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........ Location:Is on the Dashashwamedh(or the main)Ghat next to Ganges.To be precise, its address is:D22/23,Hathi Pathak.All kinds of dishes are available i.e.Indian,Chinese, Japanese,French,Italian,English and Isreali! Its name has been so popular that this small restaurant warns you of being copied by saying:"We don't have any other branch"
........ Location: Lanka,on the left of the Main Road from Lanka to BHU. Excellent cooling effect for summers and a nice, warm place for winters. This restaurant serves primarily South Indian Dishes like Masala Dosa, Idly. Chilly Paneer with Plain rice is a favourite among many here. Chinese is also one of its specialities. If you are staying at Nagwa, Assi Ghat or studying at BHU, this restaurant should on your must visit list. See them directly at their website at: http://yecafe.web-page.net
........ Its address is:Lalita Cinema Compound,Bhelupura.They serve pizzas,american breakfast and typical Indian Punjabi dishes.Plus since it is next to movie hall,if you choose to see a Hindi movie you can take a burger from this place!
Burger King
Fast Food
........ Location: Cantt Area.This is best for taking Burgers (Veg, Cheese), Pizzas(Onion, Cheese), and Chinese. Besides, specialities include Pav- Bhaji(Bun with potato curry), Stuffed Paratha. Being a fast food corner, you don't have to wait much for any item.
........ Location: Is most strategic. It's right on Godowlia Crossing. And could be stated as one of the most popular among tourists. Get in for North and South Indian Meals. Serves Pure Vegetarian Food. Chinese Food is also available.
The Keshari
Khana Khazana
........ Location:on the main road that goes from Vijaya Cinema.It is right next to the movie hall.The proprietor takes special care to mantain hygine.Aqua Guard can be seen for water purification.Specialities include Soups, Chinese, Tandoori Chicken, Burgers.Open for Lunch and Dinner only.
........ Most Known for its South Indian Food and Pow Bhaji( Dish made from potato, tomato and served with buns). Pizza is also introduced. Address: It is on the Belupura Crossing.
Cakes & Bakes
........ Location:Jagatganj.This is one of the best Bakery places in the town. Specialities include Pastries, Biscuits, Cheese Straw, Bread (Brown also available), Buns and all kinds of Bakery items. Restaurant is expected to open in the near future. Also birthday/anniversary cakes can be bought here.
........ Location:Is on the Bhelupura crossing. As its name suggests, this is one of the busiest restaurants for South Indian food. Very economically priced it is the best one for Idli, Dosa. Also serves pizzas and burgers.
Kerala Cafe
........ Location:Is on the Goudalia crossing. The beauty of the restaurant has three basic reasons: Open Air, Much above the ground level, and a proper match of tiny lamps lit in the background. Has all varities of Indian and Chinese food.
........ Location:Jagatganj, its in Hotel Pradeep. See the restaurant at: http://www.angelfire.com/in/hotelpradeep/restdep.html That shows the air conditioned restaurant!
La- Be- La
Chinese Restaurant
........ Location:Lanka, Outside Benares Hindu University. Since 1968, this is a 100% Chinese Restaurant. Fully air-conditioned. Run by Mr. Liu, its acclaimed the best chinese cuisine in Northern India. Attatched is the best beauty parlour in the town- Pearl Beauty Parlour.
........ Location:Lalita Cinema,Bhelupura.Pure Vegetarian Restaurant with pizzas.Good for Breakfast.Mentioned in Lonely Planet,this is one of the oldest eating place in Varanasi.
........ Location:Sonarpura.This is on the main road next to the most popular crossing of Varanasi-Goudalia.Serves meal(Thali) and Breakfast.Pizzas, pan cakes and chinese is also available.
........ Location: On Sigra Croosing. This is for Indian veg. and non- veg. food. The restaurant has been built well, with expensive furniture and flooring.
Bread of Life
Bakery & Restaurant
........ Location:Is on the main road parallel to Shivala Ghat.From Gowdalia steps are you reach
Madanpura,Sonarpura & finally Shivala.Address:B-3/322.Specialities include Brown Bread,Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Crossaint,Apple Struddle,Chocolate Chip Cookies,Skilltet Breakfast,Pan Cakes. Opening Hrs:8a.m. to 8p.m.,Monday to Saturday
........ A new generation shop at Mahabirji Road, Sabji Mandi, Orderly Bazar. Items include Cake, Pastries, Patties, Various Types of Biscuits, Cookies and Breads. Mr. Surinder Lalwani can be contacted on phone for any special orders : 348706, 345961. Fax: 346868
The Host
Restaurant & Cafe
........ Location:Is 4, Gyanmandal Complex, Lanka on the main road to BHU. The restaurant specialises in South Indian food, Chinese food and Fast Food. Peaceful and calm location. Music is mostly put for a more relaxed feeling. Good lightining effect with colourful bulbs. Hot and soft drink also available. It's a new restaurant adored by most staying around Lanka and the famous University. Food is cooked in refined oil and is served hot.
........ Location: On Kamacha. Specialises in making of Cakes, Pastries, Paties, Cookies and Biscuits. It's good to know that Raja, the proprietor also exports Chess Boards and if you are looking for typical Indian style chess boards then this is the place to have Paties and buy Chess Board.
Raj Foods
........ This is the only place and the best one in Varanasi for refreshing pizzas. Moreover, the location is strategic as its right on the Assi Ghat. Take the breath taking view of Ganges, and relish the special pizzas, pan cakes. Nice garden restaurant gives a cool, soothing effect. Relax! at your best. So, Pizzas in Varanasi? Yes, only at Pizzeria Vaatika Café. Mr. Gopal the proprietor, can be contacted on Phone at 315189/ 313208.
........ An ex- service man enterprise, Anamika is situated next to Saajan Movie Hall. The restaurant boosts of the only place in Varanasi for Milk Made Kulfi(Very Delicious, Indian Version of an Ice Cream). The Food served is South Indian and Punjabi Dishes. Coffee and Cold Drinks are available.