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London Transport
Country Area Routes 470–479

South of the Thames

Last updated 29-08-06.


Route 470 ran from Dorking to Warlingham Park Hospital or Farleigh via Boxhill, Leatherhead, Epsom, Ewell, Cheam, Sutton, Wallington, Beddington, Croydon, Sanderstead, Warlingham and Chelsham.

Route 473 provided just a few—mainly rush hour—journeys between Dormansland (Plough) and Manor Royal via Dormans, East Grinstead, Kingscote, Turners Hill, Rowfant, Three Bridges and Crawley.

The “SPECIAL JOURNEYS” plate is obviously a very old one, possibly from just a single bus stop, and is probably a very rare example for this route.



Route 474 ran in the Addlestone area to Botleys Park (St. Peter’s Hospital). A later version of the route ran in Crawley between the Industrial Area and Langley Green.

Route 474A ran during Monday to Friday rush hours between the Crawley Industrial Area and Broadfield via Fleming Way, Manor Royal and Gossops Green. It was one of a number of routes taken over from Southdown Motor Services in the 1970s.



Route 475 provided a works service in the late ’50s on Mondays to Fridays from Crayford Ness via Slade Green, Perry Street and Barnehurst, then to Belvedere (Crabtree Manorway) or to Lower Belvedere. The route had disappeared by the mid-sixties.

In the early ’70s, a number of routes in the Crawley area were taken over from Southdown, and their route 75 became the new route 475 under London Country running between Crawley (Bus Station) and Handcross via Pease Pottage.

This “E” plate could have come from either route, but most likely from the more recent one.

Route 476 ran between Tilgate (Canterbury Road) and Ifield (Parade) via Crawley Bus Station, County Oak and Langley Green.



Route 476A was a local service in Crawley and ran during Monday to Friday peak hours between Ifield Parade and Pound Hill via Langley Green, Manor Royal and Three Bridges.

Route 478 ran between Wrotham (The Square) and Swanley Station via West Kingsdown and Farningham. This route disappeared in the ’60s and the number 478 was reused in the Crawley area in the ’70s for a service running between Pound Hill and Broadfields via Three Bridges, Crawley Town Centre and Southgate.



Route 479 was a circular route running between Crawley (Bus Station) and Gossops Green via Buckswood Drive and Ifield Avenue. It replaced Southdown Motor Services’ route 79 soon after London Country took over from London Transport.

Route 479A was a circular route running between Crawley (Bus Station) and Gossops Green via Ifield Avenue and Buckswood Drive. It replaced Southdown route 79A soon after London Country took over from London Transport.

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