Paan- The Splendour of Tambula:

Piper betel, Paan, and the areca nut, popularly called as tambula, is symbolic of a civilised life in North India, particularly Varanasi. This 8000 years old chewing habit is best described in these words:" It lightens up the countenance...relieves hunger, stimulates the organs of digestion, disinfects the breath and strengthens up the teeth..." Tambula is by no means unaesthetic or unsanitary as some westeners believe. In Asia, it has stood for beauty, grace and good taste. In addition, it has figured prominently in Indian weddings.
Banarasi leaves are the most favoured. Worth a try! Especially when you are in Varanasi.

Kuber Tambul Bhandar: The proud owner of this Pan shop has one of the largest selling Pan shops in the town. Mr.Dilip, the owner, is the first Panwallah from Varanasi to be on the Internet. You can try a Pan at his shop at Bhelupura and even at Goudalia.

Baiju Bhaiya Tambul Bhandar: Running from last 30 years, this shop located in the center of the city at Mahmoorganj has its own charm. The Paan leaf used here is sweet and lets you actually get the taste of tradional Banarasi Paan. The rich of Benares can be seen many times stopping their cars to take Baiju Bhaiya's Paan. Sister concern at Sigra named Kishan Lal Tambul Bhandar is also gaining popularity.