Sweets- The Aroma; The Tasty Buds Treat:

Sweets(Mithai) are the taste of Varanasi. You have sweet shops in every corner of the city. Reasons are many: These are used as offerings to Hindu Gods; Taken as the best sweedish after food; Offered in all Indian weddings; Celebrations of your success must include them and a variety of good readons. Sweets naturally use sugar. But the real essence comes of how it is used and with what material. Say: Take "Rasgulaa". Its made from Milk("Paneer") mainly. Then "Gulabjamun" that uses "maida". You must taste these when you are in Varanasi. Treat yourself with the city's speciality.

Annakoot Sweets: First Air Conditioned Sweet Shop in Varanasi. Their speciality is not just making a wide range of Bengali Sweets, but that they get manufactured by efficient, experienced Bengali Workers. Varanasi's newly opened Sweet Shop has a Microwave for serving the Rajasthani "Kachori" hot to you. Drink Corner is also provided.In effect, an exclusive top- quality Varanasi Sweet Shop.And if this was not enough- They take Marriage Party Orders! In bulk quantity, they mantain quality and execute orders in minimum time. So take their address: Rathyathra Marg, Varanasi. Phone: 0091-542- 223989. And email them at: annakoot@varanasivisit.com for any enquiry on Sweet Products.

Ksheer Sagar: Location:Sonarpura. One of the oldest and best sweet selling shops in Varanasi, it is always crowded with people. Specialises in "Rasgula" that besides plain white, are added with orange flavour. Ph: 324119.Have a look!
Jaljog Sweets:
This is right there at Godowlia Crossing, the heart of Varanasi. It Specialises in Rubri, Curd and all kinds of Bengali Sweets.Besides, it is famous for Puri & "Kachodee", made from Wheat, Potato a very delicious dish. Interestingly, there are 5 people heading the shop, since it is very old. Namely, Shri Shyamal Kr. Laha, Tarak Kr. Laha, Gastak Kr. Laha,Uttam Kr. Laha and Alok Kr. Laha!

Vaishali Sweets: Newly opened, but performing very well next to the Benares Hindu University. Their Speciality is called by their Shop's Name itself as "Vaishali Special", a unique tasty one made from "Rabri, Malai and Chena". Besides all kinds of Bengali Sweets, Salty "Namkeen" and Few Bakery Items like "Vegetable Puff, Rolls, Cakes" are available.