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Oh-no it's morning that means a new crossword puzzle went up. Apparently the library faerie keeps forgetting to have her morning coffee and can't think straight.

Well at least she knows someone will help her. Since you (probably) don't know as much about neopets as you would like to know (I know this because you are here right now) a few neofanatics wrote this guide to the Faerie Crossword Puzzle.

There is a new one everyday, that means you can get a prize everyday!

The faster you are the better the prize. SO HURRY! READ THE ANSWERS. If I get the days answer I will post them directly at the top of this page. If I don't you will have to search for them. They are all in alphabetical order to make it easier.

Good luck. CLICK HERE to play the game.

7/2/01 answers:

across: 2 aisha 4 six 5 rainbow 7 thuggo 9 growl 10 packs 11 sea 13 lupurus 14 cofl down: 1 koi 3 hourglass 4 strong 6 water 8 awl 12 all

_____ 4000; Makes your pet a slippery target: grundox
_____ -A-Victim: phone
_____ -force 5000; reinforced steel helmet: proto
_____ Battle 2000; Space Arena Battledome League: grundo
_____ Bingo: chia
_____ Blaster: goo
_____ Cabbage; fresh from the patch: green
_____ Catacombs: ancient
_____ Catcher; Lodger: tiger
_____ Catcher; finished second in Sacrificers: tiger
_____ Canyon; Guild Neighbourhood: coral
_____ Chicken: Tangy poultry dish makes pets happy: orange
_____ Chocomato: Regular wild
_____ Classics; Book: kougra
_____ Dread: dom
_____ ; Enter the Chia; Whaa!: brucechia
_____ Eyeballs: pickled
_____ Elixir heals your pet 15 hit points: puce
_____ Fever Paintbrush: disco
_____ Gauntlet; Formidable weapon: grarrl
_____ Grenade; crack your foes up, then get away: laugh
_____ Gummy Rat: almost
_____ Headquarters: guild
_____ Heart seal: lion
_____ Ice Cream; Gross: mustard
_____ in a box: tent
_____ Indiana; Video: eyrie
_____ Little; Video: scorch
_____ Lupe League; Battledome League: lone
_____ Lupes; Book:loyal
_____ Meatballs; vegetarian treat goes w/ pasta : meatless
_____ Mints; so strong, you might lose a tooth: zoba
_____ O Lara; Ski Lodge star of "My Fair Poogle": scarlet
_____ of korbat; too leathery for some tastes: wing
_____ of Eyeballs: jar
_____ of Flamebolt: wand
_____ of Ham: joint
_____ of Hot Borovan: cup
_____ Pack; Fires a beam of darkness: bat
_____ Pango; Retrieved a Volcano Crystal: tshimba
_____ Pool: rainbow
_____ Pop; frozen treat: chia
_____ Shield; very effective against fire weapons: ice
_____ Slush; includes gooseberries & ganboplant: holiday
_____ Solitaire: poogle
_____ Spotlight: pet
_____ Seed; mean plant keeps bugs under control: bad
_____ Starfish; baby Kois love this Aquatic Food: lime
_____ Supplement: iron
_____ Surprise: pizapple
_____ Tea (very relaxing): mint
_____ Teeth; frightful gnashers will terrify foes: fake
_____ Visor: seek
_____ Wish Stick: cherry

A big rasher of _____ bacon: danish
A clammy surprise for your neopet: clamchops
A depressed mushroom that nobody likes: ugly
A great tool for planting bulbs: awl
A hot plant: firebush
A hot mote: lava
A little devil for your pet: redtail
A Medicinal Mud Bath cures that disease : lumps
A mysterious and succulent fruit: scabu
A Neopian delicacy: negg
A pinching robot PetPet: pinceron
A special token: neocoin
A sweet and meaty sandwich: bunwich
Afraid of the dark? Read this book: ightofday
Air ability that allows you to move faster: haste
Air Faerie's book : Breathe
Aisha Battledome Ability: pounce
Aka Donna: poptart
Alien Aisha Vending Machines only take _____.: nerkmids
All the fashion tips you in this book: neofashion
All your Neopet _____ belong to us: are
All your pets are belong to this shopkeeper: cats
Alter your pet with one of these potions: morphing
An "Eggy" Underwater delicacy: yolkbeans
An Italian apple treat: Pizapple
An uplifting mushroom: levelup
Apple _____ pop: chia
Aquatic Pet capable of juggling 28 balls at a time: legs
Aquatic PetPet; receives radio transmissions: auntie
Ate fortune cookies; now gives advice: mystic
Auction _____: genie
Auction Genie motto: making your wishes come _____: truc

