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London Transport
Country Area Routes 490–499

South of the Thames

Last updated 29-08-06.

Route 490 ran between Gravesend (Clock Tower) and Ash (White Swan) via Southfleet, New Barn, Longfield, Hartley, Church Road and New Ash Green.



Route 490A ran between Gravesend (Clock Tower) and Ash (White Swan) via Southfleet, New Barn, Longfield, Hartley and New Ash Green.

Route 491 fare card
Route 491 timetable from 1980.

Route 491 ran daily between Lower Belvedere or Belvedere Station and Dartford via Northumberland Heath, Barnehurst, Perry Street and Crayford, and was extended Monday to Saturday to Horton Kirby (Westminster Mills) via Wilmington and Sutton-at-Hone in parallel with route 467.

The number on this “E” plate had been officially painted over at some point, possibly so that the plate could be used for a different route.

A card fare table for routes 491 and 467. Route 491 is printed on one side and route 467 on the reverse. These fares charts were displayed behind a glass panel at the rear of the lower saloon by the bench seat next to the staircase. This one is of the larger size designed for RT and RF type busses and is a bit grubby and creased from use. It is dated 1968.



Route 492 was renumbered from route 467, and ran from Horton Kirby (Westminster Mills) to Sidcup Station via Sutton-at-Hone, Wilmington, Dartford, Crayford, Bexley, North Cray and Foots Cray. The renumbering was to save the drivers from changing two number blinds when the buses switched between routes 491 and 467 on vehicles that had three-track number blinds.

Route 492 timetable
Route 492 timetable from 1980.

Route 494 ran between Oxted and East Grinstead via Tandridge, Lingfield and Felcourt.



Route 495 ran daily between Northfleet and Christianfield Estate via Waterdales, Perry Street and Gravesend (Clock Tower). By 1969 the 495 had been diverted from Christianfield Estate to Kings Farm Estate.

Route 496 ran daily between Northfleet and Kings Farm Estate via Perry Street and Gravesend (Clock Tower).



Route 498 was a local service in Gravesend and ran from Gravesend (Clock Tower) to either Coldharbour Estate or to Northfleet (Plough) via Painters Ash Estate. It was for many years operated by Routemasters.

Route 499 was a Kent local route in Dartford, running daily between Joyce Green Hospital and Downs Estate via Temple Hill Estate, Dartford and Fleet Estate. It was operated from Dartford garage [DT] by RT double-deckers for many years. Variously serving Bow Arrow Lane (1963) and Joyce Green Hospital (1969), the route (by now extended to Gravesend) finally succumbed to rationalisation in 2005.

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