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London Transport
Country Area Routes 304–309

North of the Thames

Last updated 21-08-06.

Route 304 ran between Radlett (special journeys), St. Albans and Whitwell (Post Office) via Sandridge, Wheathampstead, Gustardwood, Blackmore End and Kimpton. Some journeys were extended to Hitchin (St. Mary’s Square) via St. Paul’s Walden, Chapelfoot and St. Ippolytts. In later years the service ran to Hitchin most of the time.

This “E” plate is notable for being a “SPECIAL JOURNEYS ONLY” plate which means it would have been produced for a stop along a less-frequently-served section of route (in this case, to Radlett).



Route 305 ran from Uxbridge Station to High Wycombe following a pretty route through Denham, Gerrards Cross, Chalfont St. Peter, Chalfont St. Giles, Seer Green, Beaconsfield, Holtspur, Loudwater Turn and Wycombe Marsh.

The second “E” plate originated from Amersham Garage, but is believed to have been at the Uxbridge Underground terminus.

Route 305A ran between Uxbridge Station and Horn Hill via Denham, Gerrards Cross, Chalfont St. Peter and Chalfont Common. Like so many of the country area routes, it was an early casualty around the time that London Country took over.

As can be seen, there is some damage to enamel of the second “E” plate which was re-used on route 727, as a vinyl “727” is affixed to rear of it.

305A 305A

306 -306A

Route 306 ran between New Barnet Station and Leavesden (Ganders Ash) via Barnet, Arkley, Borehamwood, Elstree, Bushey Heath, Bushey and Watford. During rush hours some journeys ran to Leavesden Works instead of Ganders Ash. The Sunday service ran only between Borehamwood and Leavesden. On Mondays to Fridays just one or two northbound morning journeys were diverted to serve Little Bushey instead of Bushey Heath and were numbered 306A. The 306A was a very rare route to see, and no doubt a split “E” plate containing the number is equally rare.

Route 307 ran on Mondays to Saturdays between Hemel Hempstead Station and Harpenden (Masefield Road) via Moor End, Hemel Hempstead Town Centre, Cupid Green, Lybury Lane and Redbourn.

307 307 FARE STAGE


Route 309 was a relatively infrequent route between Chorleywood and Harefield via Herongate Lane, Mill End, Rickmansworth, Woodcock Hill and Shrubs Corner. Over the years the route hardly changed at all which accounts for the weathering, and this plate is exceptionally old.

My guess is that this plate came from Rickmansworth Station where the one-way roads meant buses ran in both directions past certain stops. This is no doubt a rare “E” plate for this rural route, as there would have been few plates at other stops, especially destinated ones.

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