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Yoga Training Centre
Situated at the Meer Ghat, this is one of the most popular training centers in the old city next to Golden Temple. Sunil Kumar - the person who runs the show, can be seen in action on his Web Pagewww.angelfire.com/ga/yogasunil. Speaks fluent English and has attained command on almost all postures of yoga.Fees: 50Rs. per hour.

Patanjal Yoga Institute
Its right on the famous Burning Ghat(Manikarnika Ghat).Training for all forms of yoga is provided at 50Rs. per hour.Owner is Arun Singh,Instructor is R.R.Jha.


Rakesh Yogi has taught thousands of students from all over the world in last 15 years. He has done his M.A.,B.Ed, Dip. in Yoga from the famous Baneres Hindu University. Further he completed his Teacher's Certificate Course in Yoga from the world renowned research yoga training centre "Kaivalyadham", Poona.Also has done extensive field work for Research in Yoga and Health,I.C.M.R. Projewct on Rural Healthe, B.H.U. and has been ex yoga instructor Yog Sadhana Kendra, B.H.U. Rakesh Yogi personally takes classes in Yoga for Body Fitness and Mental Peace (Shanti).Rakesh excels in :
  • Demonstration of Shatkarma (Six Types of Yoga Purification)
  • Asana of Demonstration (Postures)
  • Power of Pranayam Demonstration
  • Yoga Therapy

He can be reached by email at: rakeshyogi@yahoo.com or can be phoned at: 0091-542-315098, 315097 Fax: 314606, 348008.Address: Ashram B-4/35, Hanuman Ghat, Varanasi-1.

Gurudham (Yoga) Mandir
Lane3,Gurudham DurgaKund.This temple is the architectural philosophy of the Supreme Yoga of Patanjali. Experience DIVINE HELP for Physical Health, Mental Health, Education, Welfare, Fulfilling Life & Spiritual Upliftment. At SSS GURUKUL & THE BANARES YOGA CLUB (of SSS Family), through ancient Gurukul systems learn: Yoga, Meditation, Culture, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Classical Music & Dance, etc. CONSULT Dr.Ganga Prasad for Yoga, Hindu Massage, Accupressure, Ayurveda, Nature Cure, Astrology, Spiritual Guidance, Pilgrim Tours to Holy Places.For more details click www.angelfire.com/ga/gangaprasad. E-mail Contact: gangaprasad@mailexcite.com

Vagyoga: Kundalini Meditation
Spiritual Healing and Esoteric Teaching; A unique Tantric way to enlighten inner power. Purifying physical and psychic channels through a few special Hathyogic postures and different techniques of breathing: PRANAYAMA devotees enter to the energetic channel. After other Tantric techniques and with help of Acharya Vagish Guruji's Shaklipata power meditating under third eye channels they cross the mental body and find celestial vibration. By listening a few Mantras devotees enlighten Bindu and superconsciousness 'Shiva Shakti' in Sahasrara Chakram to have peaceful, creative and better life free from physical and mental diseases. Address: B.3/131A, Shivala. Phone: 311706. Fax:314615. Further see the Web Page at www.angelfire.com/in/vagyoga to understand Vagyoga and the courses offered. E-mail: vagyoga@hotmail.com