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London Transport
Central Area Routes 130–139

Last updated 08-08-06.

Route 130A map

Route 130A was introduced in 1954, running daily between New Addington (Salcot Crescent) and Croydon (Park Lane) via Addington and Shirley, extended on Mondays to Saturdays to Thornton Heath (High Street) via Thornton Heath Pond. The Sunday service was extended to Thornton Heath (High Street) in 1956. The Monday to Friday service was withdrawn in 1964. The Sunday service was rerouted in New Addington in 1967 and renumbered 130C leaving the route on Saturdays only. The Sunday service was restored in 1970, but the entire route was withdrawn in 1978.

This “E” plate dates from either the years 1964 to 1967 or 1970 to 1978, when the 130A ran only on the weekend.


Note the the left “E” plate has periods after the words “MON” and “FRI”, but the right one does not.

Route 130B was introduced in 1964 running on Mondays to Fridays between New Addington (Vulcan Way) and West Croydon (Bus Station) via Addington and Shirley, extended during peak hours to Thornton Heath (High Street) via Waddon, Purley Way and Thornton Heath Pond. The journeys to Vulcan Way became peak hours only in 1970, with buses terminating at Salcot Crescent at other times. A Saturday and Sunday service was introduced in 1975 between New Addinton (Salcot Crescent) and West Croydon. The route was withdrawn in 1987.

Route 131 ran daily between Kingston (Bus Station) and Walton-on-Thames (Manor Road) via Hampton Court, East Molesey, West Molesey and Walton Road. In 1961 it was extended on Sundays to Hersham Station via Bowes Road, Ambleside Avenue and Rydens Road. In 1962 it was extended from Kingston to Wimbledon Station via Norbiton, New Malden and Raynes Park replacing trolleybus route 604. In 1964 it was extended on Sundays from Wimbledon to Clapham Common (Old Town) via South Wimbledon, Tooting Broadway and Balham, but this Sunday extension was cut back after a few months. In 1966 the Sunday service was withdrawn and replaced by route 155. In 1971 the 131 was withdrawn between West Molesey and Walton-on-Thames and replaced by new route 211. In 1973 the 131 was reintroduced on Sundays between West Molesey and Clapham Common, with early morning journeys extended to the Victoria Embankment loop via Stockwell, Kennington, and then Westminster or Blackfriars. In 1984 the early morning journeys were rerouted at Kennington to Aldwych via Elephant & Castle, Westminster Bridge Road and Waterloo. In 1986 the Sunday service was withdrawn between Clapham Common and Aldwych, and also between Hampton Court and West Molesey. In 1987 it was transferred to London & Country under the LRT tendering system, and later moved to Westlink. In 1994 it was withdrawn between Kingston and West Molesey and replaced by new route 411. It is now operated by London United.

These Sunday “E” plates could date from the 1960s when there were Sunday workings to Clapham and Hersham and the route was in the hands of RTs and then RMs, or possibly from the 1970s when the Sunday service to Clapham and Victoria Embankment was introduced, operated by DMSs.


Route 132 was originally a circular service from Eltham (Well Hall Station) via Blackfen, Blendon, Danson Road, Crook Log, Bexleyheath, Gravel Hill, Bourne Road and Bexley then back to Eltham running in both directions around the loop. Buses also ran to Bexley Hospital on Sunday afternoons. In 1959 it ceased being a circular route and ran from Eltham to Bexleyheath Garage, extended on Mondays to Fridays and Saturday mornings to Erith. In 1964 it was extended at all times on Mondays to Saturdays from Erith to Woolwich (Parsons Hill) via Belvedere, Abbey Wood and Plumstead, and further extended during Monday to Friday peak hours to Woolwich Road (Victoria Way). In 1970 it was withdrawn between Bexleyheath and Woolwich, and diverted instead on Mondays to Fridays to Slade Green Station via Colyers Lane. In 1975 the Saturday service was extended from Bexleyheath to Slade Green. In 1979 it once again became a circular service as above from Eltham via Bexleyheath and Bexley back to Eltham. In 1988 the circular operation ceased once again and the route ran from Eltham Station to Bexleyheath (Market Place) via Blackfen, Blendon and Bexley. Upon tendering, the route was operated by Boroline Maidstone, Kentish Bus, Harris Bus and is now operated by East Thames Buses.

The first plate is rather old, as the term “WEEKDAY” was the earlier wording generally used to mean Monday to Saturday. It became ambiguous as more people no longer had to work on Saturdays, and “Weekday” could also have been taken to mean Monday to Friday, which was why London Transport later spelt out the days as either “MON-FRI” or “MON-SAT”. The second “E” plate could have only come from one of a couple of bus stops between Woolwich and Victoria Way, between 1964 and 1970, and is thus rather unusual.