Baby pig PetPet: snorkle
Baby Vampire PetPet; Bat_____: boy
Bacon, lettuce, tomato: blt
Barrier of compressed air; stops Earth attacks: inertia
Bat _____; fires beams of darkness at opponents: pack
Bash your opponent on the head with this: basher
Battle Faerie's trusty steed: legacy
Battle healing mote: nova
Battle league; _____ battle 4000: buzz
Battledome Item; neutralizes Attack Forks: bentfork
Battledome item with magic of genie trapped inside: genieorb
Battledome league; _____ Eaters Anonymous: negg
Battledome league; battle to the ____ league: death
Battledome league; Deep _____ Divers League: sea
Beastly 10-pound melon: plantmelon
Belle of the ball; Ski Lodger: bubbles
Bellhop at the presidential palace: elbrit
Birthplace of Cupcake: KikoLake
Black _____ Cannon: frost
Blinding ability: flash
Blumaroo Battledome Ability: dodge
Bobs _____ Bonus Bingo: big
Boil, fry, or bake this steak: porksteak
Book; Chia Don't _____: cry
Book with the secret of leaving Neopian Central: timetravel
Bounces on its tail: blumaroo
Brand of Neo Baby Food: gagagrub
Bruce Battledome Ability: slide

Cabbage tasting plant: glant
Can be cured with Mystical Fungus: NeoWarts
Candy; flavors include Lemon, Orange & Assorted: neodrops
Carassa's garage sale partner: mika
Cheating Kyrii: capara
Cheese and _____ Burger; cheesy,: on a bun, & gross eel
Cheesy chips: nachos
Chewy meat for teething pets: meatstars
Chia battledome ability: smile
Chia _____; gives wearer strength of Tapatlakettle: belt
Chia stuck in Ice Cream Blitz: adee
Chicken _____: kiev
Chief coconut: mumbopango
Chuffer _____; cheat contestant who loves to eat: bob
Coco _____ slush; a favourite of mynis: whip
Company founded by David Fuzio and JubJub Yang: yippee
Coral _____; only for use by water creatures: orb
Contents of this jug: Liquid Fire: firejug
Cover star of How To Stay Fit: lenny
Creates a bubble of slow time; Temporal _____: leak
Crystal _____; it will knock your teeth out: crunch
Crystal _____ Soda; less calories, better taste: one
Curable with Fluff-Be-Gone powde: fuzzitus
Currency of the site: neopoints
Cute Guild Neighbourhood: cutecity
Cybunny Battledome Ability: hop

Delicious chocolate covered strawberry : strochal
Delux neolodge hotels receive this many stars: five
Discount _____: card
Discovered the first manchu bow: zannik
Disease cured by Hot Herbal Drink: bubbles
Donut looking and tasting tropical fruit: donufruit
Don't spare any expense when you dress up your pet: bowtie
Duck that wails like a hyena: mallard

Early loser in Sacrificers; Styrofoam _____: bob
Earth Ability; creates food: greatfeast
Earth Ability; toughens pet, makes 'em hard to hit: toughskin
"Eau De _____" is a popular brand of Perfume: neo
Eighth month of the Neopian calendar: hiding
Electric _____ Monkey; Lodge murderer's 1st victim: blue
Elephante battledome ability (level 15): trumpet
Endless _____: plains
Evil colour thief: thedro
Evil fish: jetsam
Expensive mushroom shop: apothecary
Extra powerful Faeries: uber
Eyrie battledome ability: scratch

Faerie _____: city
Faerie Clothing _____: ltd
Faerie PetPet; Rhymes with clouds: flouds
Faerie who helped defeat Dr. Sloth: space
Faerie queen's memoir: anewday
Faerieland floats on a _____ above Neopia: cloud
Faerieland, it's up in the _____: clouds
Famous student of the techo master: ryshu
Feeds Neopia's less fortunate pets.: soupfaerie
Fifth victim in the Ski Lodge : cupcake
Filled with sage and onion stuffing. Yuk!: frog
Find something for one of the Faeires: quest
Fire, Fire, Your _____ On Fire Paintbrush: pants
Fires stream of sticky web at opponent: webclaw
Flame Ability; works well against water creatures: boil
Fleapit Motel; NP per night: ten
For 5 np a day the neolodge will provide one: sauna
Fourth month of the Neopian calendar: eating
Frost Bite _____; features rock hard icy coating: egg

