road- in front of Sigra Police Station. Area is Badshah Bagh.
So add the charasmatic effect to your Weddings, Ring Ceremonies, Birthdays................

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