133Route 133 ran from South Croydon (Red Deer) to Liverpool Street (Finsbury Circus) via Croydon, West Croydon, Whitehorse Road, Thornton Heath High Street, Melfort Road, Streatham, Brixton, Kennington, Elephant & Castle, Borough, London Bridge, Monument, Bank and Moorgate. In 1954 it was withdrawn in South Croydon between the bus garage and the Red Deer. In 1958 it was extended on Sundays from Moorgate to Hendon Central Station via City Road, Islington, Highbury, Holloway, Archway, East Finchley, Finchley and The Burroughs, replacing the 43 and 143 on this day. In 1964 it was withdrawn on Mondays to Fridays between Thornton Heath (Clock Tower) and South Croydon and replaced by new route 133A. In 1966 it was extended during Monday to Friday rush hours from Thornton Heath to South Croydon. In 1968 it was extended all day on Mondays to Fridays from Thornton Heath to Croydon (Katharine Street), and withdrawn between Croydon and South Croydon, running there only at weekends. Later in 1968 it was withdrawn between Archway Station and Hendon Central and replaced by the introduction of the 143 on Sundays. In 1969 it was cut back to Liverpool Street on Sundays, and also withdrawn between Thornton Heath (High Street) and South Croydon on Sundays. In 1971 it was revised to run daily between Liverpool Street and Streatham Garage. In 1984 the Streatham terminus was changed to Streatham High Road (Green Lane). In 1985 it was diverted at Streatham to run to Tooting Broadway via Southcroft Road. In 2003 it was withdrawn between Streatham (St. Leonard’s Church) and Tooting Broadway and replaced by new route 333.

This is one of the very early post-war plates without the black lines at the top and bottom. These plates were fitted into the older flat bus stop flags which also had horizontal cross bars and thus the top and bottom edges were hidden. However, they required a great deal of dismantling to change the “E” plates and hence the modern style was devised with the black top and bottom edging which could simply be dropped into the runners.


Route 134 ran daily between Pimlico (Dolphin Square) and Potters Bar (The Avenue) via Victoria, Westminster, Trafalgar Square, Tottenham Court Road, Camden Town, Kentish Town, Tufnell Park, Archway, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Friern Barnet, Barnet Church and Hadley Highstone. In 1955 it was extended in Potters Bar to the station. In 1958 it was withdrawn between Victoria and Pimlico during the off-peak on Mondays to Fridays, and also between Potters Bar Garage and Potters Bar Station on Sundays. In 1969 it was withdrawn between Victoria and Pimlico on Saturdays and Sundays. In 1970 it was withdrawn between Warren Street Station and Pimlico following the opening of the Victoria Line. In 1975 it was extended to Tottenham Court Road Station. In 1983 it was withdrawn between Barnet Church and Potters Bar. In 1989 it was withdrawn between Friern Barnet and Barnet Church. In 1990 it was extended on Mondays to Saturdays from Friern Barnet to North Finchley, and the Sunday service was similarly extended in 1998.

Route 135A was introduced in 1962 between Forty Hill and Brimsdown Station via Baker Street, Lancaster Road, Chase Side, Enfield Town, Southbury Road, Ponders End and Green Street. Peak hour journeys were extended to the Lockfield Avenue Industrial Estate, and this was the reason for the “A” suffix, as the main 135 route ran daily between Forty Hill and Brimsdown Station, with journeys to the Power Station. From 1971 both routes were rerouted to Carterhatch instead of Forty Hill, and use of the 135A number finally ceased in 1977.



Route 136 was introduced in 1966 running on Mondays to Fridays only between South Harrow Station and Harrow MET Station via Roxeth Hill, London Road, High Street and Peterborough Hill, serving new roads, and operated by just a single RF. In 1969 it was extended from Harrow via Headstone Road, Harrow View, Courtenay Avenue and Long Elmes to Harrow Weald Garage, and also introduced on Saturdays between Harrow and Harrow Weald, by now using two vehicles. The Saturday service reached South Harrow in 1971. In 1979 it was rerouted in Harrow Weald via Boxtree Road instead of Long Elmes. In 1985 it was extended during Monday to Friday peak hours to Northwick Park Station via College Avenue, Belmont Circle and Kenton Lane replacing route 209. In 1987 it was withdrawn between Harrow Bus Station and South Harrow, and reduced to peak hours only, and withdrawn completely in 1991.

Today’s 136—introduced after the use of enamel “E” plates had ceased—runs daily between Peckham and Grove Park.

Route 137 ran daily between Crystal Palace and Oxford Circus via Leigham Court Road, Streatham Hill Station, Kings Avenue, Clapham Common, Chelsea Bridge, Sloane Square, Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner and Marble Arch. It was extended on Mondays to Fridays and Saturday mornings to Archway Station via Great Portland Street, Warren Street, Camden Town, Kentish Town and Tufnell Park. In 1970 the Saturday afternoon service was extended from Oxford Circus to Archway. In 1987 it was withdrawn between Oxford Circus and Archway. In 1991 it was withdrawn between Streatham Hill and Crystal Palace, and withdrawn completely during evenings and on Sundays at which times it was replaced by route 137A. In 1998 it was reintroduced at all times replacing the Clapham Common to Oxford Circus section of the 137A.



Route 138 was introduced in 1940 and ran daily between Coney Hall and Bromley North Station via Hayes, Pickhurst Lane, Westmoreland Road and Bromley South. In 1954 it was extended on Saturdays and Sundays from Bromley North to Grove Park Station via Burnt Ash Lane, but this extension was reduced to just Saturday afternoons in 1956, and withdrawn completely in 1958, along with the entire Sunday service. The route was withdrawn in 1989 and replaced by an extension of route B1. The number was resurrected in 1990 for a new service between Catford Bridge Station and Coney Hall via Downham, Downham Way, Bromley North, Bromley South and much of the old 138 route.

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