Welcome to Harold's HomePage
Fall '99 Techprep 
 My name is Harold Fraser. I am a senior and my major is Marketing. This homepage will represent my personality. I am a funny, sarcastic, smart person. I get along well with others. 

Table of Contents:
Project I: College Search
1. My College Essay
2. What is it like to do college search in the internet?
3. My recomendation of the best two colleges.
4.My Favorite College Search Links
Project II:
"The Allegory of the Cave" by Plato
Project III:Oedipus
ProjectIV: Antigone
ProjectV: The Jungle
Timeline on work ethic
ProjectVI:Writing About New York
Project VII:Macbeth
Project VIII: Things Fall Apart
Project IX: SAT Prep
College Essay
My Resume

My Favorite Links