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Happy 2nd Birthday!

Fenway (aka Wooly)

Sapphire's Majestic Golden Boy

Born September 13th 2008

B-G Dog ID = 66750

With thanks to Adrienne Hammond for this pic of her Birthday Boy!


One day in June, 15 months ago, our lives changed forever. Fenway happened to us.

This beautiful Bernese boy came to us at 9 months, and was a confirmed kleptomaniac, counter surfer, digger, and downright thief! But, he was also a big fuzzy cuddly, and verbal Hunk-O-Loving

He is two years old Today!! Happy 2nd Birthday Fenway!

As of this week the living room is no longer guarded by baby gates, yet Fenway has respected the now invisible barrier. Progress! The time-out X-pen is now in the garage where it belongs. More progress! Maybe Fed-Ex dropped by with some of Fenway's brains?

We usually wake in the night to Fenway stretched full length between us, sharing our pillows. He's become much more stealthy at this, and so a deeply exhaled sigh of comfort in one's face is the sudden first clue. Not bad for a 110 pound boy!
Fenway is still a confirmed kleptomaniac, counter surfer, and digger, but we have become much more vigilant. There is nothing that is not fair game. Heaven forbid you put a garden or maintenance tool down for a moment. It will be gone. Swiftly, silently, gone. Look for a pair of laughing eyes, and begin the chase. How great it would be if Fenway could put the rakes, hammers, paintbrushes and trowels to their intended use.

Fenway adores his brothers, Bailey 10-1/2 who has cancer, gets very solicitous attention, licks and back-to-back cuddle naps from Fenway; and Bosley, 7 is the target of all games of tag, hide and seek, rough and tumble, usually at full speed, the more rambunctious the better.

Tired and cuddly after a long day means time spent on Mom and Dad's laps in the double recliner. Ahhh!

A huge thank you to everyone who had a part in Fenway coming to us, and bringing us even more of that amazing unconditional Berner love. Fenway is truly loved!

Happy Birthday Fenway! (aka Wooly)


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