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Welcome to my Tupperware page! This page is designed to share information, tips, and ideas for running a Tupperware business! Most of what you'll find has been shared with me by other great consultants. I hope you find what you're looking for, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me!

**Please Note**
Most of the documents will open using Microsoft Word. Some also use Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel.

Some of the documents may be slightly out of date, since I have not had time to edit them (I did not create them myself). You will want to proof-read and change according to your needs.

Dating Party Games Recruiting
Dating Tips
100 Ways to Date a Party
Over 100 Ways to Get Datings
Hostess Flyer
Dating Conversations That Work
Dating - A "How To" Guide
Theme Parties
Double Host Parties
Scroll Party
SoupRBowl Party
Instant Party
Sports Party

BINGO Party Information
BINGO Cards 1 & 2
BINGO Cards 3 & 4
BINGO Cards 5 & 6
BINGO Cards 7 & 8
BINGO Cards 9 & 10
BINGO Cards 11 & 12

I have created 2 sets of 200 BINGO cards each (one with free space and one without).
The file is too large to put on here or to email, but for $4 I can ship them to you on CD.
Email me if you are interested or want more info.
Sample of My Bingo Cards

Party Games
200 Party Games
Tupperware Party Games

Dream of a Job
Recruiting Tips
Recruiting Mini Closes
Flat Out Recruiting
Flat Out Recruiting Invitation
Benefits of Host vs. Consultant
Who Do You Know?
Overcome Recruiting Objections
Fundraisers Recipes Other
Fundraiser Flyer
Fundraiser Procedure
Quick Shake Recipes
Rock 'N Serve Cookbook
10 New Tricks to Networking
40 Guests in 4 Minutes
Customer Information Card
Double-Host Parties
Party Summaries (Excel)
Citrus Peeler Uses
Smidget Uses
Frequent Buyer Card
Tupperware Opportunity For Brides
Tupper Bucks
Tiny Treasures Descriptions - thanks to Dorthe!

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