Video Cottage: Leading Video Store in Varanasi, selling and renting Video Cassettes and Video CD's for all latest and old English and Hindi Movies. And they have Memberships as well! So, here goes the rates:
Video Cassettes
Normal rate is Rs. 10 per cassette per day. To become a member, you need to deposit Rs. 1000 only. This is refundable. That allows you to view at half the price- 5 Rs. per day per cassette.
Video Cd's (see on your computers)
Non refundable fees of Rs. 500 that has to be paid. For deposit of Rs. 3000, you get Video CD at Rs. 10 per day. For Rs. 1500, Rate is Rs. 15 per day and for Rs. 700 it is Rs. 20 per day.

For Delivery, please call us at: 393463 and you can talk to Mr. Baroth for any specific Movie. Delivery charge is Rs.5 per movie.
Location is at Kamacha, Varanasi.