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London Transport
Country Area Routes 325–329

North of the Thames

Last updated 28-08-06.

Route 325 ran daily in the St. Albans area, between New Green Estate and Cottonmill Estate.



Route 326 was a local service in High Wycombe and ran daily between Micklefield Estate and Mill End Road via Wycombe Marsh, Bowerdean Cross Roads and High Wycombe, with a couple of early journeys extended to Sands. It is not an easy route for which to find “E” plates, and being a “FARE STAGE” plate is particularly interesting.

Route 327 ran daily between Hertford (Bus Station) and Nazeingwood Common via Ware, St. Margarets, Rye House, Hoddesdon, Broxbourne and Nazeing.

“Keith” writes: “I know the very bus stop this ‘E’ plate came from! It was in Old Highway, Rye Park, Hoddesdon. There were two stops both on the 310A and 327 routes. The second of the two was the termination point and stand for the 310A and thus the fare stage for that route. The preceding stop was the fare stage for the 327, but it was only about 200 yards from the 310A terminus stop and was not a fare stage for the 310A, hence the plate. I used the 327 every day to go to college and knew just about every stop on the route. All the other stops were either a fare stage for all routes on the same road and carried a black disc with the words ‘FARE STAGE’, or were stops where the 327 was the only route and there was no need for ‘E’ plates.
“You may also remember that the 327 was the last route on London Transport to use pre-war RTs. There was a weak bridge at Broxbourne and the post-war RTs were heavier. LT had eight* red pre-war RTs painted into Lincoln green and a full set of blinds made—including roof box numbers—just for the 327 to Nazeing Common.”

*Actually, there were only seven: RTs 36, 62, 79, 93, 114, 128 and 137. The eighth bus—RT 133—was a Hertford Garage staff bus that was never repainted and was only used twice as a substitute, thereby gaining the distinction of being the last red pre-war RT to run in passenger service. Ken Glazier , LB50.

RT 128 Gleaming in a fresh coat of Lincoln green paint, pre-war RT 128 [FXT 303] stands in front of Hertford Garage, ready to depart for Nazeing Gate.
D.A. Jones photo; LT3362

I cannot find any special journeys on the 374 in my 1965 timetable, so the split “E” plate could date from a different era, but it may have come from a bus stop in the Aveley area.
Route 328 NBC leaflet

Route 328 ran between Bulphan (Church) and Aveley (Usk Road) via Orsett, Grays Corner, Woodside Estate, Socketts Heath, Grays, North Stifford and Belhus. Some journeys ran on from Aveley during rush hours via Wennington to Rainham (Memorial). A very few journeys (just three per day, Mondays to Saturdays) served Bulphan, and most of the service terminated at Orsett.

Route 374 ran between Uplands Estate and Linford (Butts Lane) via Stonehouse Corner, West Thurrock, Grays, Chadwell St. Mary, West Tilbury, Low Street Station and East Tilbury. On Mondays to Saturdays it was extended from Uplands Estate to Aveley (Tunnel Garage).

According to the 1965 timetable route 328A provided a few rush hour journeys on Mondays to Saturdays between Purfleet Station and Bulphan (Church) via East Purfleet, Stonehouse Corner, Aveley, Belhus, North Stifford, Grays, Socketts Heath, Woodside Estate, Grays Corner and Orsett. By 1973 when it was renumbered 329, the route had been revised to run between Purfleet and Stifford Clays via Aveley, Belhus, Grays, and Socketts Heath.



According to the 1965 timetable, route 328B provided a service at factory break times on Mondays to Fridays and some Saturday and Sunday journeys between Purfleet Station and South Ockendon (Ockendon Station) via East Purfleet, Stonehouse Corner, Aveley and Stifford Road.

Route 329 ran in the Country area on Mondays and Wednesdays to Saturdays between Hertford and Nup End via Hertford North, Bramfield, Bulls Green, Datchworth Green, Woolmer Green, Knebworth and Old Knebworth. On Tuesdays there was just one return journey between Hertford and Kenbworth. The route was one of the first to be withdrawn by London Country, and the number was reused in 1973 for the renumbering of the 328A which ran between Stifford Clays and Purfleet via Socketts Heath, Grays, Belhus and Aveley.

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