Galactic defender; takes rechargeable batteries: combobot
Gallery of _____: evil
Game; Earth Faerie _____: aces
Game; Kiko _____: match
Game; Techo _____: says
Garden _____; great for getting at pesky weeds: hoe
Gelert Battledome Ability: bark
Gelert second-generation battledome move: flash
Gift from the Space Faerie; Space Defence: bandolaro
Given out for High Score: trophy
Glamorous Shopkeeper: glamchia
God of Mystery Island; _____ Pango: pango
Grarrl Battledome Ability: roar
Greater ______ of the Fire Faerie: orb
Grinch Theater says that this returns on May 11th: themummy
Grow ten times in size: supersize
Grundo Battledome Ability: blast
Grundo's _____; Pump-Up: gym
Guild neighborhood; Kiko _____: lake
Guild Neighborhood; Sloth's _____: lair

Half dog, half...erm, something else: warf
Handmade by mystery island artisans: claypot
Has a bandage on its forehead: kiko
Has four ears and wears a bell: aisha
Have your say here: soapbox
Heal while you damage your opponent with this mote: supernova
Hero of the Ice Caves game: garon
His picture is hanging in the Ski Lodge Hall: drsloth
Holiday occurring on the 14th Day of Swimming: watergala
Home of The Missing Chia: icecaves
Home of the Wishing Well; Neopian _____: bazaar
Horned pet that got a makeover: acara
Hunts Chias; Species: lupe

In the clouds: Faerieland
Island Faerie: jhuidah
Items in your shop: stock
Its flaming tongue has a reach of over 20ft: lavaghoul

Jetsam Battledome Ability: splash
Job _____; Ticket to the Employment Agency: coupon
Jubjub Battledome Ability: roll
Juggling AuqaPet: legs
Juppie smuggling Wocky: mulvinn
Just as happy on land as in water: kiko

Kacheek Battledome Ability: roll
Kalora's species: kau
Kau _____: korrall
Kauvara's sister: allita
Keep the sun out of your pet's eyes: strawhat
Keep this stinky snow in the jar: dirtysnow
Knows a lot of Bedtime stories about Faeries: eppa
Knows where all the shops are: shopwizard
Koala looking faerie petpet: harris
Koi Battledome Ability: dive
Kyrii Battledome Ability: growl
Kyrii Battledome Ability (level 10 or higher): tackle

League of Peril is located in this arena: ice
Least expensive RoboPet: diddler
Lenny Battledome Ability: peck
Level 10 Kougra Battledome Ability: growl
Light Ability; _____ Blast: psychic
Light Ability; bright beam that helps defeat evil : sunray
Lighting _____; Lightweight: gun
Little _____; young & inexperienced Cheat player: timmy
Lives beneath the Haunted Woods: esophagor
Looks like a frog but spits fire: frogarott
Loves Bedtime Stories about Faeries: kora

Make someone's day with a Neo_____: greeting
Maraqua's lettuce: kelp
Martial arts video classic; Karate _____: jub
Maximum number of pets you can have: four
Mega Power _____; will do your pet a world of good: plusshroom
Metallic doughnut treat: mechadonut
Mister _____; critics say he's all washed up: shankly
Mister _____; Has a tiger squash habit: pickles
Moehog Battledome Ability: ram
Most powerful items kept in this tower: hidden
Much grosser than a hot dog: grubwich
Mutated _____; held in ski lodge's underground lab: kacheek
Mynci Number _____ got the least number of votes: two

Negg known for it's rotten Battledome tricks: evil
Neil ________. Stock market Kau: kauvato
Neodaq _____: index
Neodaq ticker symbol for The Auction Genie: tag
Neopedia claims The Stuff _____ in size each day: doubles
Neopia's Favorite Dice Game; Dice-A-_____: roo
Neopia's only stock exchange: neodaq
Neopia's only TV network is on this channel: one
Neopian _____ is currently 2.8%: inflation
Neopian cultivators have this many prongs: four
Neopian Treasure _____: hunt
Nigel the chia's sports car is this color: red
Nimmo _____; Video: YOGA
Nimmo Battledome ability: leap
Not a very tasty toadstool: pink
Number of Chairs in the Ski Lodge Library: two
Number of Poogles racing: five
Numbers needed for the Neopian Lottery: six

One o day keeps the doctor away: apple
Owner of The Presidential Palace: pjgrundonn

