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About Mr. Wonderful:

You have encountered the home page of the secretive celebrity christened by his sycophants as Mr Wonderful. Mr Wonderful is delighted as he listens to voice-mails left by United States Senator's aides, Washington D.C. Representatives of note, MW Circa 2009 wearing autographed 2600 shirt bill collectors, dating services and even Maricopa County's own "Toughest Sheriff in the West," Joe Arpaio, because they all read what MW writes. Even if, under the cover of darkness, I must slip my missives beneath the crumbling, black rubber blade of their sun-rotted windshield wiper's. Mr.Wonderful's writings have seen print in The Phoenix Gazette, The Arizona Republic, and The Wall Street Journal . . .

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04/28/2011 MW's Daily Fotos Four or five times a week, if I'm not incarcerated or in a self induced stupor, this is where I will post a few of the handful of digital photos I take every day. 850, 950, even 1050 pixel-wide photos of the world seen through the eyes of Mr.Wonderful
Original Photo Pages Awesome photos seen nowhere else because I took them. Be amazed by Turtle Boy,futuristic car designs by Bryan Nesbitt (designer of the PT Cruiser, HHR & Pontiac Solstice), Sedona, Arizona circa 1962, house fires, boxing Barbies, a huge summertime Haboob, and much, much, more.
6/13/2010 MW's Interesting Books Looking for a book you might want to read but don't know where to start?  Try MW's Interesting Books: where I display mini-synopses of many of the works I've recently come across.
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03/1/2011 (Sidebar Update)

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Recent Buys
& Bedstand Books

of Mr. Wonderful
If you wish to become as erudite, learned and almost as handsome as the one and only (since 1999) Mr. Wonderful, a good starting point would be to read what I read. Visit the Books on Mr.Wonderful's Bedstand page to begin to understand why I am right all of the time. Yes, these are the books on my nightstand just east of my bed or, since my handgun safe takes up so much space, on the shelf at work.
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MW's Review of Books
A Review of Books I've Read, including:

  Kazan The Master Director Discusses His Films  McTeague: A Story of San Francisco  The Outlaw Sea: A World of Freedom, Chaos & Crime  Footfall (Larry Niven)  Va-Va-Voom: Red Hot Lesbian Erotica  Beyond Sleep (Willem Frederik Hermans)  Slim's Table: Race, Respectability & Masculinity  Blogging for Dummies (Brad Hill)  Growing Up Sad: Childhood Depression & Its Treatment  and my full page exposé of Rhonda Byrne's The Secret


Mr. Wonderful's
Movie Reviews
Reviews of movies I have seen often accompanied by a link to a trailer. Mine is the honest opinion of someone who can tell you the truth about what I saw. What I loved. What I hated. And what I feel I've wasted precious drinking-time watching.
02/16/2007 MW's Review of Audio Books Save time, save money, because here I review audio books I have recently heard. I also suggest whether you might enjoy listening also.
03/20/2008 MW's Compilation of
The "Best Book" Lists
Tired of searching for lists of "Top 100" books and being disappointed? I've sorted through billions of lists and came up with these. All for free.
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Talks Politics
A no-holds-barred look at world-wide and national politics. Liberals, Conservatives, Moderates, everyone is skewered at some point. Expect to read about me shot through the forehead in a hold-up of a Starbucks where the cash register remains untouched and not one customer witnessed the murder.
01/19/2007 Archives by Date:
of Mr.Wonderful Talks Politics
Archives of MW Politics Pages available by a range of dates all the back to 1999
02/28/2008 Archives by Subject:
of Mr.Wonderful Talks Politics
Index to hundreds of my past Politics columns listed by Subject and Heading dating back to 1999
11/26/2005 Mr.Wonderful
Talks Taxes
Mr.Wonderful lists a few of the dozens of taxes, both visible and invisible, that the various U.S. governments burden their naive citizen's with.
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Explains Current Events
Where I pontificate about international, national and local happenings. From putting string on an edger to movie reviews. From exposing advertiser's as lying cads, to a confrontation with Mike Tyson on a motorcycle.
01/17/2007 Archives of:
Current Events
Archives of the hundreds
of Mr.Wonderful 'Current Events' columns dating back to July of 1999
11/30/05 Mr.Wonderful Talks
Politics & Current Events
These incredibly well written pages are where I expound on subjects of particular interest to residents of The Grand Canyon State. Things such as effing photo-radar, ASU students filming porn movies on campus, Scottsdale police arresting harmless Polo® clad teens for curfew violations and how William Jefferson Clinton shot a round of golf in North Scottsdale with no mention by the 'legitimate' news media.
11/15/01 Archives of Arizona
Politics & Current Events
Archived Arizona pages dating back to July 1st, 2000
E x p o s e s
A d v e r t i s i n g
Where MW exposes newspaper, radio, broadcast and cable advertising as littered with half truths, less-than-truths and sometimes just bald faced, attorney vetted lies. Lies that so many hard working, honest American's, presume to be factual, simply because they do not understand, that until challenged in a court of law, advertiser's feel justified in making virtually any claim for their product or service. What is their justification? . . . sales. This is why your MW is a failed salesman. I have this old fashioned thing about telling the truth. The whole truth. This is the column that I believe will finally move me into the 100,000 unique hits range and catapult me into riches. (That could have been a half truth or a bald faced lie, I'm not sure how to categorize it.)
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Now on WordPress

Doctor Hammurabi Malamud

The heart-broken sap known as Doctor Hammurabi Malamud writes on WordPress about lost love, men versus women, power, status, employment and romance at his consecrated and reserved table at the Café at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in north, north, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The date shown will be the date it was posted to the blog, not the actual date written.

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Doctor Hammurabi Malamud The heart-broken sap known as Doctor Hammarabi Malamud writes about lost love, men and women, power, status and romance from his chair at Starbucks® or Borders® or the Cafe at Barnes and Noble or wherever he can sit a few minutes before being discovered by management and tossed out.
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Dr. Malamud's Prescription Dr. Malamud's on and off again affair with anti-depressants & alcohol & sleeping pills & diet