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Dated: 12/28/2003
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About Mr.Wonderful

You have encountered the home page of the secretive celebrity christened by his sycophants as Mr.Wonderful. Mr.Wonderful is not surprised as he listens to voice mails left by United States Senator's aides, Washington D.C. Representatives of note and Maricopa County's own "Toughest Sheriff in the West", Joe Arpaio, because they all read what MW writes. Even if, under the cover of darkness, I must slip my missives beneath the crumbling, black rubber blade of their sun-rotted windshield wiper's. Mr.Wonderful's writings have seen print in The Phoenix Gazette, The Arizona Republic, and The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Wonderful was labeled "sleazy", by the I'll-show-you-how-to-hack-but-don't-you-ever-do-this, wink-wink-Editor of 2600 Magazine, The Hacker Quarterly in his year 2000, Fall issue. Mr. Wonderful enjoys reading more non-fiction titles each year than most American's read in a decade. Mr. Wonderful is in regular contact with some of the wealthiest, wisest and most powerful individuals in the world, and doesn't mind that his e-mails to these mover's and shakers are rarely acknowledged in any way, shape, means, form or method. Mr.Wonderful is an evangelical Christian, right-wing conservative Republican, pro-gun, anti-abortion, "la migra" loving, photo-radar hating, local radio talk-show favorite, Feynman fanatic, thespian, State Farm Insurance 'Safe-Driver' and ofttimes prevaricator of the preposterous. As he has been doing continuously and without personal profit, since July of 1999, Mr. Wonderful, through the prism of logic, brutal honesty, and just plain "right thinking" (complete with sometimes original photos) will clearly refract the one truth for the unconscious masses on subjects as diverse as the creation of the universe to replacing the nylon string on a Weedeater, and everything in between.