Paintbrush that turns pet into a blue outline: sketch
Paintbrush; The weathered look: cloud
Passport to different lands: totem
Pet can't eat anymore: bloated
Pet on the cover of Don't Call Me Cute: uni
Pet that 'Korralls the Kaus': gelert
Peophin Battledome Ability: trample
PetPet doubles in size by storing food in cheeks: bloopy
PetPet known for brown circle around its right eye: warf
Pities the fool that doesnt visit his shop: mrc
Place to store your trading cards: neodeck
Plant tastes like cabbage: glant
Plastic moustache; Hairy _____: tash
Players needed for Earth Faerie Aces: two
Poisonous weapon used by thieves and assassins: dart
Poogle Battledome Ability: bite
Pool ball and spot of ink. Spooky!: bloop
Popular Neopian soft drink, Neo_____: cola
Popular video: 'The Thingi From _____': majingi
Potion of the Evil Genie of Darkness: nanka
Proved himself as a true Poogle Racer: moogi
Pumpkin _____; Favourite food of ghouls and demons: slice
Puppy______: blew
Puts its arms around anyone it sees; PetPet : huggy

Quiggle Battledome Ability: stomp

Rare ingredient of Kauvara's potion: arbiter
Raw fish: sushi
Rejected carrot: funky
Rescued Chiazilla from sharks: bigbetty
Rookie juppie smuggler: awley
Ryshu of the Training School likes these poems: haiku
Ryshu the Nimmo's classmate: sevarin

Sacrificers Contestant; Bye-_____ Jinx: gon
Sacrificer Contestant; fell down waterfall; #_____: six
Safety Deposit _____: box
Scary _____; set free when his box broke: jack
Scary Paintbrush: halloween
Self-appointed ruler of cheat: spectre
Served on a bed of wild rice with chervil: duckpate
Shopkeeper; enter the chia. whaaa!: brucechee
Sir _____; if used right his shields serve well : cheekalot
Skeith Battledome Ability: squash
Skeith Battledome Move: glare
Skeith beaten by Korbat in Neopedia: thuggo
Ski Lodge Contestant; Dom _____: dread
Ski lodge contestant; reigning gormball champ: scorcheski
Ski Lodge contestant; Neopia's foremost socialite: bubbles
Ski lodge contestant; the _____ spender: big
Ski Lodger; insane freak or brilliant mastermind?: thor
Ski Lodger who learned how to ski from a Uni: MrRoBoto
Ski Lodger who just shot the cover of Fashion Now!: jasmine
Slick-Haired Stock Broker: nigel
Slogan: For Our Power Is Your Power: nakron
Sloth did experiments in this underground hideout: lair
Social _____; Book: skills
Something has _____!!!: happened
Souped-up Blue Healthshroom : green
Space Arena Battledome League; _____ Match!: meerca
Species of cheat's self-appointed leader: jetsam
Species of pet running The Food Shop: chia
Species of pet who discovered Ancient Manchu Bows : kougra
Species of the Missing Link: chia
Spinach and the fun of Lime: splime
Spooky PetPet; sees the future: psimouse
Stock Ticker symbol for ChiaTech Password Security: chps
Stock Ticker symbol of Confederation of Fish Lovers: cofl
Stock Ticker symbol for Stuff-A-Pet Inc.: stfp
Stock Ticker Symbol for The Chia Actor's Guild: tcag
Stock Ticker Symbol for The Powlex Corporation: powl
Stock Ticker symbol for The Shoyru Company: tsrc
Stock Ticker symbol of Neopia's only TV station: ntv
Stock Ticker symbol of Skeith Feeding Ltd.: skei
Stone _____; rare item that erodes Stone Snowballs: hourglass
Stone Dome Battledome League; Kacheeks Over _____: all
Stone made from tears of a broken hearted Faerie: soul
Strawnella _____: shake
Stuffed pet toys for your pet to enjoy: plushies
Surprise your enemy with this Air Ability: dive
Swat your opponent with this battle item: swatter
Symbol of The Presidential Palace: tpp

