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Happy Bernese Mountain Dog

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Magic and Merlin

Jaden Chloe Arty
Lynne's Gang Berner Jaden Berner Chloe Airedale Arty

Timber Wolf Willow's New Friend Ginny and Daisy Mae Berner Puppy Gus Einstein and Marley
Willow's New Friend Carole with
Daisy Mae and Ginny
Berner Puppy Gus Einstein and Marley

Dawson Bella and Beau Stella
Tod's Point Walk Berner Mix, Dawson Belle and Beau Stella's 1st Birthday

Heikki and Hank Freja Eiger Rose
Heikki and Hank Freja Eiger Rose

Marlowe Nani Andy Remy
Marlowe Nani - the Surf Diva Andy Remy's Story

Baxter Keith and Stella Chewy and trip Max
Baxter Keith and Stella Chewy and Trip Bernie and Max

Lola Monte
Happy Labor Day! Four Generations Puppy Lola Puppy Monte

Lola Sherwood Folk Tilly Zoey
Berner Lola Sherwood Folk Puppy Tilly Puppy Zoey

Barley Marley Winston Rizzo
Berner Barley Marley's
Ice-Cold Plunge!
Puppy Winston Puppy Rizzo

Legacee Uma Therapy Keith and Stella Jasmine
Bernese Paddy UmaTherapy Keith and Stella Puppy Jasmine

Granite Zurab Simone Jamaica
Berner Pup Granite Berner Zurab Berner Pup Simone Jamaica

Sophie and Brodie Ginger Stella Celeste
Sophie and Brodie Ginger Stella and BoBo Celeste and the Turkeys!

Breeze Huxley
Happy 9th Birthday
Miss Breeze!
Berner Huxley Tilly Patty and the Gang

Dingo Sisco Miss Breeze
& Charlie Girl
Kennel degli Antichi Mulini

{short description of image} Fanfan Zev and Sari
Sherwood Folk Berner Pups
Teddy and Bruiser
Berner Fanfan Zev and Sari

Kipper Tanker, Diesel and Zug
Berner Kipper Tanker, Diesel & Zug St Patrick's Day '10
Nicky and Will
St Patrick's Day '10
Charlie & Miss Breeze

Tasman Shannon Nicky
Tasman Happy Easter 2010
from Will and Nicky
Shannon Nicky

Simone Junie
Puppy Simone Happy 9th Birthday
Chase and Summer Happy 9th Birthday

Puppy Donato Lulubelle Chi's Wheels Berner Drafting

Jura {short description of image}
Joye and Breeze Hanners Introducing Jura Introducing Lexie

Choo Cricket Charlie Belle and Luke
Choo Cricket Happy 3rd Birthday
Belle and Luke

Will and Breeze Rori Tilly
Will and Breeze Rescue Pup Rori Berner Pup, Tilly Blue October Puppies

Pollyanna and Paul the Octopus Sam I Am Brie
Polly & Paul the Octopus Sam I Am Breeze's 1st Swim! Happy 7th Birthday

{short description of image} Sadie Breeze and Emma
Happy 1st Birthday
Introducing Fergus! Happy 4th Birthday
Breeze & Emma

Tonka Monty Tinka
Tonka Monty Introducing Tinka! Special Spike
@ the Condo Circuit

Fenway Hillary Breeze Neff
Breeze and Hailey Happy 2nd Birthday
Hillary Rodham Breeze & Joye Neff
Ontario Specialty '10

Dude Maya
Ridgefield Berner Parade "Paws-a-While-to-Read" Introducing Dude! Berner Maya

Tesoro Zeus Bosley
Introducing Tesoro! Introducing Zeus! Chi - A Berner Trait! Bosley's Festive Wagon

Gia Basha Dingo Romeo and Charlie Girl
Introducing Gia Neff! Introducing Basha Dingo's Xmas Greetings! Romeo & Charlie Girl

Happy 9th Birthday
Christmas Greetings
Diana and Tesoro
Christmas Greetings
Kennel degli Antichi Mulini
Christmas Greetings
Fran & Angel Sisco

Christmas Greetings
Blue October BMDs
Christmas Greetings
Windfall Bernese
Christmas Greetings
Silvana Vogel Tedeschi
Christmas Greetings
Staubach BMDs

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