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London Transport
Country Area Routes 390–394

North of the Thames

Last updated 28-02-06.

The 390 was a lengthy route that ran on Mondays to Saturdays between Sawbridgeworth to Stevenage via High Wych, Gilston, Harlow, Great Parndon, Roydon, St. Margaret’s, Ware, Hertford, Hertford North, Waterford, Stapleford, Watton, Bragbury End, Aston and Broadwater. The journey took one via Harlow, Roydon, Stanstead Abbotts, Ware, Hertford and then on the direct road to Stevenage via Stapleford and Watton-at-Stone. However, just as it reached the outskirts of Stevenage the bus turned left at Bragbury End and did a big detour up a very narrow lane to serve the village of Aston before retracing its tracks to get back on the main road to the town centre. On Sundays there was for a time two separate services—one between Sawbridgeworth and Harlow, and the other between Hertford and Stevenage. The 390 now runs only between Hertford and Stevenage direct, with additional short journeys operated from Sevenage to Aston only.

390 390


Route 391A was a local service in St. Albans that ran Mondays to Saturdays between Hill End Hospital and New Greens Estate via The Camp Hotel, City Station and the town centre.

Route 392 was the original Stevenage Town Service and ran on Mondays to Saturdays between Stevenage (Bus Station) and the Railway Station via Popple Way. It was later replaced by the 800 series of routes as the new town expanded, and the number was re-used in the ’70s for the renumbering of the 393A, which ran between Welwyn Garden City and Harlow Bus Station.


393 393 FARE STAGE

Route 393 was one of the first routes to serve the fledgling Harlow New Town. The route started in 1949 using Leyland Cubs from Epping Garage [EP] running hourly between Harlow and Hoddesdon. The Cubs were replaced by new GS buses in December 1953. The 393 underwent considerable change at its Harlow end as the New Town developed during the 1950s. It ran daily between Welwyn Garden City and Harlow (Bus Station) via Cole Green, Hertingfordbury, Hertford, Hertford Heath, Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Lea Side, Tylers Cross, Great Parndon and Northbrook. One-man-operated RFs took over in October 1957, with the allocation moving to Harlow [HA] when that garage opened in May 1963. The route operated through the London Country years, using SNB class Leyland Nationals in the 1970s, but with the main service now the 392, the 393 had been reduced to only one bus a day by 2005.

Route 393A ran Mondays to Saturdays between Welwyn Garden City Station and Harlow (Bus Station) via Cole Green, Hertingfordbury, Hertford, Hertford Heath, Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Nazeing Gate, Nazeingwood Common, Tylers Cross, Great Parndon and Northbrook. It ran less often that the main daily 393 service that ran via Lea Side instead of Nazeing. In the ’70s the 393A was renumbered 392 when the “A” suffixes were replaced in favour of three-digit route numbers.



Route 394 ran between Great Missenden Station and Chesham Moor via South Heath, Ballinger, Lee Common, Chartridge and Chesham. I believe this is a particularly old plate with the much larger style of numbers, and the weathering shows that the route hardly changed right through to the 1970s, so it is likely to date from the earlier days of “E” plates on the route,

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