Torch Bulb Order/ Query?

LIFE Industries

Address: 33/1 Kabir Nagar, Varanasi-5.
Details:Torch Bulb Manufacturer in Varanasi and successfully exporting to other countries? Suprised, but if you need to import torch bulbs get in touch with "Life Industries". The company is the first Torch Bulb Manufacturer in India since 1964. The company boasts of voluminous sales of KONICA BRAND torch bulbs in and outside India. Export areas covered include Burma, Thailand and African Countries like Ghana and Nigeria. The range of products manufactured include:
  • All types of Bulbs.
  • All types of Torches.
  • Stove Parts
  • Patromax Parts

Conact: By e-mail at: Mr.Kamak Kumar or Mr.Udit Kumar can be directly faxed at: 0091-542-315425 or talked on phone at: 0091-542-311164, 311165, 312364.