Take your pet camping: tent
Takes three R's to spell this pet: grarrl
Tatsu evolved: eyrie
Tell your story here: campfire
Terror Mountain _____ Lodge: ski
Teenaged Islanders exchange these as gifts: cubtooth
The _____ Neopian; 80 NP a night: royal
The _____ pumpkin patch: haunted
The Big Book of _____: karma
The book Care of _____ shows how to treat this pet: koi
The Crystal Boomerang was found in this Tower: hidden
The cure for this disease is Jelly Pills: neoflu
The Employment Agency put this Elephante to work: Irisita
The food of the gods: asparagus
The Greasy _____; Cockroach Towers' restaurant : spoon
The ski lodge murderer's fourth victim: cookie
The Snitch of Maraqua: tomsnitch
The ultimate luxury sandwich: supersub
Theme _____: park
These aquatic pets are from Maraqua: koi
These eggs are a delicacy in maraqua: fish
These horses have wings: uni
These migraines can be cured with Magic Goop: achyhead
These pets love to ski!: usul
These rubber gloves will reduce static: ultra
These roses will never die: paper
These sticks include dip sauce that is to die for : cho
These tacos are transparent: crystal
Third Ski Lodge victim: bubbles
This ability's a girl's best friend; Diamond _____: dustz
This angora wrap might keep you from a sore throat: scarf
This arena is home to the Gambler's League: ice
This Aquatic PetPet can stick to any surface: alfy
This Berry will make you powerful for 30 minutes: strong
This Cave acts as a Guild Neighborhood: scary
This creepy Guild neighbourhood is a mouthful: scarycave
This disease's cure is Herbal Scrambled Eggs: chickaroo
This Earth Faerie game now has 1 or 2 player mode: aces
This Faerie's game requires two players: earth
This Insect Removal company's stock symbol is BUZZ: buzzaway
This island has three large monuments: tikutaku
This lonely outcast lives in the Haunted Woods: werewolf
This paintbrush turns you pet into nuts and bolts: robot
This penguin dances in the cold snow: bruce
This pet loves to go skiing: usul
This PetPet is part octopus, part fashion designer: cleo
This PetPet is too big for its shell: turdle
This PetPet only comes out at night; _____ Boy: bat
This Quiggle is on a health kick: healthfrog
This robot was a project gone wrong: wheelie
This sandwich has got your tongue: tonguewich
This Ski Lodge contestant is one crazy guy!: MrInsane
This stone contains a pure drop of evil: night
This wand melts three different kinds of snowballs: flamebolt
This whistle played its last tune: broken
This wine goes great with Red Meats: red
This wine is known for its delicious flavor.: rose
This witch works in the Haunted Woods: edna
Thyora's brother: ponfrie
Ticker symbol for BOOM! Boom Boxes!: boom
Ticker symbol for Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd.: jck
Ticker symbol for Kacheek Telecommunications: kate
Ticker symbol for PD Secure Storage: pdss
Ticker symbol for Powlex Corporation: powl
Ticker symbol for Unis Beauty Salon: unib
Ticker symbol for Yippee!: yipp
Ticker symbol of company that only takes nerkmids: aavl
Ticker symbol of Lou Poogleman's company: TSRC
Ticker symbol of The Presidential Palace: TPP
Tiger Catcher's favorite food is Liver and: onions
Travel in herds and go Moooo: kau
Trivia Master: lenny
Twenty-nine of these on Nigel the Chia's Cake: candles
Two tone paintbrush: split
Type of government in Faerieland: monarchy
Type of pet running the auctions: scorchio

Uni Battledome Ability: kick
Uni Battledome Ability: slap
Unicorn _____; said to come from unicorn's tear: gem
Unknown Ski Lodge Contestant: snot
Use twice a day for the cleanest Neopet: soap
Use your wit; _____ Contest: caption
Usul Battledome Ability: bite
Usul Battledome Ability: growl

Vegetable given out on St. David's: leek
Vegetarian _____ Tacos have kelp and coral in them: sea
Vet gone bad: drdeath
Video; Karate _____: jub
Video; The Good The Kacheek, and the _____: ugly

Wack a _____: beast
Whack the beasts not the ______ or jubjub: quiggle
War _____; Flame Ability makes pet more aggressive: cry
Water Ability; soaks fire-type opponents: quench
Water arena battledome league, super_____ acaras: strong
Water arena battledome league; water faerie _____: wanderers
Water Faerie turned her tear into a necklace: thyora
Watering _____; Help your seedlings grow: can
Weird, mystical nut; tropical: blairnut
Wellington _____: boots
Where do the muses and bards go: peotcave
Where the unis run: meadows
Who knows what happens when this negg hatches: fish
Wiggle an awful lot for being made of jelly: gummiworms
Wish Stick cut on the year's last full moon: oak
Wishing _____: Well
Wocky Battledome Ability: leap
Worth five points at the Neggery: bluenegg

You can now get chunks of this meat with BBQ sauce: pork
Your pet will wear this sweater with pride: eyrie

Zafara battledome ability level 14: leap

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