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London Transport
Country Area Routes 345–349

North of the Thames

Last updated 18-08-06.

Route 346 in the ’60s ran from Garston Garage and Kingswood via North Watford, Watford and Bushey to Oxhey Estate. In later years as the ’state grew larger, the route ran as a circular at the Oxhey Estate end with buses going the other way ’round the loop numbered 346A.



Route 346A ran daily between Garston Garage and Oxhey Estate (Heysham Drive) via Kingswood, North Watford, Harebreaks, Watford and Bushey. In latter years it became a circular service running in the reverse direction to the 346.

Route 346B was a circular route in both directions running Monday to Friday rush hours from Carpenders Park Station via Hayling Road, Sandy Lane and Prestwick Road, back to Carpenders Park Station.

This “E” plate is hand-painted onto sheet aluminum, hence the slight irregularities in the lettering.



Route 346C provided just a couple of school-day journeys for Queens Schools in Watford, running between North Watford (Maytree Crescent) and Bushey & Oxhey Station.

Route 347 ran daily between Uxbridge Station and Garston Garage via Denham, Harefield, Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood, Oxhey, Bushey and Watford. It was extended on Mondays to Saturdays to Hemel Hempstead (Bus Station) via Abbots Langley, Bedmond and Leverstock Green. In Oxhey it ran via Hampermill Lane.

A more detailed history of route 347 can be found in Kenneth Warren’s book, The Motorbus in London Country (Ian Allan, 1984; ISBN 0 7110 1360 8).



Route 347A provided an identical service to the 347 between Uxbridge Station and Garston Garage, except that in Oxhey it served the Oxhey Estate.

Route 348 ran between St. Leonards or Buckland Common and Chesham Broadway via Braziers End House and Bellingdon, with some journeys extended to Tring via Hawridge, Cholesbury, Champneys and Wiggington.



Route 348 became a relatively infrequent circular service from Chesham via Chartridge, Swan Bottom, Lee Common, Ballinger and Hyde Heath back to Chesham. At Chesham Broadway buses would run in both directions, so the “VIA CHARTRIDGE” plate was for the stop for buses running clockwise, and “VIA HYDE HEATH” was for the anticlockwise journeys.

These “E” plates are unique as they would have appeared only on the one bus stop.

Route 348A ran between Chesham (Pond Park Estate) and Tring Garage via Bellingdon, Chesham, Hawridge, Cholesbury, Champneys and Wiggington.

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